Impact of Technology on Relationships

Technology on Relationships

by Shamsul
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Impact of Technology on Relationships


The impact of technology in relationships is growing exponentially concerning the time spent using it or how it has helped our daily lives. It has made lives easier, allows us to remain connected with friends and family members, and makes us perform our duties more efficiently. However, rapid changes are always associated with a cost, and the cost of technology is that it affects relationships because it is dominating the world.

Family relationships

Technology has significantly reduced the amount of separation between work and home. Cell phones, the internet, and computers now allow people to address different work-related issues from home. This eventually limits family interaction time and can result in conflicts. In addition, teenagers and children spend most of their time watching television or using the internet, reducing the time spent with family.

Youth friendships

Modern technology is extensively in use by youngsters to increase the number of friends with whom they can communicate. Research conducted by the California State University and UCLA indicates that youth prefers modern modes of communication as compared to face-to-face interaction. This preference results in the inability to form long-lasting relationships and difficulties understanding social cues.

Romantic relationships

Technology allows couples to interact more with each other. This results in increased expectations and, ultimately, conflicts. Through cell phones and the internet, people expect instant replies to their messages, and failing to do so leads to anger or conflicts. Moreover, technology also makes personal relationships a public sphere.


Research Topic

Cell phones play a very important role in romantic relationships and in the learning process of students within classrooms. These effects are either positive as well as harmful. It greatly depends upon how the user is making use of the device. Technology has many advantages in our daily lives and for our everyday work. Cell phones can help us stay in contact with our loved ones. It eventually bridge the gap in communication among couples. In addition to this, students find the usage of cell phones to be important since it also helps them to stay connected with their friends and professors. Ultimately, it helps them to remain updated about different educational aspects in their institution.

In the research, we will discuss technology’s impact on relationships by analyzing and synthesizing the three sources provided. The sources include the effects of using cell phones on the satisfaction level of relationships. The effect of using cell phones on the expected as well as the actual learning outcomes in classrooms, along with discussing the fact that technology leads to a lack of personal relationships.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Having said the advantages, many adverse effects are also associated with cell phone usage. When couples constantly touch each other in romantic relationships, they tend to have a higher expectation rate from their better half. This expectation, when not fulfilled, results in conflicts. Moreover, instant messaging services, making calls, or using the internet on your phone allows an individual to instantly reply to messages or calls. If they fail to do so, for whatsoever reason, such a situation will lead to the development of suspicious thoughts and ultimately into a conflict again. On the other side, cell phone usage within classrooms may distract students from getting knowledge passed in the class. They lose attention, and that affects their results and career development.

Summary and analysis of the three sources

The three sources provided are directed toward using cell phones in different aspects of life. The first source emphasizes the usage of cell phones in romantic relationships. This source indicates that cell phones have a positive impact on romantic relationships. It renders the satisfaction level in romantic relationships to be high due to cell phone usage. Cell phones are in use to maintain a relationship. They are essential as this technology keeps them connected through time and distance. Experts within this notion suggest that text messages have been integral to today’s life, but they are no longer noteworthy. However, if text messages are eliminated, it may be noteworthy for most romantic couples, especially those who are dating each other. The likeliness that couples are very much dependent upon cell phones in order to maintain their relationship is high.

With respect to the satisfaction level regarding the usage of cell phones in romantic relationships is conceptualized as a positive aspect of relationships. You will find conflicting views on this aspect. Some experts are of the opinion that communicating through cell phones does not have any significant effect on the satisfaction level of relationships. Whereas others think that increased cell phone communication results in increased satisfaction level amongst romantic partners.

There have been determined various rules pertaining to the usage of cell phones. There have also been emphasized that improper usage of cell phones. It may affect relationships as they receive many requests for communication. They get confused about how to manage these requests. One golden rule associated is that avoid arguing on cell phones. Cell phones allow partners to engage in certain behaviors. It includes stalking or being in contact with those who are not present at that time.

Cell Phones in the Classroom

The following source indicates that using cell phones in the classroom affects student learning. When students bring cell phones with them in classrooms, it diverts their attention from the learning process. The surveys required the participating students to answer ten questions under two conditions. The first while texting and second when not texting. The experiment used a repeated measuring design under which a simulated classroom environment was created. And the performance of the students was measured based on a 10-item quiz. The study’s results were that the students lost closely about 30% on the quiz when they were texting compared to the circumstances when they were not. The students have also confirmed that texting during class timings disrupts their learning process. Also, their efficiency is actually less as compared to what has been expected.

Poor Interpersonal Communication

The third source indicates the fact that technology leads to a lack of relationships. Excess use of technology has severely led to poor interpersonal communication, and the enjoyment of having company around you has been lost. People are busy with gadgets and the use of technology rather than sitting with family members and friends. Nowadays, social networking has become a very popular form of communication with friends and relatives and distant business contacts. This eventually has made every private aspect of life public and has reduced the enjoyment of face-to-face communication.

The three sources are in alignment with the research topic; however, the first source provides a counterargument. It indicates that cell phones are essential for the development of a romantic relationship however, the adverse or damaging effects mentioned have not been considered. Technology has made our lives easier and more straightforward and has significantly reduced the charm of being present with your loved ones.



The arguments presented in each source are, in one way or another, interconnected with each other. The first source discusses the positive effects of cell phone usage on romantic relationships, whereas the second discusses the counter effects of using cell phones in classrooms. These concepts are distinct; however, they are related to the fact that cell phone usage has become very important in every aspect of life. Cell phone usage in classrooms is mainly dependent upon the habits and gratifications along with the way faculty handles texting events within classrooms.

This argument is valid as cell phone usage cannot be avoided among students. They consider it a source of being connected with their friends and classmates along with being able to transfer and receive knowledge. If the faculty maintains an active participation environment within the classroom that involves eye contact with students, involving them in discussions will motivate them to take more interest in class discussions rather than texting.


These are referred to as intervention techniques using cell phones in classrooms to be controlled, and the student learning process will be enhanced.  The third source states that technology lacks personal relationships. This is true to some extent as staying in constant touch with your loved ones or with your personal relations can reduce its charm. People share their views and ideas with each other, which often result in agreement and conflict. Moreover, the level of expectation increases to a very high point which is another reason why people in relationships come into conflict with each other. Applying this notion in romantic relationships will make partners expect a lot from the other, which may not always be up to the mark. With respect to students, they tend to make a lot of friends on social networking websites. This eventually results in the lack of lasting friendships.



Analyzing the three sources and presenting personal views, people believe that technology has become an empirical part of our daily lives and our daily routine work, whether it be studies, work, or leisure time. Technology has dominated the world all over. However, everyone can use technology within a limit so that its impact on relationships is not harmful. Restricting or limiting the use of cell phones or other technological devices will help maintain a balance between your relationships and the requirement of using cell phones.


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