Importance of Pinterest Referencing for Professional Blog

by Shamsul
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Importance of Pinterest Referencing for Professional Blog


Pinterest referencing must be one of the pillars of your strategy if you want to use this platform to spread your expertise and make your professional blog known. To be referenced in the Pinterest search engine, you need to use keywords and optimize your pins. You will also need to understand how SEO works on Pinterest and implement optimization in other strategic places. So, what do you require to know to work on your natural referencing on Pinterest? I will tell you everything in this article!


SEO, Referencing, Optimization… What Does That Mean?

First, let’s review the terms you need to know. Natural referencing is having well-ranked content in search results, Google or Pinterest, without the need for paid advertising. This is what allows you to have organic visibility and traffic, which are therefore free—betting on natural referencing means ensuring the sustainability of your content strategy. Once the content is well referenced, it can, in fact, remain effective for months and years.

We do SEO and optimization for search engines to succeed in natural referencing. This optimization involves a variety of strategies and techniques to be applied to its content to improve its search ranking.


How does Pinterest SEO work?

Pinterest is not just a social network. It is, first and foremost, a search engine. We use keywords to work on our natural referencing by optimizing our content.

Pinterest referencing, therefore, allows you to have more visibility on the platform. This is what will ensure that your pins will be well distributed to your ideal audience. Pinterest SEO has a lot in common with SEO techniques used for Google, but with less complexity. If SEO is still something new to you, Pinterest will be a great way to get started and understand the basics.


How to Promote your Business on Pinterest?

A company that loves to make itself known through Pinterest must integrate natural referencing into its strategy. Pinterest’s search engine functionality makes it nearly impossible to stand out without SEO work. This is the key to visibility.

As an entrepreneur who wants to integrate Pinterest into her digital communication, you must start by understanding this aspect of the platform, then do some optimization. This optimization will allow you to communicate directly with the Pinterest algorithm to make it know what your pins are about so that it shows them to the right people.


How to be well referenced on Pinterest?

To be well referenced on Pinterest, it is therefore necessary:

Know your ideal audience;
Search for relevant keywords for its target and its content;
optimize your pins and profile;
have a pinning strategy aligned with the latest best practices.
Each step plays an important role in your Pinterest SEO, which has several objectives. The primary goal is to increase your visibility by ensuring that the algorithm will more widely distribute your content. But you want to reach your ideal audience, not just anyone on the platform while perpetuating your content to have a long-term strategy.


5 Tips for More Visibility Thanks to Pinterest SEO

If you are serious about knowing about Pinterest SEO, here are five tips to help you tackle this challenge better.

1- Make Pinterest SEO a priority in your strategy.

SEO is not an optional detail at all on Pinterest. If you want to get results, you have to give importance to it. It is one of the pillars of your strategy. The time you will provide him with will not be wasted.

It’s simple: without SEO, you have little chance of seeing your pins take off on the platform. SEO is the first step. Yes: to have more traffic, more subscribers, more commitment… Your pins must already be seen, and that is the role of natural referencing.

2- Understand How the Algorithm Works

Who says search engine and SEO? Pinterest necessarily says algorithm. The algorithm decides which pins will be shown to which users. The mission of your SEO is to communicate with this algorithm. You will give him all the information he might need to understand what your content is about and who it is for.

To communicate well with the algorithm, you need to know how it works. In addition to optimization, two elements are particularly important to make you “see well” with him: providing regular efforts on the platform and often pinning new content.

3- Thinking About SEO Globally

The most talked about element when talking about Pinterest SEO is pin descriptions. And indeed, this is where SEO is most important. Optimized descriptions are essential to ensure that they are well referenced and distributed on the platform.

Limiting ourselves to the descriptions of its pins would, however, be a mistake. To benefit from the full power of Pinterest SEO, you must see things as a whole and optimize your actions at all levels.

Therefore, SEO is also important to your profile, especially in your tables and blog. An article optimized for natural referencing is not only advantageous to stand out in Google search results. Optimizing your articles will also serve your Pinterest referencing.

4- Choose your Keywords Carefully.

Keywords are at the heart of Pinterest SEO. They are the ones who will really allow you to make the link with the algorithm and with your audience. So, for your Pinterest SEO to be effective, you need to use the right keywords.

Being well referenced on a cooking recipe is of no interest if you are an interior decorator! Choosing your keywords is, therefore, an important step in your optimization. You will have to turn to keywords used by your audience and consistent with your ecosystem of offers and content. You will also need various keywords to reference you on all the important topics for your audience and your theme.

5- Create Idea Pins

My final tip for boosting your SEO on Pinterest is to create idea pins. Creating a pin with an idea is not SEO, even if you will have to be careful to optimize this pin with keywords. But it’s crucial because idea pins have a lot of exposure on Pinterest right now.

Creating idea pins will boost your profile and reinforce your SEO work to grow your account a little faster.

How long does it take to be listed on Pinterest?

You need more exposure to grow your business, and so you can’t wait to reap the rewards of your Pinterest SEO. I completely understand you, but unfortunately, you often have to be a little patient with SEO.

With social networks, we are used to immediate gratification because the content has a short lifespan. With natural referencing, the opposite happens: the results are not necessarily immediate, but there is a snowball effect.

When your optimization starts working, your accumulated efforts make your Pinterest account grow faster. It is also a long-term strategy. Once your account is well launched, you continue to benefit from your positioning in search, even if you no longer have time to pin as much as before.


The time it will take for your pins to rank well depends on several components:

the queries on which you want to position yourself and the competition: the more competition there is, the more difficult it is;
the type of content: idea pins are distributed in mass much faster than standard pins;
your mastery of SEO: if you are a beginner, you will surely need a little more time to learn how to use natural referencing techniques properly.

Some pins can be referenced very quickly with a good SEO strategy and in an uncompetitive niche. But prepare yourself instead to have to wait a few months before you can really observe the results of your natural referencing.

How to Become an SEO pro for Pinterest?

I hope you now understand better why natural referencing is essential on Pinterest! To help you decipher the most critical components of this pillar of your strategy, I have created a targeted program dedicated solely to Pinterest SEO.

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