How Do You Know You Are Happy – 7 Signs

by Shamsul
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How Do You Know You Are Happy? 7 Signs

7 Signs That Show That You are Happy

What would you say if we asked you if you were happy right now? We know how to recognize joy, but happiness? The one who makes your eyes shine, do you know him? Throughout the day, we are touched by a thousand and one emotions that influence our state of mind and inner well-being. While some people think that money brings happiness, everything suggests it is more linked to certain daily habits. How do you know if you are happy? Discover 7 signs that show you are on the right track.

1- You Smile Naturally

There are few happy people who don’t smile! This is why, if you tend to smile or laugh often, then it is a safe bet that you are a cheerful and happy person.

Happiness, joy, serenity, and contentment secrete endorphin, the famous happiness hormone. While it relaxes most muscles, it tenses others, such as the zygomaticus major, which is involved in creating a smile. Plus, the simple act of smiling is full of (scientifically proven) benefits.

2- You Feel Well Cared For

Because you know you are the average of the five people you see most often, you carefully choose your loved ones. You have been successful in moving away from toxic relationships.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of blue zones are proof that a quality social bond allows them to cultivate happiness and live longer! Ensuring a quality social circle opens the door to greater happiness, especially as you age.

3- You Sleep Soundly

Numerous studies carried out around the world have shown that sleeping well is one of the keys to happiness. Indeed, a good night’s sleep positively impacts one’s emotional state. If you fall into the arms of Morpheus in a flash and wake up on the right foot, that’s a good sign.

In addition, a recent study from the University of British Columbia in Canada shows that people who sleep well at night tend to be happier and more positive throughout the day. Conversely, people who do not have a regular sleep cycle are more stressed and, therefore, more inclined to be in a bad mood.

4- You Know How to Enjoy the Present Moment

Happy people know that living in the present is the key to a positive mindset. This is what happiness researcher Matt Killingsworth argues in his TED talk on how to be happier.

Thanks to his real-time application, Track Your Happiness, which allows users to evaluate their emotions and activities, he finds that most people are happier when they live in the present moment. On the contrary, the more the mind wanders, the further it moves away from the feeling of fullness.

Being amazed by everything and being grateful for it are, therefore, good indicators. Whether it’s the scent of a flower, an exchanged smile, a sunrise, or a pleasant conversation, life’s little pleasures are numerous and a guarantee of happiness when you have an open eye and a grateful heart.

5- You are Particularly Creative Makes You Happy

In a state of complete satisfaction, inspiration grows. It can take the form of creating a business, playing a musical instrument or any other artistic activity, learning a foreign language, etc. Being happy stimulates creativity and vice versa.

The study published by the University of Otago, published earlier only supports this assertion. Research lead Dr. Tamlin Conner writes: “Overall, these findings emphasize that daily creativity is a means of cultivating positive psychological functioning.”

6- You Accept The Unexpected

Lost keys? A missed train? A car that won’t start? You know how to put things into perspective and not be carried away by stress because your priority is to focus on what matters. Therefore, life’s ups and downs do not impact your inner well-being.

That doesn’t mean you don’t experience lows daily. On the other hand, you prefer to direct your attention to what is going well rather than what is going wrong. This way, you increase your chances of being satisfied in the long term and show greater resistance when more difficult events arise.

7- You Display A Certain Charisma to be Happy

When you breathe happy, you can feel it. And you can even see it on your face. Wherever you go, you shine and transmit your good humor, which means that happy people often have a lot of charisma.

Indeed, they can lead others and motivate them to move forward. Because of the joy and positive vibes they transmit, those around them find them beautiful and do not fail to compliment them. Does this sound like real life? This is undoubtedly a sign that you are on the path to happiness.

How Do You Know If You Are Happy?

Some Tips for Happy Living

Remember: Being happy is a choice that must be maintained. To do this, water your seeds of happiness within yourself every day. Several habits can be implemented:

Introduce mindfulness into all daily activities (eating, walking, washing dishes, interacting with others, brushing teeth, etc.).

Find the Simple Pleasures in each activity.

Express gratitude.

Take care of yourself to take care of others.

Develop understanding with yourself by welcoming all your emotions without judgment to be happy (fear, jealousy, hatred, sadness, anger, etc.).

Integrating these practices into your daily life creates new circuits in your brain. While firmly anchoring yourself in true happiness.


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