Highest Priced Pizza on Earth Containing Extraordinary Ingredients

by Shamsul
Most Expensive Pizza
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Highest Priced Pizza on Earth Containing Extraordinary Ingredients


Everyone loves hot and delicious pizzas, and it is considered a reasonably priced dish that anyone can enjoy in every part of the world. However, it may surprise you that some restaurants offer the most expensive pizzas in the world, demanding more than 1000 dollars. Here are some of the Highest Priced Pizza details in the present world. 

Glasgow- Domenica Crolla – Royal Pizza 007

Royal Pizza 007

Domenica Crolla is a popular restaurant where the highest-priced pizza is available. They have given the name “Royal Pizza 007”. As the words of the name signify, it is entirely different and created after being inspired by James Bond 007. Just like the extraordinary class and lifestyle of James Bond, the pizza has something surprisingly different. It has luxurious and highly-priced ingredients like soaked Perigon caviar, venison medallions, salmon, prosciutto, 24-carat flakes of gold, and marinated lobster. If you don’t like to spend the asked amount of money on such a luxurious pizza, join any other restaurant for reasonably priced pizza. However, the restaurant Glasgow- Domenica Crolla has alternative pizza options at a cheap rate. 

Italy- Salerno Pizza – Louis XIII

Louis XIII Pizza

You may have heard about high-priced pizzas, but Salerno offers the pizza at an Exceptional Price. You have to pay more than 12000$ if you have decided to enjoy a pizza in Salerno. This mouth-watering pizza is recognized as Louis XIII. As it has a royal name, its price is according to the standard of the royal class. This royal pizza size is 20cm, and it has the most expensive and deluxe ingredients. It includes Arabian flour, Kaspia Beluga, uncommon types of caviar, pink salt, Norwegian lobster, Osceitra classic, and seven cheese varieties. Caviar, lobster, and Champaign bottle combine to enhance the taste. Indeed, you would never find this taste in other countries.

NYC-Gino’s Restaurant

In New York, you can get pizza as low as one dollar. On every street corner, you can find a pizza restaurant. Gino’s restaurant is famous where expensive pizza is available for unique pizza lovers. Giovanni Spatula is the renowned worldwide chef who creates this special pizza in this restaurant; therefore, this pizza cost is above 1000$. There are six unique caviar and two fascinating lobster tails in this pizza. You may get wonder when you see and eat this expensive pizza. If you are fond of trying unique tastes and something extraordinary, you make a visit to Gino’s Restaurant while you are in New York, USA.

Mizzou Pizza

If you are a caviar lover, then it is the best pizza for you. It is one of the most delicious and classy pizzas on earth. Just like Salerno-Italy pizza, Mizzou pizza contains lobsters, caviar, and gold flakes of 24 carats. Its price is 4,250$. You are given the world’s expensive pizza at this price in an environment where personal chambers are available, having orchestra set and an opportunity to gossip with the chef. This restaurant offers an adventurous experience.

Canada – Steveson Pizza

Have you ever heard of C6 pizza? If not, then plan to visit Steveson Pizza during your trip to Canada. Unlike other expensive restaurants, its price is less than 500$. There are many extraordinary features of Steveson Pizza like Russian Caviar, Tiger Prawns, Smoked Salmon, and Lobster Thermidor. 

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