How to Use ChatGPT – 10 Sample Questions to Ask

by Shamsul
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How to Use ChatGPT – 10 Sample Questions to Ask

Find out how to use ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot that answers your questions using artificial intelligence.

Have you heard of ChatGPT and want to test the capabilities of this artificial intelligence text generator? So far, the OpenAI chatbot is accessible for free. To use ChatGPT, simply go to the dedicated page on the Open AI site, click on Try ChatGPT to connect.

To help you use ChatGPT, we have selected 10 types of questions you can ask it. The idea here is to make you discover the possibilities offered by ChatGPT to increase productivity or find inspiration, but without abusing it of course.


1- Can You Come Up with Content Ideas?

ChatGPT can generate ideas on any topic you want to help you find inspiration. As you can see below, the OpenAI chatbot is able to make numbered lists, which comes in handy when reading.

Provides Content Ideas


2- Can You Give me a Summary of This Text?

Another nice feature: you can copy a too long text and ask ChatGPT to summarize it. This can be interesting if, for example, you want to summarize a meeting report. If you want a specific limit, you can ask him to summarize in 5 key points for example or require him to limit himself to a certain number of sentences.

Provides Content Ideas


3- Can You Give me Ideas From this Text?

You can ask ChatGPT to provide you with other ideas from the first idea. In the example below, we provide an example article title. It offers a first list of titles that begins with verbs in the imperative. We ask him to adjust the wording. This is also one of the advantages of the chatbot: it is able to adjust its answers according to your details as the conversation progresses.

Enhance Existing Text


4- Can You Write an Email Template?

You need to write a professional email but you are not sure which formulations to adopt. ChatGPT can offer you email templates to help you write the content of your message.

Write Email


5- Can You Give me Your Expertise on this Subject?

Need expertise on a subject? You can ask ChatGPT to explain a concept to you, give you a definition of a specific word, explain the difference between two terms, etc.

ChatGPT Ask Explanation


6- Can You Solve This Calculation?

ChatGPT also acts as a calculator. You can ask him to perform small math calculations. A reader pointed out to us that if the calculation is too complex, it is possible that ChatGPT provides a result approaching the truth but approximate. We’ll let you test…

For Calculation


7- Can You Generate Code?

A news that will please developers: ChatGPT can help you generate code in your programming language and you can easily copy the code through the ChatGPT interface. And even better: it can help you identify a bug in your code, saving you time and stress!

To Generate Code


8- Can You Help me with SEO?

It is true that ChatGPT can be of great help to SEO experts. SEO professionals have also started to take a serious look at the subject. It is possible to ask him for ideas for SEO article titles based on a specific subject, for example, or to find a list of questions that Internet users are asking on a specific subject.

Provide Ideas for SEO


9- Can You Make To Do List?

ChatGPT can also draw up a list of things to remember when going on vacation to a particular destination or when buying real estate, for example (see below). This can be practical to be sure not to omit anything and to find yourself in the best conditions.

To Do List


Can You Invent a Story?

To end on a more playful note, you can also ask him to tell you a story with characters in a specific place or not. ChatGPT can also be a modern-day storyteller… It’s up to you to test!

Invent Story


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