How to Manage And Lead A Remote Team?

Manage Remote Team

by Shamsul
Remote Team Working
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How to Manage And Lead A Remote Team?

The Pandemic (COVID-19) has taught us many things like remote team working, online shopping, and more. Despite its disastrous impact on the world, we have seen many things supporting humans. The current example is the boom of the e-commerce industry and it is experiencing the highest sales and profits during the pandemic. The pandemic has forced workers to work remotely, but most people don’t know the exact meaning and definition of the remote team working. Of course, we are not ready for this kind of sudden change, but it is really easy to operate your office tasks without stepping out of the house on your laptop. Yes, we admit that managing remote teams is not an easy thing and as a leader of the team, you must know how to lead and manage a remote team effectively. Nowadays, remote working is popular, and many businesses and organizations are doing well. It will help if you have effective tools, platforms, and assistance to make remote work effective. First, stay calm and learn remote working if you are unfamiliar with it. This comprehensive guide will discuss some useful aspects that help to lead and manage a remote team.


Benefits of Remote Team Working:

Leading your team remotely; can be daunting because you are not ready for this sudden change. However, there are plenty of benefits of remote work such as:


Remote Work Can Enhance Productivity: 

Yes, remote teams can produce productive results. Remote team working can increase your efficiency and you can work in your own comfortable environment with higher flexibility. The employees can manage their work in order to save time and daily commute. They can easily avoid distractions by creating a small space in their home. They can work any time, especially during the most creative and productive time. In this way, employees can manage their ideal working time and environment. They feel more focused and comfortable.


You Can Work with Multiple People from Around the World:

In-office environment, peers only hire location-limited employees but this is not the case in remote teamwork. It gives freedom to collaborate with multiple people at the same time from anywhere. This is a blessing of remote work and online network facilities. You can take advantage of others’ experiences without any effort with just a video call. You can take the help of experts and discuss issues. It provides a wonderful opportunity for peers to hire some of the best and most talented people from around the globe.


You Can Target Global Customers:

With remote work, you can target a global audience 24/7. You can cater to their requirements with the help of a remote workforce. You can respond quickly and talk with them about different issues. It will be very beneficial for your company and business. So, it is a significant advantage of remote work and online work.

Important Tips to Manage and Lead a Remote Team:

1 – Establish Basic Rules for Communication:

Effective communication is a basic ingredient for any business or organization’s success. For remote teams, you need to set basic ground rules for communication because they are necessary. It is crucial to find out effective ways of communication, like how to keep in touch with each other and how often they need to talk. For this purpose, define the modes of communication like voice, video, or any other communication platform. You can communicate daily, weekly, and even fortnightly on the basis of your work requirement. Moreover, also set the working hours and make them mandatory. Be flexible in this thing because you can manage this thing according to each other’s comfort.


2 – Utilise Communication Tools:

Remote team work isn’t possible without effective tools of communication. You need an internet connection, video or voice calling apps, and other ways of communication like email. Email is a tempting way of communication and ideal for remote communication because of its customized features. There are many effective and practical tools that you must consider for the effectiveness of communication. A video conferencing tool helps to share a screen with so many people. You can attend one-on-one and group meetings via video conference. Plus, you can call any remote team member or employer anytime to discuss any sensitive problem. It also helps to build team activities and socialization. Livestorm, Zoom, Eyes on, and more are some popular communication apps.


3 – Boost Productivity by Tracking Employees’ Activities:

It is hard to stay productive because of the different distractions at home. If you have kids, then it is one of the biggest distractions. Managing employees’ activity and tracking time is the only way to stay creative and productive. There are plenty of tools for time tracking that helps to track time on each process by a remote team. You can also occasionally analyze team members’ reports and then take appropriate actions to increase their efficiency.


4 – Establish One-on-One Chat and Check-ins:

It is crucial that every team member must be on the same board while working on a common task. It is not so easy to keep everyone on the same page when you are working remotely. In order to make this process effective, you can add one-on-one and daily check-ins. This thing is really amazing to keep an eye on everyone’s performance and role. Then you can provide much-needed support accordingly to each team member. The foundation of this thing is based on Trust, and you can also communicate with them to praise your remote team efforts. It also helps to build an open and honest work environment.


5 – Enhance Chemistry by Encouraging Socialization:

Continuous lockdowns and isolation can impact productivity and creativity badly. If you face any mental, financial, or physical stress, a team leader or peer can enhance chemistry among workers by encouraging socialization. Effective contact and communication can do wonders for you and your team. It is imperative for remote team leaders must encourage their team members by interacting with them well and often. It doesn’t take much time and effort, and you can do this with casual conversation and try to resolve their issues.


6 – Encourage Team Members Often:

If you manage and lead a team remotely, it is really important for you to enhance your listening skills. Listening is an art and can help solve many problems within a team. It is the perfect way to gauge the root of problems and then you can provide enough amount of support. You can ask team members about their comfort level and other similar things. You can also provide flexible working time to each member so that they can work without any hassle. Ask vital questions and then find solutions that are beneficial for your remote team.


7 – Avoid Micro-Managing and Establish Trust:

When a remote team leader tends to micro-manage their team members, it creates problems for both workers and leaders. Avoid micro-managing because it is stressful for your team members and you. You can give independence to your remote team workers and it will directly result in the form of higher efficiency and productivity. It is a key thing in leading a remote team.


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