How to Manage And Resolve Project Conflicts?

Conflict management

by Shamsul
project conflicts
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How to Manage And Resolve Project Conflicts?

There is no room for project conflicts in the workplace. Conflict management is essential to minimize the risk of negative factors while maximizing the positive aspects. The main purpose behind conflict management is to enhance the performance of teams. Teamwork in a working environment is necessary to meet all the business goals. There are so many conflict management practices that can help to minimize the effect of negative conflict. Collaborating, accommodating, competing, avoiding, and compromising are some of the important and useful practices in conflict management. Keep in mind that conflict is inevitable. Everyone has a different nature and emotions. So, conflict is obvious among workers or team members.

Once a project conflict arises between the investors and workers, the manager spends a whole day managing and resolving the problem. In this article, we will discuss about how to manage and resolve project conflict. We have highlighted some important conflict resolution and management strategies to aid you to resolve and manage project conflict successfully.


Role of ERM (Effective Resource Management) in Managing Project Conflicts

In project management, resource management holds a prominent position. It is an important part of this process. If you know how to manage your resources effectively and efficiently, then there is a maximum chance that you will easily obtain your project goals. Without resource leveling or allocation, it is hard for project managers to obtain desired project goals on time.

The working atmosphere will become more fruitful when you have resources. If you have a larger team of project members, the chance of raising a conflict is higher. On the contrary, if you have so many resources, then you need so many team members and time to allocate these resources. As a result, your project can suffer.


Why is Conflict Management Important?

It is a responsibility of a project manager to deal with team members. Therefore, you could be the reason for some conflicts. Project managers often criticize team members when they fail to obtain the project goals. This is one reason for conflicts. As a project manager, you ensure to manage and resolve project conflicts. Below, we have listed 12 strategies to manage and resolve project conflicts.


Strategies to Manage and Resolve Conflicts

Without any doubt, every project manager has to manage and resolve conflicts. So, you have to apply some conflict management techniques to deal with different team members.

1- Use Your Power

If you sense the smell of conflict, don’t fear to use your power as a project manager. Power authority is one of the most effective ways to manage and resolve a project conflict. It is your duty to use your power in order to run things properly and smoothly. You can use any method that can help you to resolve a project conflict.

2- Avoid Conflicts

In conflict management, avoiding conflict is a tried and tested method. As a manager of the project, you can use withdrawal or avoidance techniques when you don’t have any options. However, avoiding a conflict is not a permanent solution but can help manage and resolve project conflicts.

3- Negotiation

Negation is one of the most effective ways when it comes to manage and resolve project conflicts. It is a safe, quick, but temporary solution. However, it can be proved very helpful in this scenario. It can often provide a win-win solution when it comes to conflict management.

4- Get the Help

If you think the problem is beyond your boundaries, you can get help from your project sponsors. Before asking them to help, tell them the exact situation, such as the conflict. You can also tell them about your actions to resolve the conflict. Your project sponsor can offer help or solutions to manage and resolve project conflicts.

5- Leveling

You can use leveling techniques to manage and resolve project conflicts as a project manager. However, don’t misuse this factor; otherwise, your project will suffer. Moreover, when you misuse it, it can also destroy your image and position. Try to get the maximum benefit of this technique to resolve or manage project conflicts.

6- Detect the Problem

Being a project leader, it is your responsibility to find the main reason for the issue. Try to understand the situation and then detect the real root of the problem. When you successfully find the root, you can use or apply different conflict management techniques to resolve conflicts.

7- Assigning

If there is so much workload, try allocating tasks to team members. If it doesn’t work, then you can assign the entire task to one of your competent team members with the consent of other team members. In conflict management, delegating is one of the best techniques. However, you have to choose the right person for the right task.

8- Encourage Decision Making

By encouraging decision-making, you can allow your team members to collaborate on the project. It is a useful technique in conflict management. Many project members have used this technique to manage and resolve project conflicts. The team members can offer useful insights to help you obtain your project goals.

9- Meeting

If there is a conflict between team members, hold a meeting and find the real issue. This face-to-face communication technique can help project managers manage and resolve conflicts. Try to indulge both parties in the meeting so you can see both sides’ stories. In this way, you can resolve the problem quickly and easily.

10- Be a Good Listener

A project manager can gather so much useful information by listening to others. That’s why you should be a good listener if you are a project manager. Plus, it is also good for your personal development and will help you to see things more differently and critically.

11- Communicating

After hard conversations, you need to create a space for open communication for both parties. It is a great way to resolve project conflicts. Both parties can discuss the problem and can find a solution.

12- Get Outside Help

If the conflict is bigger or more complicated, then there is no shame in getting help from outside your business. You can take the help of an expert, a mediator, or a lawyer to resolve and manage project conflicts.


Final Thoughts

Project conflicts arise when two or more team members have different opinions, goals, and attitudes. Conflict management is not about managing conflicts, but it is about obtaining project goals. As a project manager, you will face various problems. By following the conflict as management techniques mentioned above, project managers can easily manage and resolve project conflicts.


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