How to Overcome Bad Leadership Habits

by Shamsul
Overcome Bad Leadership Habits
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How to Overcome Bad Leadership Habits

Tips To Overcome Bad Leadership Habits That Are Affecting Your Performance

Every leader wants to be effective, engage others in mutual goals, delegate responsibilities effectively, and achieve decided objectives. While each of us aims for these actions and also know what should be done to achieve them, there are bad habits that unintentionally creep up into our daily behavior and actions and ruin our chances of achieving success as a leader.

Changing habits is not easy, let alone bad habits, which are taken up initially as a source of overcoming some weakness or stress we face. Bad habits operate on autopilot mode, unintentionally and often without us knowing or realizing that we are a part of the act. For example, getting angry, volatile or dramatic, self-serving, or demanding self-attention, etc. Like all other great things in life that are hard to achieve, our minds can also be changed using some hacks that can slowly but steadily remove some bad habits that we have been practicing, enhancing our performance eventually. These hacks or tips are

✔️ Make An Honest List 

Start by making a list where you state your life’s goals on one side and state what you will achieve when to reach or obtain that goal. Also, mark the more important ones.

✔️ Think About What Satisfies You

Here, you must ignore the worldly norms of right or wrong and find what makes you really happy! Most of the time, caring about others, showing compassion, and other similar acts are the things that actually satisfy someone.

✔️ Go Step By Step

Initially, choose just one habit you want to eliminate. Think of what you will achieve when you finally get rid of the bad habits and let that positive feeling alleviates inside you and brighten you from the inside.

✔️ Think Of How You Can Deal With Daily Situations Differently

 Consider things that regularly are affected by the behavior you are attempting to get rid of and how you can respond to similar situations differently.

✔️ Write Down Your Achievement

Apply the new behavior you thought of earlier and write down your achievements. Write down what you did, how it went, and what you achieved to make yourself feel proud of yourself.

✔️✔️ ✔️ These tips will help you overcome bad habits one by one, and if you cannot achieve what you expected once, keep trying until you do. Remember, you, and only you, can change your habit!


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