How to Conduct Market Research and Types

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Conduct Market Research
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How to Conduct Market Research, Examples, and Types

Marketing research or market research is a technique to determine a product’s or service’s sustainability by conducting direct research with the target audience or customers. In this process, a company gets customer feedback about its products and services. It allows the companies to find their target market and target users. This research or approach is based on the customers’ interest in a product or service.

It is very easy to conduct market research. A company can complete the survey on its own. However, they can also consider a third party to conduct market research for the company. There are so many different ways to conduct it. Surveys, focus groups, interviews, and product testing are one of the main and effective methods in this regard. There are multiple benefits of conducting market research. It helps in R&D (Research & Development) so that you can produce innovative products and services.


Important Takeaways

Companies and businesses conduct market research in order to check the viability of a service or product by interacting directly with potential customers.

The most significant advantage of conducting a market study is that a company can identify its target audience. They get their opinion and feedback from the customers.

A company can efficiently conduct market analysis itself. But, they can get the services of professionals that are experts in market research.

You can conduct it in various ways such as surveys, focus groups, and product observation.

In actuality, a market study is a process of gathering data about the market and the customers. As a result, a company can make the right marketing decisions based on the collected information or data.


Understanding Market Research

It is crucial to understand market research because it tells you how customers react to your products. This research helps companies and businesses segment their markets and products. As a result, they can target each segment of customers more efficiently. In simple terms, the main purpose of conducting is to identify the customers’ demands. With the help of detailed research, a company can maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

Conducting the research involves so many complex processes. That’s why a company should participate in the process of research. They can use the gathered information or data in the decision-making process of marketing campaigns.


How Does Market Research Collect Data?

Market research includes a combination of information such as primary and secondary information. You can gather the information on your own or from a third party. The primary data is obtained from the market and the secondary data is obtained from outside the market.


Primary Information

In this type, a company obtains market data by analyzing customers’ behavior. You can also collect the data from the person if you hire them for this purpose. Primary information is further divided into two factors such as specific research and exploratory research.


Secondary Information

This type of information is usually gathered from outside the market. It includes several complex processes such as trade association research reports, government data, and more. This kind of information is usually very helpful in making big marketing decisions.


Example of Market Research

Many companies and businesses conduct market research in order to try out new products. They gather users’ data and know how they react to the products. They also find out customer preferences and requirements. In this way, a company or business can effectively run to achieve its business goals. Companies can also make adjustments to their business model or plan.  


History of Market Research

During the 1920s, market research started in Germany. But, it got real traction in the United States. The main popularity of this technique flourished during the period of Radio. Companies that used Radio advertising were very successful because they understood the demographics very well.

Different Types of Market Research

One-on-One Meetings or Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are very helpful when it comes to conducting market research. This involves one-on-one meetings with the people on the road. You can ask several questions to them to identify whether they know your brand or not. This kind of data collected from people is really useful for the company. A company can improve its strategy or business plan accordingly. In order to understand your market in a better way, you must understand your location, market size, pricing strategy, market saturation, and economic indicators.


Focus Groups

This type of market research involves a specific group of customers who are selected to test a product or service. After trying the products or services, they give feedback. This feedback helps the company to adapt its marketing policy and marketing strategy. They can also suggest improvements to a product or service.


Phone Research

In this type of research, one-on-one meetings are not necessary. Everything can be done on the phone. You review any product on your phone. This data can easily be collected, and a company can make changes accordingly. This thing has transformed the way of conducting marketplace research.



Surveys are very helpful when it comes to conducting research. Surveys are very cost-effective when compared to other types of market research. A survey contains some simple questions that you can answer. The collected data can be used to improve the company’s business model. Companies usually conduct surveys by offering vouchers or coupons. As a result, a company can find out how people feel about the price point, product, and brand.


Online Market Research

It is another popular type of marketplace research. Many companies and businesses are now conducting online interviews, surveys, and other similar things. There are so many social media platforms and websites available that can help to conduct marketplace research more effectively and quickly. People can take surveys and online interviews in their free time. This thing has made it easier for companies to do market exploration.


How to Conduct Market Research?

The first element in conducting market research is to obtain the target of the study. Each study should give a well-defined and clear solution. For example, if a company tries to understand consumer preferences, it should launch different ad campaigns and promotional strategies.

The second step in the process of market research is to identify the target consumers. This type of research is costly and requires so many resources. That’s why a company cannot focus on irrelevant consumers because they will waste their time and money. A company or a third party decides what type of customers to include in the category. In this way, they can collect data from the customers.

Furthermore, this is the right time to analyze the collected data. If you have conducted the previous two steps correctly, then this step will become easier for you. Market researchers study the gathered market data and track the company’s performance during this process. The main purpose is to obtain the conclusion or result.

The last factor in this process is to make decisions based on the final result. On the basis of this result, they make decisions to target the potential audience. Whether it’s about the price point or product, you can make changes accordingly depending on the outcome. You can conduct market research in other ways to find out whether the results are the same.


Advantages of Market Research

Market research is crucial for developing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Through analysis, a company can identify its target audience and target market. This way, it can create an effective marketing strategy that forces people to use your products or services. When it comes to developing marketing plans or efforts, research can help. It helps to identify your potential customer segment. If you determine the things mentioned above, then there is a maximum chance that you can increase your competitiveness, market share, and sales.


Main Types of Market Research

There are three types of market research such as primary research, secondary research, qualitative research, and quantitative research. The primary marketplace research includes interviews, surveys, focus groups, and customer observation. The secondary research includes white papers and infographics. The qualitative research includes customer preferences and requirements. The quantitative research includes statistics, subscribers, social media engagement, and website views.


What is Online Market Research?

Research that is conducted online or over the internet is called online market research. It can be qualitative or quantitative. The pattern of online research is the same as primary and secondary research.


Paid Market Research Surveys

In this survey, a company pays people to review its products and provides their feedback. It involves surveys, face-to-face meetings, and other types of methods. The company rewarded them for their effort and time.


What is the Market Study?

The demand for a service or product in a particular market plays a huge role and gathering data about this factor is called a market study. This study involves several elements: competitors, economic activity, location, price, and substitutes.


Final Thoughts

Research is the correct method if you want to know how your products or services perform in the market. Market research is generally based on primary as well as secondary information. It helps to strengthen your research and development program. A company’s overall growth is based on its research about the market.



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