How AI Innovations are used in the Fitness Industry

Artificial Intelligence

by Shamsul
AI Uses in Fitness Industry
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How AI Innovations are used in the Fitness Industry


Almost every industry, organization, or firm exploits technology to some extent. Their operational structures are based on technological advancements. The fitness industry is also using new technologies AI to take fitness equipment and fitness level to a whole new world. People have been exercising or working out for decades, but it is continuously evolving day by day thanks to artificial intelligence and other tech enhancements. If you are looking for the answer to how AI innovations are used in the fitness industry, then you have selected the right article.

One of the most prominent examples of technology in the fitness industry is the presence of digital wearables that are enhanced with AI. Adopting these products and other similar fitness equipment is growing with each passing day.

 The role of artificial intelligence in transforming the fitness industry is enormous. It allows fitness companies to develop more immersive, responsive, and customizable fitness helpers, assistants, and gears.


AI-Based Trainers

The last 2-3 years were very tough for every industry and organization. The gyms, shops, offices, and everything in between were closed due to the lockdown. Approaching to your personal trainer wasn’t possible. It was very problematic for fitness enthusiasts as they couldn’t meet their trainers. Artificial intelligence has solved this problem by giving AI-based personal trainers. They have all the adequate information that you require to complete your daily exercise routine. You can access to them anytime and anywhere.


Neural Networks and Trainers

It is really comfortable for users to work out with a personal digital trainer. Digital fitness trainers can fill this gap by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks. This technology uses several algorithms to take the place of a human fitness trainer.

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has given immense popularity to AI-based fitness trainers. It was hard for people to go to the gym during that period, so the demand for AI-based trainers increased. They can provide the necessary guidance to fitness enthusiasts.


Apps Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Processes

The first app we will discuss is Freelatics. They have utilized a series of artificial intelligence processes to develop a customized workout routine. They have been modifying and maintaining it according to user preferences.

There are hundreds of fitness apps that leverage AI processes. They are collecting your personal data and suggesting workout routines to each enthusiast. It also accepts feedback and tracks users’ progress. By doing this, they are giving satisfaction to users. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscles, or achieve general fitness, Freelatics is doing everything for you by using machine learning.


Data Gathered Through Apps

Another app, Zenia, gathers users’ data through their mobile cameras. It captures the workout routine of a user. As a result, it identifies correct and wrong workout postures. Then, it gives users feedback so they can adjust their posture. The app uses a series of neural networks and a collection of unlimited yoga images and poses.


A – Personal Coach

Many fitness companies are developing AI-based personal coaches. For this reason, they are collaborating with fitness professionals so that they can develop practical tools. It shows that they are taking the help of professionals in order to provide a fully customized experience to users. They are also using machine learning in this process.

Integrating these two factors will allow AI-based personal coaches to provide high-quality fitness guidance to fitness seekers.


Wearables and Smart Clothes

Wearables and smart clothes are no exception when it matters to using AI in the fitness industry. These things can help to monitor and track the exercise routine and progress in real-time. They take readings through biometric measures. They also provide feedback and suggest necessary recommendations.


Smart Wearables

Asensei is one of the most famous names in the intelligent apparel developer sector. They develop shirts, pants, and suites that can monitor and track the movement of the user’s body, such as squats, walking distance, and more.

They use AI technology and motion capture in order to check the user’s progress and postures. Asensei also corrects your posture in real-time. In return, you can build the proper exercise habits. The company is also developing fitness wearables to check the progress of running and jogging. It also monitors heart rate and other similar things.


Wearables for Exercise Tech

Nadi x is another smart clothes maker and mainly focuses on yoga-based clothes. They develop smart yoga pants with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Their yoga pants or leggings are connected to an app wirelessly. Nadi x app provides an effective yoga tutorial. In short, these smart yoga leggings are particularly created for yoga lovers.


Real-Time Data

The above-mentioned smart clothes and wearables provide real-time data to the user. It allows users to adjust their yoga or exercise routine without any problem.

Al-Driven Diet Planning

Nowadays, digital diet planning is popular in the fitness industry, and people are taking advantage of it to achieve their fitness goals. It is necessary to track your meals and calories on a daily basis on your smartphone to adjust your diet pattern.

Limitations of the Users

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides us the power to transform the fitness industry. It has the ability to eliminate the problems of users and their limitations regarding fitness and fitness expertise.

AI Helps in the Specifics

Honestly speaking, artificial intelligence can help in various sections of the fitness industry. However, it is really useful in the identification of foods. It can remind you about your diet plan and can send you alerts when you enter your meal data. You can find many apps on the market, such as Calorie Mama and others that can instantly calculate the calories when you take a snap through the app’s camera.


You can change your meal plans on the basis of your fitness routine with the help of Neutrino and FitGenie. These apps are specifically designed to count your daily calories and also suggest the best foods. These apps hold necessary data such as databases of foods, physiognomic ranges, and metabolic details.


Fitness and Wellness

Every person has their own personal requirements and preferences when it comes to dieting and exercising. One size does not fit all. Artificial intelligence has the ability to tell people what works for you and what’s not.


The Diet Industry

Artificial intelligence is also transforming the diet industry by giving suggesting calorie patterns, diet plans, and benefits of different foods. Now, you can customize your own meal according to your fitness goal or routine. In this way, you can take care of your body in a better way.


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