How to Grow Blog Traffic Using Pinterest in 2023?

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by Shamsul
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How to Grow Blog Traffic Using Pinterest in 2023?

If you have in your plan to use Pinterest for blogging, then you have landed on the right page. In past years, Pinterest has been a wonderful platform for bloggers despite its algorithm changes. You can drive traffic to your site using this platform. Are you interested to know how to nurture blog traffic with this crazy platform? This article will explain all the tricks and tips to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic in 2023.

First of all, you need to add Pinterest to your blog traffic strategy. For both new and veteran bloggers, this platform can do wonders. The recent changes in Pinterest’s algorithm have impacted several bloggers and content creators. But, we are going to tell you all the latest strategies and information to drive blog traffic using this platform. Slowly or quickly, you will surely achieve your target. However, lifestyle blogs get maximum attention on any platform, including Pinterest. If your blog isn’t getting traffic after pinning, then you should follow the given tips to rank high in Pinterest.

Don’t ignore the following “G’s” if you are going to grow blog traffic using Pinterest.

Growing your target audience

Getting pins

Generating clicks


How to Grow Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

Experienced bloggers mostly target two areas to generate blog traffic, Pinterest and Google. This is because they are very smart. You are on this page because you want to understand how Pinterest can grow your blog traffic. Consider it like an advertisement. Your main goal is to entice readers to read your full content. That’s why visuals can create a big difference in this matter. We recommend experimenting with formats, titles and designs.


Strategies to Use Pinterest for Growing Blog Traffic

Many bloggers struggle to establish themselves on Pinterest. However, you don’t need to lose hope because constant effort will make you successful. You need to pay attention to three important factors.

Create a professional-looking profile.

Design and pin attractive pins.

Optimize them with trending keywords.

After following the above-mentioned tips, you will see a huge rise in your traffic on Pinterest. This will increase your clicks and views. So, investing your time and resources in Pinterest marketing could be a great move for bloggers. No visual platform can beat Pinterest when it comes to driving blog traffic.


How to Utilize Pinterest for Driving Blog Traffic?

It is daunting for newer accounts to rank their pins higher. If you don’t have enough followers on Pinterest, your pins will get fewer views which cause less engagement. You should not worry because you can grow followers with the passage of time. If you want to rank your pins higher in Pinterest searches, then it may take 6 to 10 months. So, consistency and patience are two important factors.

Apply these tips to get desired results. Build a huge pool of followers on this platform by pinning the latest and creative content in order to make your pins click-worthy.


Growing Your Potential Audience Through Profile and Boards

You have to make a solid impression on Pinterest by growing the numbers of your followers. For example your friends won’t visit your house if you have old furniture and mess around the house. Just like that, you have to make your profile clean and decorated so that users will love to visit your profile.

You have to be an expert in your category so that you can promote yourself in a better way. People only follow those Pinterest accounts that contain their desired content. Why are followers so important? When you have followers, chances are that they will visit your profile and see your pins. This is imperative to grow blog traffic on Pinterest. By tapping, you can see the pins of those accounts you follow. You have to increase the interest of your followers to watch your pins.


Exploit Idea Pins to Increase Followers on Pinterest

If your goal is to increase your Pinterest profile’s credibility, then idea pins are great for the purpose. It is a modern way of exploiting Pinterest to grow your blog. It allows you to show your abilities and knowledge. To grow engagement, you need to increase your followers on the platform. Address common problems with modern techniques to get the attention of followers. For example a food blogger can share his favorite recipe to spark the interest of foodies.

In simple words, it is like a “Do it yourself” project. Add a CTA at the end to entice your followers to see your pins. A huge pool of followers allows you to encourage your followers to see your pins.


Portray Yourself as a Brand on Pinterest

After finding your potential audience on Pinterest, it’s time to present yourself as a brand. Write an eye-catching description so that your followers can easily identify what you will be offering. There is no need to be mysterious at this moment. Present yourself in a simple and straightforward way. As a result, your visitors will easily understand you and can easily decide whether to follow you or not. They can explore your content by seeing your boards. Make the following changes to make your profile attractive:


Add a Catchy Photo

Whether you are an influencer or a blogger, you have to add a fantastic photo to your profile. Your photo must be well-edited and professional. Also, have a beautiful cover with a link to your blog or site. Don’t forget to add a powerful description and optimized name. Your photo will create a huge difference in building your credibility.


