How to Write an Evergreen Content

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by Shamsul
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How to Write an Evergreen Content

What is Evergreen Content?

The term “evergreen” means “always green” or “always fresh”, meaning always interesting and informative.

It is particularly suitable for setting up an inbound marketing strategy in order to generate leads and then convert them into customers.

Evergreen content is about producing timeless articles that will attract visitors over time, that is, long after they are posted to your blog.

Indeed, the date can influence the behavior of Internet users. If a non-recent date is entered, they may think your content is outdated.

Also, evergreen content often has an educational purpose, intended to inform and learn things that will always be relevant.


How to Create Evergreen Content?

1- Identify the Correct Type of Content

Before writing your content, select your theme carefully. With your analytics tool, study the traffic, visit, reading time, comment or rating curves of your blog posts. This will allow you to bring out two types of themes:

Popular topics
Topics of constant interest
It can be the subject, the way you worded your title (a question, a tutorial), or your editorial style (a checklist, a step-by-step, an opinion piece). Find a variation on the most popular theme and ideas for related articles.

Although the basis of your article is the same, try to create new content so as not to risk a red card from Google for duplicate content.


2- Offer solutions for your customers

An inexhaustible source of timeless content can also be found in the problems your customers face.

Take back comments on your articles, contact emails sent to you or ask them directly through a survey on social networks.


3- Find Inspiration Elsewhere

Look for trends by keeping an eye on competing sites. What are their best articles on this topic? Look at the types of posts that work best on social media. Finally, analyze search volumes for your main keyword with Google Trends.


4- Choose the Right Format

Several formats are possible for writing evergreen content:

Blog posts
White papers
Tool lists


5- Write Timelessly

Editorial style is also essential to make your content last over time.

Do not refer to current events, talk about long periods, and do not mention specific time markers.


Need Help or Advice in Content Management:

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