How to Spot True Love

Find True Love

by Shamsul
Perfect Couple - True love
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How to Spot True Love

Committed but still confused about your love??? True love?

Just imagine you are in a relationship, sharing everything, yet not being assured of your love is common. Convincing yourself by comparing your love in terms of what is lust and what is love is normal human behavior.

True Love“If you are in lust and thinking that it’s easy to handle and is enough for a life, trust me you are ruining your life instead of finding your true love.”

Just to understand whether your love is real or not, there are certain basic points that will help you out:

Infatuation or Love:

Do you know the real reason behind the attraction towards your partner? Is it just an admiration towards his or her beauty or good looking? If there is no big reason other than beauty, then your true love is far behind you.

True love is never based on bodily beauty. It is always based on your feelings for him /her, which comes from your heart, no matter how he or she looks.


Being Possessive:

Do you think possessiveness determines whether your love is true or not? Well, I would say a true lover always tries to give than expecting something from the other person. The truth will seek happiness of the other than one’s own. Being selfless is the key to true love; both would be happy.

Also, no expectations from the partner help in not getting into fights. So, if you are in search of true love, stop being possessive and set your love free with no expectations.


Long-Term or Short-Term:

If you are able to feel the breath of your love and can feel happy about it, then that’s your true love. No matter whatever comes in your path, you guys have decided to hold hands of each other till the last moment, then that’s the classic example of true love. Despite having many differences, you will move ahead in your life together.

Such a relationship would be long-term rather than short. You will be holding your hands together even if you become old and your skin get wrinkles. Your partner would be still beautiful or handsome in your eyes.


Real Relationship Is About Having a Soul Mate

There is no universal or standard rule in the world for having a soulmate. If your heart says that she/he is the one, then yes, that’s your soulmate. He/she will accept you as you are, no matter what’s the background from which your partner is brought up, whether beautiful or not, etc. You love your partner and will be willing to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Real love motivates you to take up any challenge in your life. It will help in making a couple of goals and work towards making it possible.

Spot True Love
True Love

Location and Distance Does Not Matter

No matter how far is your love, you will always be each other’s heartthrob. If your love is true and genuine for each other, then, believe me, love never dies just because of location or distance.

If your love is based on physical appearances, it may collapse eventually. The essence of love is about the feel for others in your heart and mind. This will make the couple to even wait for long for each other to come together for a better and happy future life. So, distance can make a trust for your partner stronger.


To be Able to Forget and Forgive

Small fights and differences in opinion are pretty common among the couple. But no matter how much you fight in love but true love always has a stake and will be ready to forget and forgive for his/her mistakes.

There will not be any ego to say sorry to each other. The foundation of true love is so strong that no matter how much trouble was caused by your love, you will be moving ahead. Your feelings for your love will never go down, and you will try to forget the mistakes instead of counting.

If you are able to find these simple yet significant qualities in your relationship, be sure that you are in true love.


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