How to Distinguish Yourself and Be Unique

by Shamsul
make yourself unique
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How to Distinguish Yourself and Be Unique

How to Distinguish Yourself? Excellent question. Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “You attract the customers you deserve”. Without going into an esoteric debate on the question, it is in fact an effect that I have seen (and I am not the only one). Nothing magic there; it is essentially a question of distinguishness.

What is meant by that? Depending on your positioning, you will meet a need for a specific market segment. And on which you are not (always) alone. Yes, competition exists. There is a point and it’s good that it exists. It proves a market for the product or service we are trying to sell. And in addition, it challenges us to find ideas to run and develop our business.

Note that – for those of you who are employed or job seekers – it also works perfectly for you. Read on; you’ll see!

How to differentiate yourself and make yourself unique in the eyes of your prospects and customers?

When talking about the training and coaching sector (because it is the one I know best), we often hear that it is a saturated sector. It is clear that – without being yet saturated – the number of coaches is increasing from year to year all over the world. Which in itself is good news.

It means that there is a demand for this type of service.

The more coaches there are, the more likely coaching will become known to the public.

Only here, if we only take the example of coaching, it can be challenging to break through and differentiate yourself. Because yes, the more “competition” there is, the more effort it takes to make yourself known and create a profitable business.

However, there are ways to clearly differentiate yourself from others and increase your chances of standing out. I have identified for you six possible ways to differentiate yourself, whatever your sector of activity and your status (job seeker, employee or entrepreneur).

1- Showcase Your Talents

As you know, talents are a favorite subject. And there is a good reason for this: if we refer to the 34 talents identified by Gallup in the CliftonStrengths test, this gives approximately 33 million possible combinations. And our way of expressing them will also be extremely personal. As you can see, just by focusing on this aspect of things, you will easily succeed in finding a trademark.


2- Capitalize On Your Experience

If there is one thing that no one can copy or take away from you, it is your experience, your life experience. What if you went back in time to identify the elements that influenced you during your life or career? What are the elements of your context that could help you create your story and differentiate yourself? Depending on this, it’s a safe bet that some audiences will recognize themselves more than others. And this will allow you to resonate with them more easily.


3- Put Yourself at the Service of a Target Audience

I don’t know if you already know the expression “niche market.” When I discovered it, it was a marketing term that radically changed my perception of the market I wanted to address. Indeed, a mistake frequently made (especially when starting an entrepreneurial career) is to believe that our products or services are for everyone. It is a fake concept!

We end up reaching no one because we want to target everyone. Rather than using a bazooka to try to kill a mosquito, ask yourself if there is a particular market for your products or services:

Is there a segment of the population that would be more likely to be interested in what you have to offer?

Are there individuals on whom you want to focus your attention (especially based on your life experience)?

To take a concrete example: Nathalie Alsteen. Nathalie is a coach, therapist, and speaker, as there could be thousands of others. Except that, Nathalie – based on her own experience and experience – decided to focus on people with so-called “high potential” (or “talented emotional people” as she prefers to call them).


4- Play On Your Passions and Interests

I must admit that this is something I have only sometimes believed in. And yet, in terms of personal brand, it makes it possible to differentiate oneself in an exceptional way.

I will take here the example of Thierry Croix. Thierry is a graphic designer. Again, designers, there are thousands. Except that, if you go to Thierry’s profile on social networks or even on his website, you will quickly see that several things are present, in particular, his passion for Star Wars and LEGOs. And that is clearly reflected in his communication.

And it’s so apparent that he is recognized for it and that some of his clients come looking for him for it (among other things, eh, he also has plenty of other strings to his bow!). This fuels the reasons why some customers will favor HIM rather than another designer.

You will tell me: “Yes, but it risks scaring off some customers if I expose my areas of interest”. So yes, if you are passionate about midget dildos, chances are it will play on your reputation!

But on the contrary, talking about what interests you (science, music, literature…) will attract adequate customers to you and will save you from wasting time with annoying people. Remember this: “You can’t please everyone!


5- Find Your Style

To pick up on the previous point, I invite you to try to find your style, your tone… in short, the way that suits YOU and you feel comfortable communicating. I reassure you right away: it is something that needs to be worked on, that takes time (and that evolves over time, too), and it is not acquired once and for all. I’ve come to realize many things I want to inject into my com over the past few months, and it’s still being considered.

To begin, try to take stock of your personality, the values that drive you, and the famous. And don’t forget that it’s by testing and doing things that all of this will be put in place: no pressure, no “You have to, I have to,”.


6- Adopt Different Approaches, Methods, and Tools:

Finally, it is not the most original element, but it is nevertheless one of the musts to highlight. Especially if you are trained or if you have developed your own approach or methodology. So look for the training you have taken, the certifications you have obtained, and the tools you use on a daily basis. In short, all the skills can help you strengthen your profile and help you Distinguish Yourself.

Above all, no bullshitting: Yes Distinguish Yourself, and stay who you are!

As we have just seen, there are many ways to Distinguish Yourself and make yourself unique in the eyes of an employer or a potential client. And I claim here to have yet to make an exhaustive list; feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments.

On the other hand, what I would really like for you is to adopt the 0% bullshit attitude:

  • Stay who you are.
  • Be steadfast.
  • Be authentic.
  • Don’t try to put on a mask… nothing worse than to find yourself faced with a layer of make-up that does not suit you.


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