How to Play with Your Look and Seduce

by Shamsul
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How to Play with Your Look and Seduce

It is often said that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. It is undeniable that the eyes are used to demonstrate your interest when someone pleases you. A look can say a lot when it comes to seduction or want to seduce some one. Your eyes can be as communicative as if you had spoken.

The gaze can be a tool to seduce since it allows you to express yourself without uttering a single word and attract the coveted being towards you.

However, you have to be careful; it is not enough to cast a glance towards a person so that this one falls under your charm! Some details must be taken into consideration if you really want to use your look to its full potential in order to seduce!


Why Seduce by the Look?

It is believed that the more subtle the seduction, the more effective it is. We must therefore remain sober in our game of seduction when a person attracts us, in order to keep a little mystery. While keeping the mystery, the other must still be able to understand our intentions and this is where the gaze takes on its full meaning! We can convey messages and our feelings through our eyes and demonstrate that the person interests us. If we add an open body language, the message will be all the more easy to understand, without having spoken with the other yet. The gaze therefore makes it possible to create a connection and even a certain intimacy.

Besides the fact that the gaze can help break the ice, you can also use it to your advantage, even after you have started to exchange with the other, in order to convey emotions.

In general, women use their eyes more to show interest when they like a man. Their charm and the mystery engendered by their look often make men crack!


Seducing With The Gaze is An Art!

You have to know how to play with your eyes when your goal is to seduce. If, as a general rule, you tend to lower their eyes when people look at you, practice is in order! Your mirror will become your best friend in this case. Actors often do this to get into character. Once you have mastered several types of looks, and especially that you are able to look deeply at other people, you will be ready to take action in a meeting place. If this continues to be difficult for you, it could be beneficial to have a personalized coaching or reading accompaniment for your needs.


Charm By the Look, the Technique

The first thing to do when someone attracts you is to put you in their line of sight (even if it seems obvious, some people don’t). Thereafter, begin to orient your gaze in his direction, but without staring. You can look away, but always bring your eyes back to the person you are interested in. Eventually she will notice. When she senses your gaze, she will look at you.

Two Situations Can Then Occur:

She looks at you and gives you a big smile: the door is open
She looks away and you can conclude that it went rather badly


If she looks away, but then comes back to you and then looks at you again several times, you still have a chance! Embarrassment is sometimes the reason, so don’t delay too long and go talk to him, go approach him!

A little tip for women:

wear makeup subtly to highlight your look or the color of your eyes. These are real charming assets!

Seduction by the gaze:

watch out for the traps!


Here are some rules to correctly use your gaze to seduce:

Rule #1 – Don’t Lose Touch

You have to take charge of your gaze. When the first contact is made, do not look away to pretend to look at something else. This risks being misinterpreted and your efforts will have been in vain. Use your smile to follow the other’s gaze.

If you have trouble holding their gaze, look in their direction or look at a specific part of their face without looking the person directly in the eye, to continue to show interest.

Rule #2: Avoid Staring Too Hard!

If you are too insistent, you could lose your chances. It’s not a game of who will stop looking at the other first. If this is too insistent, you risk embarrassing the other person and at the same time, losing their attention.

Important: Save the sexual glances for later…when the time is right when you are in that person’s intimate territory*. For now, you are still strangers to each other.

Rule #3: Know How to Interpret Well

Another mistake to avoid is misinterpreting a look. Just because a look was exchanged doesn’t mean your chances are one hundred percent certain.

Make sure the person was looking at you and not someone else. Even if you exchange several glances, it is not necessarily won, it is only a first step.

If you avoid these traps, you will be well on your way to playing with your look to seduce.

So I wish you good practice. If you want to have more self-confidence in your look, in your approach, your way of conversing and improve your love life, I invite you to read my written articles.


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