How to Start Manifesting?

by Shamsul
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How to Start Manifesting?


Seriously speaking, the phrase “Law of Attraction” completely changed my life. I was a completely different person, but now my personality is changed due to this term. Well, I want to give the credit of this thing to manifest. Manifesting is such a great process that can make you a better person. You start enjoying little things in your life when you start manifesting. The Law of attraction and manifestation is nearly the same. It attracts those things that you give to the world or people. Several books explain the Law of attraction and manifestation transparently. However, if you are trying to be the best version of yourself, then you must know how to start manifesting.

According to a study, an average person has more than 6000 thoughts per day, and every idea has a specific frequency level. Negative reviews have a low vibrational frequency, while positive thoughts have a higher vibrational frequency. If the vibrational frequency is higher, it helps to enhance your everyday life experience and deal with things efficiently. It also boosts your physical as well as mental health. You will notice positive growth in different segments of life like happiness, love, power, kindness, and peace. If the vibrational frequency is lower, then you face many challenges that are not good for your mental and physical health.

An Optimistic Person:

In every situation, you have to be an optimistic person. That’s why people always talk about positive and encouraging things because it dramatically impacts your life. With the help of manifestation, you can attract positive things in your life that you have always wanted or desired. However, it does not mean that you will just sit and wait for everything. First of all, start believing in yourself and think about non-materialistic things. Polish your abilities or skills so that you can attract anything that you want to achieve.

Do some ‘Action’ so that you can get ‘Reaction.’ Hard work is the essential thing in this matter, and without hard work, you can’t achieve anything. Thinking and believing are two critical things in the process of manifestation. These two factors are required to make anything possible. Only positive thoughts or thinking is not enough. It requires some passion and hard work to make things feasible.

Techniques Needed for Manifestation:

Visualize Your Vision:

Honestly speaking, this is a popular and enjoyable technique in the process of manifestation. In this technique, you all have to visualize or get those things you want to manifest. For example, if you want a dream car, you can keep a picture of it because it will motivate you to work hard to achieve your goal. If you want to become wealthy, then you can keep a picture of a wealthy man. Well, it sounds a little weird but trusts me it will certainly work.

If you want to achieve happiness, then keep a picture of yourself smiling or laughing. In short, make a list of those things that you want to manifest, like happiness, money, house, car, etc. You can place these pictures on the wall of your bedroom or lounge. So, when you wake up, these things will remind you of your goals. Sit and think daily for 5 to 10 minutes about how you can achieve your objectives.

Gratitude Journal:

If you want to make your manifestation really beautiful, then you have to make a gratitude journal. Mention those things in the gratitude journal that you are thankful or grateful for. When you show gratefulness for things, you have currently, then you will surely get more of that. For example, if you are grateful for the love you received from people, then you will get more love. This thing will brighten your mood and health. It will fill positivity in you. If you don’t have prominent things that you are grateful for, then mention the little or smallest of the things you have in your life. It could be a great meal, a pet, or a school/college friend. Some people are not so privileged, but there is always something to be grateful for.

When you express gratitude, it increases your body’s vibrational frequency, which is a good sign for you. Being grateful for something that you wish to manifest will automatically attract those things. For example, if you are a successful person, then you can write ‘I’m highly grateful for my business success’. These are some little things that help you in manifesting. For writing a gratitude journal, you can take a normal diary. It will develop writing habits in your personality.

Bedtime Thoughts:

Every night, before going to bed, sit at a quiet place and think about your goals while closing your eyes. This kind of bedtime programming will help to determine the thing that you want and that you have in your life. Honestly, this little technique is really effective in increasing vibrational frequency. Learn from the mistakes that you make daily and try to improve them. Do not do this like a duty, do it as a fun exercise, and you will see improvement.

Manifestation Declarations:

Your way of communication represents a lot about your personality. The way you speak attracts so many things. When we are angry or sad, we speak bad words, which leads to severe problems. That’s why you must learn how to act with others in different conditions. Always say positive comments, and you will attract positivity. Isn’t that simple? Manifestation declarations are good statements that you want to manifest. If you show kindness, then you will get love and affection. Your thoughts must be concise and clear. ‘I’m intelligent,’ I’m wealthy,’ or ‘I’m powerful’ are some positive affirmations for manifesting.

Gratitude Diary:

After writing a gratitude journal, imagine what you will sense after writing it. Never stop writing a gratitude journal because it will keep you motivated and on the right way. There is no one that will build your house, so work hard to achieve your goals and try everything without hurting the sentiments of others.

Glass Water Technique:

It is a unique technique that says the food we take and the water we drink daily greatly impact our minds and body. If a portion of food is prepared in an unpleasant environment, the food prepared in a pleasant environment has a different impact. In short, your kitchen’s atmosphere really matters to the health and mind. The types of food you eat have a significant impact on your mind. On the other hand, veg and non-veg food also have different impacts. Eating non-veg food negatively impacts, while veg food creates a positive effect. It also matters how you drink water. If you drink water with positive thoughts, it will positively impact your mind and body. As a result, even the smallest of things have a big impact.

See, Listen, and Speak:

If you want to manifest peace into your life, then you must watch positive things as you will attract positivity easily. Hear positive things and speak accordingly. If you hear bad words, then you will talk bad words. So, the relationship is direct. It really matters what you watch, hear, and speak. These factors represent your character and play a big role in developing your personality.

Scripting Technique:

This technique is all about managing a manifestation journal. You have to write your everyday life tasks in the present form in this journal. You can learn the scripting method from Google, and it is a fun and straightforward technique.

Can I listen to music during manifesting?

Yes, why not. You can listen to your favorite songs while manifesting. It creates a wonderful impact as good music can boost your mood. As a result, your vibrational frequency increases, and you get positive vibes.


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