How To Identify An Inspirational Leader?

Charismatic Leaders

by Shamsul
Charismatic leader
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How To Identify An Inspirational Leader?

4 Traits That Define Inspirational Leaders

Not all leaders are inspirational! It is hard to find an inspirational leader. As said, as it may be the clan of leaders also includes those who look and feel rather impressive. However, in the end, proved to be a sheer disappointment. Initially, a follower may be tempted by the mirage created by leaders; however, over time and after being tricked by such leaders, followers become bored and find it hard to believe in any leader. Specially sighting how Chief Executive Officers, politicians and managers squander finances, make renegade promises and focus on self interests only, people seize in believing anyone as their true leader.

People today look forward to those who make them better, make them realize their potential, and overall help them excel. To overcome this situation and make people believe again, leaders need to inspire their followers. Here inspiration again is not about encouraging them to believe in an organizational vision or to specific goals, but instead on a more personal level.

So how can followers identify an inspirational leader? 

Look for the four attributes that signal a leader as inspirational and worth following.

1- The Attitude Of Serving Others: 

An inspirational leader always has an attitude of serving those he leads. All efforts of such leaders are directed toward adding value to others. Keeping self interests aside, such a person who helps others attracts followers automatically.


2- Assertion

An inspirational leader is an asserter that works toward revealing the hidden talent and potential of the followers. He does not act as a fault finder but instead asserts and believes in the knowledge and ability of those they lead.


3- Sensitive To Others

Inspirational leaders are sensitive to the needs and desires of those they lead. People care about their leader’s ability and knowledge; however, when a leader shows he or she cares and attends to a much needed desire or needs, it automatically translates into motivation and determination in the followers.


4- Genuine

Inspirational leaders are genuine and authentic. Followers believe in such leaders and trust them for their words. An inspirational leader is transparent and consistent with what he says and does altogether. An inspirational leader thus always keeps promises and lives up to his words.

Charismatic leaders can often be mistaken for inspirational leaders. However, passionate leaders are similar to an ongoing process, where their attributes are a part of their daily behavior. In contrast, a charismatic leader is an event inspired by his eventual leading quality.



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