Know The Benefits of Hemp and Hemp Milk

by Shamsul
Hemp Benefits
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Know The Benefits of Hemp and Hemp Milk

Before telling you about hemp milk, if you missed my article on why human body needs hemp oil. I advise you to go read it to get an idea of ​​all the possibilities available to you in the field.

The Benefits of Hemp Seed:

Now, I am talking on less known vegetable milk but it is getting attention from all the corners of the world. Indeed hemp is a great plant! Rest assured no psychotropic substance in hemp milk no not at all but it has other several advantages. Agricultural (or industrial) hemp does not come from the same variety as cannabis. Here we will look at the fruit of the plant, finally, the seed to be precise, which still contains 25 to 30% protein and 35% fatty acids.

What is amazing about the hemp seed (and hemp oil)? It has a perfect balance of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. If you want to stay healthy, this parameter should not be overlooked. We have long demonized fats, but they are essential (at least good fats of course). A good source of omega 3 (and even more for people who do not eat fatty fish) is very important. Hemp can offer us an interesting vegetable version. You can get different variations of oil, like Linseed oil, camelina oil, and walnut oil and others. However, you do not use them for cooking, you save them for seasonings on salads.

I am talking about oils specifically; it seems to me that cooked whole seeds are not so much of a problem. If anyone from reliable sources on it I take!

Hemp Seeds in Baking and Cooking:

Hemp is a superbly versatile and beneficial substance. You can use hemp seeds in baking and cooking. It will add a nutty flavor if use it in any kind of sweet and aromatic dishes. A reliable source to get healthy fatty acids if you cook and mix together with others. It is also a favorite attraction for many fishermen.

Hemp seed also contains good quality protein, if you are concerned about your protein amounts and qualities by eating less animal products, this seed is another possibility.

You can keep whole hemp seeds keep well and for a long time. Shelled hemp seeds once the package is opened are good for max 6 months, keep in a cool place.

Use of Hemp Milk:

Most people prefer to consume raw vegetable milk. You can make hemp milk at your home or buy it from a supermarket. If you like a slightly sweet version you can add more or less agave syrup (or coconut sugar, jaggy, honey, etc.), a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla, or even cardamom. Or sweeten it with one or two dates according to your preferences.

However, it’s not like hemp oil (the amount of omega 3 is not that important) you can also heat it and add it to your recipes.

Often the vegetable kinds of milk bought in packets do not have quite the same taste as those prepared raw and homemade. It is normal; it is not uncommon to see small additions (mainly sugar and salt). Nothing prevents you from doing the same with the sweetener of your choice.

Homemade hemp milk deserves a sweetener I think.

See homemade hemp milk recipe


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