How to Protect Your Blog Legally?

Protect Your Blog Legally

by Shamsul
Protect Your Blog Legally
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How to Protect Your Blog Legally?

Protecting your online business, site or blog is very easy, but why does it look daunting? Due to copyright issues and other problems, protecting your blog is imperative. To protect your blog, you must have some essential legal pages for your site, online business or blog. It is a great way to protect it from possible outcomes. If you know how to blog by fulfilling all the legal formalities, you can produce so many growth opportunities for your site. Don’t copy other bloggers’ Privacy Policies and Disclosure because it can put you in deep trouble.

If blogging was your goal from the beginning, you should get legal help. You can find several affordable lawyers that can help you get legal pages for your blog or site. This legal effort will help you a lot when you monetize your blog. It will also help at the time of adding affiliate links. So, this is the right time to have legal pages for your blog.

While writing your blog and before launching it, you must have all the necessary legal pages on your site for your blog. It is because blogging is a risky profession. The risks of being sued are high in this business when you use someone’s content. As a blog or coach, you never want to be sued. For hobby bloggers, this post will be very useful in growing their online business.


4 Important Ways to Protect Your Blog Legally

1- Have All The Legal Pages on Your Blog

If you want to blog legally, it means you should have the following legal pages:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy

In this article, we will discuss them in detail. But you need to understand why they are important to you. Why do you need them? Just keep in mind that you need these legal pages on your blog. If you don’t bother to have these pages, be ready to face lawsuits and other legal actions.

Do Not Copy Others’ Blogger’s Legal Pages for Blogs

Why shouldn’t you copy others’ legal pages for blogs? It will be considered as copyright infringement and you will be sued. To avoid this, you need to have your own legal pages. It is the right way to blog legally. If you are not a lawyer, then you can hire a lawyer to have your own legal pages on your blog. A lawyer can help you to protect yourself from all the legalities without any fuss.

You can also get a legal bundle from a lawyer without upsetting your budget. In this way, you can have all three legal documents on your site.

Terms and Conditions

With this legal page, you can tell your consumers about your site’s rules. It also protects your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), which includes so many important things such as the age of visitors, exchange and refund policies. Remember to have Terms and Conditions in your digital products so everyone can read them before buying them. It will keep you and your blog at bay from copyright issues.


By having a disclaimer page on your blog, you can also protect your blog legally. It tells your consumers their limits and restrictions on your site. As a result, they will think twice before doing anything with your information, services and products available on your website. It also reduces the risk of being sued. You can also use a disclaimer for third-party links and affiliate campaigns. It can also be used to tell your users about payments or commissions you will earn from affiliate links. Your disclaimer must comply with the rules of FTC. If you are going to add affiliate links to your blog, then mentioning a disclaimer is essential.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy on your site will also protect you from different types of legal actions. Whether you have a site, blog or business, you must tell people how you collect their data. You must tell your users how you use and collect their data such as name, ID, address and other information. According to law, you have to disclose all this information. Your privacy policy should cover the following factors:

  • It should comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Just because of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you have to tell European Union, visitors, how you are using their personal information.
  • You should disclose information about how you use emails via email marketing services.


2- Create New and Original Content

Many bloggers don’t create their own content. They just copy from others’ content and rephrase it. This is not the right approach to protect your blog legally. Instead, try creating your own original content and prevent the risk of copyright infringement. Suppose you copy others’ content, it’s theft. You can make your blog successful in this way. When you create your own content, no one can sue you. When you achieve success on your own content, you will feel happy. In different countries, if you write something, then you are the owner of it. With original content, you can easily establish your credibility. If you cheat, you will lose your followers. Many sites will blacklist you if they find you guilty.


3- Provide Credit and Seek Permission If Using Others’ Work

If you try to become a successful blogger, then don’t steal from others’ content. If it is important to use somebody’s data or content, seek permission and give credit. You can politely get their permission to use their content. Many bloggers will love to give permission if you mention their names. By getting their license, you can use their content without any worries. Don’t forget to keep a copy of their approval in your documents in order to reduce the risk of any problem. In this way, you can legally protect your blog.


4- Use Copyright-Free or Original Photos

In order to enhance the look of your blog, we recommend using copyright-free photos or images. You can also use free photos but they have some risks. So, it is better to use paid stock photos to lift up your site’s and blog’s appearance. When you use copyright-free photos, you will not face the nuisance of copyright infringement. Always get the desired blog photos from a famous stock photography company. They offer both free and paid stock photos in different categories such as lifestyle, business and many more. It is another way to protect your blog legally.


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