How to Do Journaling? Are you Familiar?

Different Types of Journaling

by Shamsul
Do Journaling
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How to Do Journaling? Are you Familiar?


Are you familiar with this term? If not, then let me inform you what journaling is:

It is a technique in which you have to write everything (that is in your mind) in a diary. Basically, it is a conversion of your thoughts into written form. It can be in a typed or handwritten format. But, handwritten form is preferable because it feels a little authentic due to its raw form. Plus, a handwritten journal feels more nostalgic.

If you know what journaling is but have some doubts, this article will clear all your doubts regarding journaling. Does it actually work? What is the benefit of journaling? Can it change my life? If many questions are circulating in your mind, I will clear everything.

Journaling is an endless journey that has no end. It helps to discover your thoughts that are circulating in your minds, such as your likes, dislikes, traumas, and emotions. Journaling is the best method to enhance self-believing.

Types of Journal:

There are different types of journaling that we will discuss in this article.

1- Freestyle Journal:

In freestyle journaling, you can write down everything that comes into your mind. It can be sudden thoughts or planned ideas. You can write about your daily routine, work, emotions, or everything in between. If you have made a mistake, then also write it down and try to overcome your problem. If your favorite song has stuck in your mind, you can also write it down or draw something relevant. In this matter, you have to be real and unfiltered. After writing a freestyle journal, you will feel calm. 

2- Gratitude Journal:

If you want to write a gratitude journal, try to mention those things you are grateful for. For example, if you have a nice house, car, business, or anything, then you can write, ‘I am grateful for my business success.’ You can also write about even the smallest of things you have in your life, like a pet. This kind of Journal promotes manifesting in your life. It helps to enhance your confidence, and you will work harder to achieve your future goals.

3- Affirmation Journal:

Writing affirmation journal is all about self-praising words for yourself, like ‘I am confident, ‘I am beautiful,’ etc. This type of Journal is all based on amazing affirmations that help to boost up your energy level, and you can quickly achieve your goal. It also allows you to realize how amazing a person you are.

4- Food Journal:

In this type of Journal, you may write about your daily meal, diet you follow, calories, or anything in between. You can write everything about your food intake, and it will refer to a food journal.

5-Dream Journal:

As we know, how confusing can dreams be? When we wake up, we forget 80% part of the dream. Some goals indicate the signs of betterment, but some are truly worse. You can write every detail of your dream to find the signals. So, if you write down your dreams, it will be called a dream journal.

6- Workout Journal:

A workout journal is slightly similar to a food journal as you can write down your workout routine, diet plan, etc. By writing your workout journal, you can track your workout routine. Write about your exercises and the number of calories you want to burn. You can also mention your weight goals in a workout journal.

7- Bullet Journal:

The bullet journal is ideal for keeping you on the right track. In this type of Journal, you can write your short- or long-term plans. You can write your plans in the form of bullet points as the name suggests.

After reading all types of journaling, you can choose any according to your ability and comfort. In our opinion, freestyle journaling is best because it touches every type of Journal.


How often should I write a journal?

In my opinion, you can write a journal on a daily basis. It just takes 5 to minutes daily to write Journal. If you consistently write Journal, it helps to manage your everyday life.

Is Journal only for disturbed people?

No, everybody can write Journal. It is not only for those dealing with depression or trauma. It helps to bring positivity and personal growth to your life.

What is the best time for journaling?

There is no specific time for writing a journal. Anytime, you can do it daily, weekly, or monthly. You can write your sudden thoughts in a journal. You can add anything in your Journal, from your favorite song to a diet plan.

How much should a journal consist of?

It depends on you. If you are comfortable in writing a few lines, half a page, or more than 5 pages, you can go for it. It is all about how you sum up your thoughts in a clear way. It aids to develop thinking ability in you, and you can easily become a better person.


  • Your Journal is private, so don’t share it with anyone as we write our thoughts, goals, and emotions in a journal, so it is just for you, not for others. So, keep your journal secret.
  • Journaling is an excellent technique for keeping your mind sorted if you are an over-thinker. According to research, writing journals releases stress. When your write your worries in your Journal, you feel a little sorted. Plus, you can get helpful conclusions of different problems through this thing. It also aids in boosting up your memory and keeps your mind well. In short, journaling is suitable for your well-being.
  • Don’t forget to write the date and time while writing a journal. Start your Journal with words like hello, dear, etc. These small things will add some life to your Journal.
  • Journaling helps to determine the positive and negative points of your personality. You can find ways to overcome these issues, and it is perfect for you.

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