Home Treatment for Controlling High Blood Pressure

by Shamsul
Control High Blood Pressure
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Home Treatment for Controlling High Blood Pressure


Blood pressure is a common problem that is suffered by most of the people. One of the basic reasons is a lifestyle and the approach. It is true that machines have made life easier; however, simultaneously it is causing problems as well. Due to the fact that too much dependency on machines has reduced human involvement. It has undoubtedly made humans lethargic and lazy. When you are not physically active, it means you are more prone to diseases.


Practically, blood pressure issues may seem ignorable but in the long run, it can cause multiple heart diseases to anyone. In that case, having normal blood pressure should be the ultimate goal.  If we talk about the symptoms, then commonly a patient suffering from blood pressure can have a heavy head. Moreover, high blood pressure can cause personality changes, stroke, chest pain, and heart attack.  All these symptoms are extremely harmful to humans.

severe headaches

What are the Common Signs of Having High Blood Pressure?

According to the studies, people suffering from blood pressure may or may not have any signs. In that case, the only possibility of knowing about the problem is by consultation with the doctor. Not having any kind of symptoms means that patients have to suffer a lot without knowing. It can be disastrous for the health of the patient.

Doctors often suggest having checkups on a regular basis. The complete examination once in a while can reveal any problem with no obvious symptoms. To treat problems like blood pressure, it is imperative to know about the issue timely. The question here would be how can you identify that you are suffering from blood pressure? Well, some of the common indications are severe headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds, vomiting, eye problems, and confusion.  Malignant hypertension is an extreme condition in which high BP (blood pressure) can cause organ damage.

If you are a patient of blood pressure, then you must realize that it is not a healthy sign at all. Changing the lifestyle should be the first thing that you should do. This approach can certainly help you get the normal level of blood pressure. This problem can decrease the quality of life to a certain level. Likewise, having high BP (blood pressure) can cause headaches and dizziness. The normal daily routine work might get affected by these sorts of issues. But in some cases, the patient finds it difficult to perform physical work. In other words, the patient may be suffering from insomnia.

Reduce Hypertension through Home Remedies:

Hypertension is a problem that can be managed while staying at home. Home remedies can be an effective way of handling this disease. But it should be ensured that there must be careful management because it can worsen the problem if not properly handled. People with having drinking and smoking issues can have the same kind of problems. Before considering medication, there are some symptoms that are needed to be observed.


  • Is there any history of having obesity and diabetes in the family?
  • Does any of the family members are suffering from the same problem?
  • Is there anything that is causing stress or anxiety for the patient?

High BP



High blood pressure is a kind of disease that can gradually develop over the years. This type of blood pressure is termed primary hypertension. In adults, there is no definite reason for an increase in blood pressure. This kind of hypertension is mostly diagnosed in the absence of known secondary cause. Whereas, if blood pressure is rising due to any known cause, then that can be termed as moderate or secondary hypertension. This typical issue is mostly caused by an identifiable underlying issue.


Causes of high BP (blood pressure) can be because of

  • Improper functioning of kidneys
  • Adrenal glands can have endocrine tumors that can elevate blood pressure.
  • Narrowing of the arteries involved in blood circulation towards the kidneys.
  • Primary hyperparathyroidism.
  • Certain medications like contraceptive pills, migraine and diet control.


The human body and its functions are based on balance. Any imbalance can cause issues like blood pressure. Likewise, there is a certain proportion of salt and water present in the human body. Any change in these levels can cause blood pressure to rise. Moreover, including kidneys proper functioning of blood vessels is also important for the flow of blood towards all organs. If blood vessels fail to deliver the required amount of the blood, then there must be a definite rise in blood pressure. Similarly, hormone levels must be within the required range, otherwise, they might cause blood pressure to elevate. Having high BP is not the only concern here; having a lower BP is equally dangerous here. So always think twice before using any home remedy or preferably refer your doctor.



Blood pressure can be controlled with multiple home remedies as well. To quickly control BP, all you need to do is to get a lemon and squeeze it. Half glass of water should be mixed with the half lemon juice. Consume the liquid after every 2 hours and your blood pressure will be back to normal.


Another way to overcome the BP issue to get five or six basil leaves. These leaves should be dissolved in 20grams of water with two to three leaves of Neem. It is recommended to drink the solution early in the morning without eating anything. This practice should be followed for two weeks at least in order to get the desired results.


  • Salt is one of the ingredients that are used frequently in cooking. A high concentration of salt in food can increase BP. Therefore, it is advised to use salt minimally.


  • According to the research, Garlic is enriched with nitric oxide. This substance can help muscles and vessels to dilate. It can ultimately reduce BP. Along with this; there is an added advantage of reducing the cholesterol level with the use of garlic.


