How to be Successful at Work?

Successful at Work

by Shamsul
success at work
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How to be Successful at Work?

Being successful at work is one of the goals of a large majority of people. But what does it mean to be successful? For some, it is about devoting themselves to what excites them the most; for others, to achieve certain realistic and desirable goals in order to be able to develop, surpass themselves and reach the heights. However, regardless of whether we are in one position or another, success at work goes through a series of rules that must be fulfilled.

All these rules will generate a necessary degree of satisfaction so that we can feel that we enjoy balance and well-being in our work environment. It’s important that while our goal is to be successful at work, we don’t neglect other areas of our lives. Family, friends and our personal growth are also important.

If one of the areas of our life is not working properly, we will feel a lack of balance and, therefore, we will not experience that happiness that we all yearn for. Therefore, although we will focus here on how to achieve success at work, we must be aware that work is not everything in life.


Do Something You Love

Are you tired of doing a job you don’t like? Do you spend your days complaining about how little you get paid, how little your work is, or how little profit you can get from it? Why are you still here if your job doesn’t motivate you and you don’t like what you do?

“Don’t ask yourself why the well won’t give you water, ask yourself why you keep trying to get water from where it is obvious there is none.”


Success at Work

We need passion and doing something we love to succeed in our work. It is necessary to get up each morning with the intention and the hope to overcome a challenge at work and not to start the day feeling like you are going to a place of torture. Many people get up in the morning complaining that they have to go to work. They don’t change their situation because they cling to a monthly salary or are afraid they won’t be able to do what they really want.

These fears and insecurities are not compatible with success at work. Indeed, when we do something we love, perseverance comes from us, just like a desire, motivation, constancy and responsibility. These are all necessary elements to carry out our work correctly. Undertake, change, seek or train, but never conform. This will not lead us to success.


Training Will Allow Us to Gain Confidence

As we mentioned before, not standing still is essential to finding our place in this work made for us. Nevertheless, to achieve success, it is necessary that we train ourselves. Training will not only give us clues about what we like and dislike, but it will also give us the confidence to not let doubts overwhelm us.

We never stop learning, and things move very fast with technology. We have a lot of information at our disposal, most of it free or inexpensive. Very interesting training for which we can define our own schedules. We just have to manage our time properly. We will gain confidence and security.


Problems are Challenges

To be successful at work, it is important to be aware that problems are challenges. It is possible that we encounter difficulties while we are looking for that job that we so desire or that we wish to initiate a personal project. However, this is not an excuse to give up.

Let’s persevere, train and learn from every mistake we make. Let’s investigate the possibilities. Mistakes are learnings that will give us an experience that, very often, a course or training cannot provide.

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it’s more important to pay attention to the lessons of failure.”

-Bill Gates-


Success At Work

Having an optimistic outlook can help us. If we come across closed doors, let’s keep looking; if we present a project and it turns out to be insufficient, let’s continue to work on it. Let’s not stop. Success requires consistency, effort and perseverance and perseverance. No one gets it without stumbling and encountering a multitude of no’s.


Do Not Resist Change

Changes tend to make us feel insecure as they force us out of our comfort zone. They involve adapting to new circumstances and in many cases changing everything we have been doing up to now.

All change implies something new, perhaps help, but certainly growth. For example, think about when technology became more important in business. Many people had to adapt to the introduction of these tools, resorting to training, familiarizing themselves with effort, and sometimes feeling that they could not do more… they succeeded, however. It usually happens when we have no other choice.


The Importance of Group Work

When we think of group work, we usually associate it with a series of people working for a superior. However, there are two types of group work that must be differentiated:

Group work as a boss: the boss forms a group with his employees. Although he is in charge, he is part of a group of people working for a common goal.
Work as colleagues: all colleagues have a common goal in which they can bring different knowledge or have different responsibilities.


Success at Work

The important thing for both working groups is that they are all oriented toward the same goal and do this. It is necessary that a series of elements be present. For example, good communication, stress management, group feeling, individual and collective responsibility…

These elements will determine success at work or failure. Therefore, the boss must get involved with his employees; he is an important part of the whole process. Similarly, employees must be partners, communicate, motivate and support each other to carry out their work.


To Be Successful At Work We Must Take Care of Ourselves

Although all the previous recommendations for achieving success at work were directed towards our own job, goals and even relationships with colleagues, we cannot forget one fundamental element: ourselves.

If we want to be successful at work, we must take care of ourselves, which means doing sports, eating healthy, sleeping well, and dedicating time to leisure, having moments of rest… As we said in the introduction, it is also important to have time to devote to other important areas of our lives, such as family, friends, hobbies…

“I think being successful means having a balance of success stories in different areas of our lives. We cannot consider ourselves successful in our professional life if our family life is in shambles.”


Zig Ziglar

This set will ensure our success at work. Indeed, through proper balance and management, we will be able to be productive in this work that we love so much. But you should not lose sight of the fact that the latter should fascinate us.

Every time we get up in the morning we must be able to answer the questions “why and for what purpose?”. If we still can’t, don’t worry. Let’s keep looking and trying.

And remember this quote from Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


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