How Eagles Raise Their Young – A Great Example for Us All

by Shamsul
Eagles Teaching
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How Eagles Raise Their Young – A Great Example for Us All

Eagles, creatures that inspire awe, embody both wisdom and majesty. But they offer us much more than that. Their way of raising their little ones can serve as a valuable example for us to educate our children. It all starts with the partners’ choice by the species’ females.

The eagles perform a singular ritual. The females select a stick, grasp it in their beak and fly to an altitude of about three thousand meters before releasing it, carefully observing the reaction of each male to see if he will catch it before it touches the ground. This process is repeated at different altitudes until it reaches one hundred and fifty meters above the ground. Females know that truly prepared males will catch the stick in record time.

This ritual aims to determine the male’s future behavior as a parent. If he can catch the stick, he will likely quickly see his young when they fall from the nest, as this will inevitably happen.


Wisdom of the Eagles in Education

This ritual is a remarkable demonstration of the wisdom of the eagles in education and preparation for parenthood. It highlights their strong sense of responsibility and protection towards their offspring. Females make informed decisions about mate choice, assessing their responsiveness and ability to care for their offspring. This is a powerful example of how animals can inspire us in our roles as parents.

By observing eagles’ behavior, we can be encouraged to be attentive, prepared, and responsible parents. Like the eagles, we must carefully select our partners and ensure they share our commitment to parenthood. We must also strive to be responsive and present for our children, ready to support and protect them during difficult times.

A Conscientious parent understands the vulnerability of their little ones and recognizes that they will need constant support. They, therefore, make sure always to be present to protect their family.

Male eagles who back away from this challenge show weak commitment and ultimately find themselves left behind because female eagles are unwilling to commit to a partner who sees themselves as incapable.


Eagles Head to the Top of a Cliff:

Once they have chosen their mate, the eagles head to the top of a cliff to build a sturdy and comfortable nest. After the eggs have been laid and hatched, both parents are responsible for protecting the young. They are feeding them until they gain enough strength to leave the nest.

When the time comes for the chicks to take flight, the father begins to dismantle everything that kept them comfortable, leaving only an uncomfortable structure made of branches.

Faced with this change, the young eagles need help understanding what is happening. After all, their parents were caring and careful; they fed and protected them from bad weather. Now, this care is no longer present.

The mother eagle then flies to an area, catches a fish, and returns to perch about five meters from the nest so the young can see her feeding. The hungry chicks cry from the nest, perplexed to see that their parents are not sharing their food with them, in addition to no longer protecting them in the nest and taking away their comfort.

Realizing that leaving the nest is necessary if they want to feed, the young eagles undertake movements they have never done before. They take the initiative and begin to grow and crawl out of the nest. Learning skills they would never have learned if their parents continued to provide everything for them.

In these new movements, the chicks often fall, and given that the nest is on a high cliff to protect them from predators, the parents must intervene to recover them and protect them from any danger or injury. This is why the training they did with the stick is so necessary.

Every time the young eagles fall, the parents fly to their aid and take them to a safe place to start the process again.

Then, after a while, the young eagles begin to flap their wings, allowing them to learn to fly. Once they have mastered flying, the parents take them to places where they can find fish to eat.

Understand the Right Time to Teach:

Both male and female eagles understand the right time to teach their young the behaviors necessary for survival. They know that prolonging their addiction would not benefit them in the long run.

This captivating story of the eagles offers us a valuable lesson in raising our children. Too often, we are tempted to keep them in their comfort zone, providing them with everything and protecting them from life’s challenges and obstacles. However, in doing so, we risk depriving them of the opportunity to learn to be self-reliant and develop the skills to face difficulties independently.

Our Children Need to Take Their Steps and have their Own Experiences.

Although it may be difficult for us as parents, we must teach them the importance of independence and allow them to confront progressive challenges. In these exploration, decision-making, and problem-solving moments, they develop essential skills such as self-confidence, perseverance, and adapting to changes.

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By encouraging them to stand on their own two feet, we prepare them to meet life’s challenges and realize their full potential. We must support, guide, and encourage them while allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them. By offering them this opportunity for growth and independence, we give them the tools necessary to succeed and flourish in their future lives.

Of course, this does not mean we abandon our parental responsibilities. We must find a delicate balance between providing loving support and encouraging their independence. By allowing them to fly independently, we promote their holistic development, strengthening their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.


Allowing Our Children to Take Flight:

Therefore, the lesson of the eagle reminds us of the significance of letting go. We must allow our children to take flight. Motivate them to move out of their comfort zon. We prepare them for a life of autonomy, resilience, and success. Give them the wings to fly. We offer them the greatest gift. The ability to realize their dreams and become the best versions of themselves.

The lesson of the eagles is clear: being a caring and engaged parent requires preparation, responsibility, and unconditional love. Drawing inspiration from their example, we can raise our children with wisdom and majesty, providing them with the best foundations to grow and flourish.

Consider the teachings of the eagles and apply them in your life.

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