Keep Your Boards Updated

You have to keep your boards updated all the time in order to keep your profile optimized and organized. A professional-looking board cover is also a must. If your profile aligns with your followers’ interests, you will see maximum blog growth.


Getting Your Pins

Now, your goal is to make your pins viral. This happens when you get consistent blog traffic on Pinterest. But, you can also generate crazy traffic without going viral. However, the luck factor is also required for this purpose. You have to optimize your pins with the right keywords so that your audience can easily find you. If your target audience doesn’t find you, then it’s an issue.

Rank your pins high in Pinterest searches to get blog traffic. In order to do this properly, you have to find the correct keywords along with important phrases to target your audience.


Rank Yourself High with Keyword Research

Both keywords and long-tail keywords are needed to rank your pins higher in Pinterest searches. When you optimize your pins with the right keywords, your content will appear first when someone search it in the search bar. In this scenario, Pinterest works like Google. Several other things can rank you higher. Your ultimate goal now should be getting outbound clicks instead of monthly viewers. It is real success if your followers click on your content or pins. This is essential for growing consistent traffic.


How to Search Correct Keywords and Important Phrases on Pinterest?

You can only grow blog traffic on Pinterest with the correct keywords and important phrases. You can find the right keywords on Pinterest by finding the keywords and phrases in the Pinterest search bar. When you search for something, you will get several options. You can choose any of them to include in your pins. Find the best keywords and phrases that suit your content.


Add Optimized Descriptions

If you can use HTML, then you can easily write descriptions and set titles for your pins. There is no need to write long descriptions and titles if you are going to optimize your content for Google. In other words, use amazing pins, a plugin that can help you to write crazy descriptions and set fantastic titles.


Don’t Focus on Hashtags Because They Are Not Needed on Pinterest

These days, Pinterest is sending messages to users that hashtags are not important now. They are not needed anymore to grow blog traffic on the platform. So, don’t waste your time in creating and adding hashtags.


Generating Clicks on Pinterest

At this time, you have an attractive-looking profile and optimized boards. You have also optimized your pins with the correct keywords and SEO-based descriptions. Now, what is next? You are here intending to grow blog traffic using Pinterest. By creating attractive pins, you can increase traffic because Pinterest is a robust and powerful visual search engine platform. The following tips will surely help you on Pinterest:

Create images of 2:3 size and 1000 x 1500 pixels. For A/B testing, you can create longer pins.

Choose an awesome color palette for your brand and give it a professional look.

Must include white and black colors for most of your pins.

Make relevant images.

Keep your images real.

Use high quality images with a crisp and bright color palette.

Use standard fonts so that everyone can read them properly and easily.

Use proper spacing between words for a neat and clean look.

To spark the interest of users, make your pins bright and warm.


Create Enticing Headlines Not Clickbait

One of the best tips to grow blog traffic with Pinterest is to create attention-grabbing headlines instead of clickbait. You can try “A Guide To”, How to”, and “5 Ways to” to address the concerns of your followers. You can also get the notice of your followers by using action words. By creating catchy headlines, you can effortlessly entice your followers on Pinterest to see and click your pins. Check the clikcability of your pins by using a headline analyzer.


Generate More Than One Pin

Sometimes a great-looking pin won’t get the desired clicks. Why? The reason behind it is that there are better times for that content. In order to solve this issue, we recommend creating more than one pin with catchy headlines and stylish templates. Conduct A/B testing to find out what’s working for you or what’s not? Try to make 4 to 6 pins for your blog.


Secret Strategies to Grow Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

If you don’t have so many followers on Pinterest, you won’t get maximum blog traffic. Create more pins so that you can increase your blog traffic.

Create interesting content that people love to read. Add questions to your blog and give solutions. High quality content will generate more traffic.

Always make new and fresh pins for your blogs. Make sure that your pins must be relevant.

Optimize your pins using plugins.

Instead of using other’s pins, try to make your own pins.

Create fresh and catchy content with fresh pins.

Don’t over pin your pins. Pinterest only allows 25 pins per day.

Intervals are essential in each pin.

Your headline, title, and description should reflect your content or blog.


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