  • Gooseberries naturally have the power to reduce BP. Having a gooseberry juice with honey in the early morning can assist in reducing the blood pressure.

Home Treatment for BP


Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure:


  • Black pepper is a spice that has multiple benefits. It contains piperine that can basically help in lowering the blood pressure. A glass of water with pepper can be consumed after every 2 hours.


  • Watermelon seeds are enriched with cucurbocitrin. While poppy seeds help in generating red blood cells. Both these substances can be added after grinding. Having a mixture with equal proportion, it is suggested to use the 1 teaspoon daily early in the morning.


  • Papaya is a kind of tropical fruit that is considered as a source of potassium. Papaya is a good choice for patients suffering from BP. With an empty stomach, papaya can reduce the level of blood pressure.

Stay Fit

  • Having a morning walk is always useful. Consistent walk for 15 minutes can bring blood pressure to the normal level.


  • Fennel seeds, cumin, and sugar can be ground together to form a mixture. All these substances can collectively reduce the blood pressure once added to the glass of water. Drinking mixture once in the morning and in the evening can get the required results.

Enhances the Blood Flow Circulation:

  • Spinach enhances the blood flow circulation and brings down your elevated blood pressure levels. Mixing spinach with carrot juice can reduce the risk of heart attacks and blood pressure.


  • Bitter gourd and moringa pods (drumstick pods) are extremely useful for BP patients. Quercetin is a powerful substance found in moringa that can effectively reduce BP.

Control High BP

  • Wheat and gram flour is a nutritious food which provides us with lots of health benefit. Having bread made of Wheat with gram flour can reduce the level of BP.


  • Brown rice is significantly better for better blood pressure. With minerals like potassium and magnesium, the toxins from the body can be removed hence getting the BP under control.


  • The use of ginger has shown that it can reduce BP with a chemical called salicylates. This substance can make blood thinner by making muscles relax.


  • Regulation of blood pressure can be maintained with the help of fenugreek powder. It can help reduce the risk of heart conditions. Three grams of powered a day can be enough for consumption on a regular basis. Fenugreek has proved to be an aid for heart fitness. Taking fenugreek with water can be a viable option. If consumed early morning, it can reduce the chances of atherosclerosis. It can also be used as a spice to sprinkle over the food.


  • Cinnamon is also a source of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Have a spoon of cinnamon powder in warm water can help in controlling hypertension.



Sometimes a small activity can make you get rid of a disease. Blood pressure is a kind condition that can lead to other significant problems. In that case, useful tips can help reduce the chances of getting any complicated health conditions. Smaller steps can make to get closer to perfect fitness. First of all, you need to rationalize your routine. It can not only improve your health quality but at the same time, you can avoid taking extensive medications. Let us have a discussion about the tips that can help you control hypertension issues.


Avoid High Blood Pressure

  • Reducing the intake of sodium can help maintain BP.


  • Consumption of food enriched with potassium, fiber, and minerals can treat hypertension. If you have vital signs of high blood pressure then drink plenty of liquid as a habit.


  • Drink alcohol in moderation if you are having symptoms of the blood pressure problems. Reduce the amount slowly as it can get you in complex health issues.


  • Being overweight is a major cause of hypertension. Try to exercise as much as possible because a reduction in weight can get you the fitness that is required.

Physical Exercises and Weight Loss:

  • Group discussions regarding physical exercises and weight loss can help you a lot. Motivation and courage can help you overcome hypertension disease.


  • Smoking is injurious to health. If you a chain smoker and you are ambitious about leaving smoking then you can consult a doctor. Slowly reduce inhaling cigarettes is a hard task but consistently sticking to the plan can make it possible.


  • Inside the human body, the level of hormones fluctuates a lot. It is believed that these levels are often compromised in stressful situations. From the fact, it can clearly be understood that stress is not a healthy sign for the human body. Getting out of a stressful situation can be a remedy here. Try to make yourself happy as much as possible. Meditation and yoga or massage are some other alternatives as well that can relieve stress.

Massage for Relaxation


Consult a Specialist for Proper Investigation and Diagnoses:

You can treat any diseases with the right medicine. But before that, proper investigation and diagnoses is the main key. Consult a specialist first and start using the medication as suggested by the expert. For effective results, use dosages as suggested by the medical practitioner. Controlling BP is of utmost importance and you cannot just neglect the medical conditions. Failing to get it under control can lead you to complications like kidney diseases, heart attack, eye problems and much more.


To achieve life goals, having a healthy physical and mental health is a must. To stay in a fitness shape, you need to manage your daily life routine accordingly. Take some time off for yourself because, in the long run, it matters the most. Keep on following home remedies for blood pressure as well because there is a definite impact that can be observed. Plan a visit to the doctor and get yourself examined thoroughly because it can identify any disease with no obvious indications.


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