How to Become a Home Proofreader Online?

by Shamsul
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How to Become a Home Proofreader Online?

Are you good at spelling and comfortable with English and computers? If you are looking for a professional activity accessible without the condition of a diploma and without leaving your home, consider this alternative of becoming a proofreader online.

Quite close to the profession of web editor, this status requires less imagination and the ability to create. Therefore, proofreading and editing tasks are an excellent idea to earn money from home. Simultiounsly, it is not an easy job because you must be uncompromising on all careless errors, even simple syntax errors or double spaces.


The Tasks of the Proofreader

The proofreader may be called upon to handle articles published online or in paper magazines. He must guarantee no grammatical, spelling, or conjugation errors in the content processed.

Indeed, as a home proofreader, you must ensure that you deliver the most readable and consistent text possible. It is necessary to take care of rather complex details, such as the concordance of times, or to check that the sentences remain correctly and logically linked.

In the same movement, you are led to modify the punctuation so that the reading is, at the same time, natural, pleasant, and excellent readability.


Where Can I Find Work As A Proofreader?

All companies that have to work with words may need the services of a proofreader. Of course, demand is mainly concentrated in publishing and communication.

Moreover, if you are lucky enough to land a job in a publishing house, be aware that the requirements are exceptionally high in this area because the slightest typo error left in a book can darken the reputation of the publisher.

If you still need to feel confident enough to submit your application to publishing houses, we advise you to seek out new, minor, or unknown authors and work directly with them. This will allow you to feel less pressure while accumulating experiences and developing your skills.

And for all the people who even fear contact with an author, it is relevant to get started with online correction, which allows you to work from home by landing different missions on dedicated platforms.

Many companies seek freelance proofreaders to authenticate product instructions, sales brochures, or press releases.

You’ll find ads on the site with thousands of job postings.


The Path to Follow Before Becoming A Professional Proofreader

You do not require a diploma to practice if you start as an independent proofreader online. However, to start, it is still relevant to be able to rely on a few basics. A simple literary Bachelor’s degree can be a plus to be valued, but other certifications that one obtains within the framework of higher studies can become a strong commercial base.

For example, if you follow a literary preparatory class after the Bachelor’s degree, you will instinctively understand that you have perfectly mastered all the secrets of the English language. You can also attend educational institutions for English learning.

There are even masters in book trades and publishing, which you can do as an apprentice to start building a network.

Similarly, you can find reputable training courses open to all people with an institute. These Training and Development of Professionals in the Publishing professions are available in e-learning, the Writing and Communication Center courses, or the School of English Learning.

Having training makes it easier to get assignments and claim a higher salary from the start of your career. But if you are self-taught, you can also succeed in proving yourself in the environment without specific training.


How Much Does A Home Proofreader Make?

If you work in the world of publishing in 2023, the average rate is generally set at €18 net per hour. But if you start as a freelance online, you cannot remain on the same scale.

Often, your remuneration depends on your level (but sometimes also on your ability to negotiate your contracts well). The more you manage to be well-rated by your customers, the more you can be paid. Depending on the difficulty and the work time, it is not exceptional for the most talented to earn up to one hundred euros per hour!

Feel free to look at the operating methods of the different platforms allowing you to do online work. Many help you connect with potential customers, while few enable you to land small one-off assignments to develop your address book. Using several platforms can broaden your field of action and have as many customers as possible.


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