How to Pick a Profitable Blogging Niche Easily in 2022

by Shamsul
Profitable Blogging
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How to Pick a Profitable Blogging Niche Easily in 2022


Professional blogging has proven its worth for a few years now. This is one market that attracts more people, especially young people under 30 who want to make money on the internet. Starting a generalist blog used to work well in the past, but now, it’s no longer easy to get out of the way with the thousands of generalist blogs out there. That’s why I personally thought about doing a post to help you choose a profitable blogging niche and with a good topic.

Finding the right ideas for choosing a profitable blog niche is no longer easy in 2022 because several themes are already saturated.

Fortunately, everything is still possible with the internet and your continuous efforts- The prerequisite is to find a niche that pays off.

It is this blog niche that will allow you to write good articles on a specific topic.

Before taking the courage to create a blog, take a moment and think about what you are going to post on the internet so that at the end of the day, your content brings you a certain amount of money to live on it and do it your full-time job.

If you are wondering about the profitable niches with blogging on the internet, let’s see how to address your concern.

That is, I am going to give you a list of profitable blogging niches in 2022.

But before we go any further, let’s first take a look at which blog niches to avoid because they don’t pay well or don’t pay at all. (You can easily search by Google)

How to choose a blog niche in 2022?

A good blog niche

Choosing a profitable blogging niche will become easy when you know how to go about choosing it. So to orient yourself well, you must see and interpret some signs and not jump into the void without a parachute.

Ask a few questions yourself and write down your answers. Here is an example of the questions:

Do I have the required qualifications for this field (the blog niche to choose)?

Am I able to work on this theme indefinitely without ever running out of ideas?

Am I able to produce quality articles between 500 and 2000 words regularly?

Am I able to work on this topic for a long time without making any money on the internet?

Am I brave enough to learn every day which blog niche I want to choose?

Now, look at your answers. If your answer is “YES” to all of these questions, it means that you have a passion for this field.

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Now, do you think the area you have chosen is profitable? Take a look at the characteristics below to help you choose a profitable blogging niche (or money-making blogging niche).

Characteristics of a Good Blog Niche:

For a blogging niche to be profitable, it must meet a few conditions:

The niches must have a high search volume on search engines
Have a high CPC or cost per click
Be in agreement with the rules of the monetization method you want to use for your blog.
You will then find that most of the high search volume niches have a low CPC and that there is a lot of competition in this area, so several blogs deal with the same topic.

If you want to know how to see the search volume, competition, and CPC, several tools exist for you, such as SEMrush, Ubersuggest, the Keyword everywhere plugin, Yoda Insight, etc. You just have to type in a few keywords in the domain you have chosen and see the results.

If you find that you are out of luck in the field, think about something else or find some more specificity in the field and in a blog niche.

So you are going to choose a blog niche from several niches. But let’s take a look at the blog niches that I personally wouldn’t recommend to you in the next section.

What are the Unprofitable Blogging Niches in 2022 to Avoid.

Choose a Blog Niche

Decide to launch a professional blog; the chosen theme must earn you at least a few euros each month.

Although it is not so obvious, a 4 or 5 figure income can be achievable (personally, I do not touch it yet).

You can make it happen with a little courage, but first, what about blog niches that don’t pay well?

Yes, you can choose a blog niche that does not make any money on the internet. Some niches may have a good CPC or enough search volume but won’t pay you well.

This is because the theme is already sufficiently covered by bloggers significantly.

And Here are Those Niches:

Is seduction still feasiable as a blog niche in 2022?

Seduction, Love

Oh, What a Better Blog Topic?

The stories of flirting can make a guy or a woman madly in love. This is a great blogging niche because the content you produce is going to be timeless, and that is; it will still be relevant for years to come.

But unfortunately, entering into this theme is complicated because there are hundreds of blogs already dealing with the subject.

However, you can always take your courage in hand and get started in the field by taking a sub-niche such as dealing only with disappointment, approach, etc.

But I wouldn’t recommend it to you anyway. Especially if you want to win the game on short notice.

2. Make New Technologies as Theme?

A thrilling subject, which, however, has a flaw, the content is too temporal. Whether you present computers, smartphones, or other gadgets as a blog topic, it loses value in a few days and/or months.

To choose to make Tech your blog niche, you have to be super courageous, be able to regularly research news in the field. This is how if you present downloads, you will be looking for updates all the time and that with the possibility of never breaking through if you do not do it right.


The profitable blogging niches in this topic are complex, and navigating it takes a little longer.

So I do not recommend it to you too.

3. What Do you Think of Health as a Blog Niche?

Unlike the other two presented above, another trendy blogging topic is initially more challenging to grasp.

Already to have article topics to cover, you will have to master the functioning of the human body, which is not given to everyone.

If you are a doctor or have had medical training, this is a profitable niche recommended for you.

You can give advice on how to get in shape, lose weight, or any other topic. Health already has enough articles, and finding something new is difficult. What classifies this topic in the part of unprofitable niches for a blog.

