Hypnosis and the Unlimited Power of the Mind

The Power of Your Mind

by Shamsul
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Hypnosis and the Unlimited Power of the Mind

Do you know that self-hypnosis can be used to bring about extraordinary and lasting changes in your life?

The power of your mind is truly exceptional. You can use it to achieve what, until now, you have only dreamed of. It is a universal truth that life tends to take you to the physical equivalent of your predominant thoughts and feelings. Many people are well aware of this fact, but most need help to apply this knowledge and implement it effectively in their lives. Are you one of these people? If yes, then don’t worry. I will explain to you how to overcome this little problem. For most of us, our thoughts are random, sometimes erratic, and out of our control. Our emotions run our lives. Yet we have the power to change our dominant negative thoughts. It may seem not easy, but many great techniques and tools exist to achieve this. One of the best tools to recondition your mind for success is self-hypnosis.



For centuries, men and women have used hypnosis to create relaxed physical and mental states and condition the mind to react differently to outside stimuli. Hypnosis is more effective today than it has ever been. In fact, with advances in technology and discoveries about how the mind works, it is possible to create deep and lasting change with recorded hypnosis sessions. Some of these sessions include binaural beats and isochronic sounds, which accentuate learning, concentration and relaxation. It is possible to enter a hypnotic trance on your own and mentally repeat affirmations related to your goals. If you prefer to perform your own hypnotic session, you must first ensure that you have a clear intention regarding the goal you have in mind before entering a hypnotic state. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with this hypnosis session.

You use self-hypnosis and writing hypnotic suggestions very effectively to make mental and/or emotional changes. Once you have decided on the goal you want to achieve from your hypnosis session, write down some affirmations that reflect your desires. Be sure to say these statements in the first person. For example, if you want to develop more self-confidence, you would write, “I have more and more self-confidence”. Form a mental picture of how you look more confident in yourself. How does this “new you” react to stressful situations? How do you respond to people? What is your way of speaking of thinking?

The mental image is very important. During the trance, you will imagine that you are confident and sure of yourself. Then you should recite your affirmations while thinking, feeling, and imagining yourself walking, talking, and approaching life as a confident, self-assured “new you.”


Hypnotic Trance

Creating a trance state in order to perform these mental sequences is relatively easy. First, find a quiet, restful place where you won’t be disturbed. Now get into a comfortable position. Look at a fixed place in front of you—a white wall, for example. Slowly count down from 20 to 10 until your eyes begin to tire. Close your eyes and continue counting from 10 to 1. Now imagine a staircase in front of you. Start down that stairway. You descend slowly. You continue to fall until you find yourself in front of a door. Open this door. Imagine a quiet and relaxing place. Once you enter your sanctuary, do the mental exercise given above? When you have completed the activity, count from 1 to 10. With each number, you are more and more awake. When you reach the number 10, you are fully awake. You will find that when you return to normal consciousness, you are completely revitalized but calm and relaxed. Perform your self-hypnosis every day for 30 days, creating permanent changes in your mind and body. Now that you understand the process involved in self-hypnosis and now have the skills to bring yourself into a hypnotic trance, the changes and results you can create are only limited by your imagination!


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