I Haven’t Changed | Why I Give The Value They Deserve

by Shamsul
No, I Haven't Changed
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No, I Haven’t Changed

I Haven’t Changed!

No, I haven’t changed! Trying to please each person around us is a mistake that can lead to unhappiness. We must try to hold our authenticity, preserve our self-esteem, and prioritize relationships that truly enrich us.

At a certain point in my life, I became aware of the importance of giving each individual the value they truly deserve. If you feel this same need at any point in your journey, do not hesitate to act without guilt: establishing priorities is essential to finding balance and happiness.

Very often, people, in their desire to please everyone and provide uniform treatment to those around them, fail to have the capacity or courage to end relationships that, far from enriching us, are harmful.

According to a study conducted at Claremont University, acting in accordance with our values and having confidence in our relationships helps increase our oxytocin levels, thus intrinsically promoting our happiness.

Ultimately, it’s about following our feelings and acting according to our values. “I maintain my consistency, but from now on, I declare that I do not wish to provide you with this service because it goes against my principles. »And remains faithful to my convictions.

I haven’t changed:

Here are five reasons why I value each individual as they deserve:

1- Respect For Human Dignity

I recognize and respect the intrinsic value of every human being, regardless of their characteristics or status.

2- Empathy

My ability to put myself in the shoes of others pushes me to recognize and understand each individual’s varied experiences and perspectives.

3- Justice and Equity

I attach importance to treating people fairly, recognizing their merits, and avoiding prejudice or discrimination.

4- Belief in Diversity

I appreciate diversity’s richness, and I recognize that each individual has something unique to offer.

5- To Contribute to A Positive Environment

By valuing each individual, I help create an environment where everyone feels respected, accepted and encouraged, thus promoting harmonious relationships.

The key to happiness lies neither in the accumulation of wealth nor in the number of friends one has.

It’s not about “collecting people” like someone who brags about having thousands of likes on a photo on their social media.

I Did Not Change

Rather, it’s about having meaningful relationships, people who are worthwhile, individuals who allow us to be authentic in every moment, without the need to do things we don’t want to do. Although this can be a challenge, it is important to strive for it.

Appearances often dictate our society and the desire to “please everyone”. It is crucial to remember that those who are obsessed with pleasing everyone can hardly find happiness.

Everyone goes through various phases in their lives where recognition becomes essential.

Adolescents, for example, aspire to be accepted by their peers to feel included. This quest for recognition continues in adulthood, this time from our partners.

However, those who constantly seek to be liked by others risk failing to appreciate themselves. The main thing is to maintain a proper daily balance. It is not a question of imposing limits on ourselves at every moment, but rather of living together with respect towards oneself and towards others.

If we continually feel the need to appear different from who we really are within our most intimate circles, it might be appropriate to change the context. This prolonged situation can lead to a crisis of identity and self-esteem.

I haven’t changed. However, these concessions should be seen as part of an exchange where everyone wins and no one loses.

I Haven’t Changed

Remain True to Myself

1- Whether in a couple relationship, as a parent, child, brother, or friend, the key lies in listening and establishing appropriate reciprocity.

2- It is not imperative to agree on everything or to share the same preferences, tastes, or desires. The main thing is to have a common scale of values.

3- Never alter certain aspects of your personality or interests to please others or avoid disappointing them. Conforming to what others expect of us creates personal dissonance that can only lead to unhappiness.

I haven’t changed!

Never forget not to give in and not let yourself be controlled by others; it is essential to know yourself. Always keep in mind your limits and how far you can go without compromising your self-esteem. It’s a constant reminder that it’s worth it.



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