4. Personal Development Niche

Who isn’t looking to become a better version of themselves? That’s what all the self-help blogs tell us.

With topics like how to control your anger, the law of attraction, etc., personal development can be an excellent topic for a blog, but it is also difficult to enter into it.

5. Why not Finance as a Blog Theme?

The money…. it’s all about money right now. How to have more income at the end of the month to be financially independent? Too complex a subject because if it were easy, the earth would only be filled with millionaires.

Fortunately, Getting Rich or Being is different from having more money, but you are strong enough to give strong points to everyone on how to become a millionaire.

Well, think about it a little, and you will see that finance as a niche is a subject to be approached with delicacy.

6. Finally, the Place of Current Affairs

Anyone who wants to choose a short-term profitable blogging niche doesn’t even have to think about it.

Let me tell you why.

Simply because it’s a blogging niche where your content is dying day after day, the lifespan of an item is a maximum of one or two days or even a few hours.

It’s up to you then.

What are the Other Unprofitable Niches in 2022?

Other blog niches like fashion, sports, lifestyle, etc., exist and are still difficult to approach.

This list of unprofitable blogging niches is not exhaustive, and I only took specific themes because you can always break into one of the areas presented above over time.

But also another method is to go through the sub-niche or sub-sub-niche technique. Divide and conquer is still valid.

However, when you produce quality work and you can bring down some giants.

Persistence remains one of the best tips for blogging success.

What are the Profitable Blogging Niches in 2022?

Writing A Good Blog Article – Choosing a Good Profitable Blog Niche

There are topics on the internet which have fairly high search volumes and which are less competitive.

We will see a few in this section to help you choose a blog niche and thus hit your first dollars 3 or 6 months but not before.

Choosing a blog niche among those presented is not easy because they all require special training and talent.

You are already lucky if you have some ability in the following areas.

Make articles in the form of lists.

Lists – blog niches

Nothing could be simpler as a niche; you just have to research any area and produce a top for your readers. Such articles can be found in several blogs but are rare bloggers who make them their main niches.

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Well, here is the opportunity to start your blog with an uncompetitive niche as well.

And even more, if you want, you can choose to only make lists on a particular product in one of the difficult themes mentioned above.

2. Is Entrepreneurship a Good Blogging Niche Too?

Start a business online.

Who doesn’t dream of having his own business and seeing several people working for him?

If you have a diploma or special knowledge in this field, I encourage you because many people need your services.

It’s also a special blogging niche to choose for making money on the internet.

3. Do you have a Humorous Talent?

humor – blog niche

Choosing a blog niche becomes complex with humor as the theme because it requires exceptional talent.

If you can imagine jokes easily, know that you can make money with your humor on the internet. Whether in text, videos, or photos.

4. Art, Computer Programming, Web Design, Science, and Technology as Blog Niches?

Another blog niche, you can choose if you have enough knowledge in disciplines like mechanics, drawing, plumbing, electrical.

This category has high CPC topics.

You can easily make too much money on the internet if you have a good audience.

5. Are you Successful in Organizing Events?

Weddings, birthday parties, Christmas, New Year, and more are organized on a regular basis.

An event planner or master of ceremonies can make enough money online if they can find a niche in this field.

6. Do You Constantly Think Of Pets?


Dogs, cats, and other animals are used as pets. Since many people do not know how to deal with them, you may contribute your expertise in this area.

Do you have any knowledge of veterinarians or animal behavior?

Well, start a blog and share your knowledge with others outside the field.

7. Do you Know a Little About Depression?

Depression is a Blog Niche

Part of health that is not well documented. In the event that you have enough knowledge of psychology-like subjects, look no further on how to choose a blog niche.

8. Lotteries and Games of Luck are Good Blogging Niches

Lotteries and Games of Chance

A fairly complex area, too, because you have to be able to tell several people how to play with luck and earn a living.

A sports betting blog is a good idea for you and will gain an audience quickly simply because most people like it easily.

9. Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is the topic of the moment that continues to spill over into the air.

Suppose you have any ideas about mining, bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency that promises to be the future, good luck. You can tell others how to invest in this industry.

10. Our Passion

Make Your Passion a Blog Niche

Are you passionate about any field? Whether you are a fan of fashion, photography, DIY, video streaming, or anything else. If it meets the conditions given in the first section of this post, it is possible to earn money with it.

What is the Right Blog Niche?

How to choose a blog niche? Well, you see, it isn’t easy, and while the choice is vast, a profitable blogging niche isn’t easy.

I sincerely hope that this post has put you on a path to choosing a good topic. A good niche will allow you to make some money on the web.

Blogging is a subject that depends on one person to another. This is how you can choose to work in whatever you want.

The niches presented as unprofitable in this article may prove to be too profitable in the long run. So with a bit of technique, you can make a living from blogging on any topic.

Bye, hope to see you soon!

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