How to Find Happiness | 5 Keys To Get There

by Shamsul
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How to Find Happiness

What if we stopped placing conditions on our happiness? I will be happy once I have this salary, I will be happy once I have this house, I will bathe in the fullness once I am in this country, etc. Why go in search of happiness when you already have it within you? How can you connect? How can you find happiness? Here is some food for thought for you people.

How to Find Happiness in Everyday Life?

1- Follow Your Instinct

Your Instincts
Why go in search of happiness when you already have it within you? How can you connect? How can you find happiness?

As researcher Taly Reich reminds us: “People need to know that the way they make a decision has consequences on the way they actually live with it.” People who follow their instincts are more likely to be happy than those who think too much when making choices. In any case, this is what a recent Yale University and Toronto study reveals. Scientists say we regret decisions guided by feelings less than those made deliberately and rationally. When you follow your heart, you wonder less about the other options. If we overthink our decision, we are more inclined to wonder if we didn’t make a mistake by choosing one option over another.

2- Slow Down to Reconnect with Yourself

Reconnet Yourself

Today’s society makes us live at a hundred miles an hour. So much so that the biggest excuse of our century is not having time. However, for Chade-Meng Tan, author of the book Connect to Yourself, A New Path to Success, developing emotional intelligence through mindfulness is the key to achieving happiness. It calms and clarifies thoughts and allows you to perceive your emotions better. Meditation brings the mind back to the here and now by paying attention to the breath. In addition, meditation will enable you to perceive your emotions better and to listen to yourself more while cultivating kindness towards yourself.

3- Be Grateful


On average, people who practice gratitude regularly are 25% happier than others. And being grateful doesn’t just affect our level of happiness! Indeed, several studies, including those conducted by Dr. Robert Emmons have highlighted other benefits. It would make us more optimistic, confident, efficient, less stressed, less envious, and more satisfied with our lives. Moreover, gratitude is part of the list of 24-character strengths to cultivate to be happy and lead a fulfilling life, established by Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman at the origin of positive psychology. So, by focusing on what is going well rather than what is not working well in your life, you naturally find happiness.

4- Cultivate Joy by Transforming Your Suffering

As the Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh said: “When we suffer less, we begin to generate a feeling of joy and happiness to nourish ourselves, to heal ourselves; we know how to take care of our suffering. If we learn to suffer, we suffer much less! “. In each of us, there is a child suffering. We have all experienced difficult times, and to protect ourselves from all this suffering, the only solution we have found is to forget these painful episodes. However, each time the pain arises, this sensation is so unbearable that we repress our feelings and memories deep in our unconscious. 

This is how we can spend years and years neglecting our inner child. With mindfulness practice, Thich Nhat Hanh suggests we stop ignoring this injured child. For example, we can sit and breathe with our inner child for a few minutes a day and get in touch with him:

“I am here for you, ready to listen to you.”

“I breathe in, I return to my wounded child, I breathe out, I take good care of my wounded child.”

“Take my hand, let’s walk together and enjoy each step.”

5- Learn to Love Yourself to Find Happiness

Self Love

Traditionally and culturally, the ability to love others is most emphasized. But modern psychology takes a different view: loving yourself to a minimum is necessary, if not essential, to experience pleasure and find charm in life. Our image of ourselves is fundamental to structuring our behavior and relationship with others. There are plenty of ways to strengthen the ability to believe in ourselves. What if we cultivated happiness while having fun? With the card game, what is happiness for you? It’s possible. Both fun and useful for all those who wish to break down the barriers of their personality, it offers practical tools and invites you to integrate them into your daily life to live fully.

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