How Can You Get Enough Protein Without Eating Meat?

by Shamsul
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How Can You Get Enough Protein Without Eating Meat?


It is a common question how can I get enough protein without eating meat? Well, there are so many other sources that you can get from different food items. If you do not classify seafood as meat, they are excellent protein source. Dairy products and eggs are also among the best sources of high-quality proteins. You can also get high-quality from different sources, such as seeds, grains, legumes, and more. You can easily determine whether a specific food contains protein by checking the labels. You need a suitable amount of protein on your activity level, sex, and age.

So, it is not necessary to eat meat to get protein. Plant-based foods are also good. When it comes to animal proteins. Plus, they are healthy for your body as well. Below, we will mention some food items besides meat that can provide you with high-quality protein.



Pulses would definitely get the first spot when it comes to the most inexpensive source of protein. Pulses are high in iron and fiber. They are from the legume family and contain all lentils, beans and peas. When you consume pulses on a regular basis, they help to lower your cholesterol level. If you prefer tinned pulses, check whether they have added sugar or salt. You can include pulses in dishes such as stews, soups, and sauces.


Soya Beans

Soya beans are one of the excellent source of protein. They are low in fat content but high-quality protein compared to animal protein. They contain a rich amount of iron and fiber. You can eat soya beans daily if you want a complete protein source without eating meat. It is also suitable for lowering cholesterol levels.



Quinoa is a seed of green veggies associated with spinach and chard. You can eat quinoa like a grain, a fantastic protein source. It holds all the essential amino acids that you can get from meat. It is a perfect alternative for pasta and rice.


Nuts For Protein

You can try nuts if you are not interested in eating meat. They are an excellent source, packed with a dose of fiber. They can provide a good amount of high-quality protein. But it would be best to eat nuts in moderation because they are rich in fat and calories. You can eat anything from peanuts to hazelnuts, walnuts, and much more to fulfill your requirement.



Seeds are also excellent sources, like nuts. They contain unsaturated protein and fats. You can include seeds in your pasta, snacks, and salads. You can consider anything from pumpkin seeds to sunflower seeds in this regard.


Cereals and Grains

Cereal grains. Cereals are the edible seeds of various types of grasses. They are easy to store and are high in carbohydrates and protein. They are a staple throughout the world.

Grains and cereals also contain protein. Rice, whole grain bread, and pasta have a good amount of proteins, iron, and fiber. You can eat bread with hummus or beans with brown rice to get enough amount without eating meat.



Quorn is another complete source of protein. Its texture is like meat, but it is made from edible fungus. It is low in fat and contains a high amount of fiber. You can get different forms of Quorn from the market. It is a perfect alternative to meat.



You can consume dairy products daily. Dairy products are also a great source of protein. Milk, cheese, and yogurt also contain calcium, which is essential for your bones. But, consider consuming dairy products that are low in fat.


Eggs For Protein

According to some reports, eggs are not good for your health. But this is not true. Eggs contain low fat and are an excellent source of vitamin D and B12. You can eat as many eggs as you want except if you are dealing with familial hypercholesterolemia.



White meat is another good source of protein, such as fish. Fish contains omega-3, fatty acids, and fat. They are also an excellent source of vitamins A and D. You can eat fish twice or thrice a week to fulfill your protein intake.


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