Hello Ladies – Better Understand Men’s Sex Desire

Think About Pleasure Before the Performance

by Shamsul
Men's Sex Desire
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Hello Ladies – Better Understand Men’s Sex Desire

Hello ladies and welcome to the website to better understand men. For all those who do not know me yet, I am an experienced love coach. I gave personal coaching and articles on love and sex issues such as seduction, romantic reconquest, and life as a couple. I have accompanied hundreds of women in personalized coaching and have worked on many issues related to sexual relations and the place they have for men within the couple.

On many occasions, I often say that a couple roughly breaks into half-good communication and half-fulfilling sex. It is the engine of your daily relationship, so you must do everything to flourish as a couple. Of course, we must not generalize because each individual has their behavior. Still, you will discover on this page the best advice on how to behave in bed with a man, what are the most common male fantasies, and how you can develop your man’s libido to drive him “crazy ultimately”.

Suppose you want to find solutions to your problems or simply better understand what sex means for men. In that case, I invite you to read this article in full and leave your questions or testimonies in the comments at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to answer you and guide you. It’s also a great way to share your experiences and talk to each other, ladies!


For a Fulfilling Sex Life, You Must Think About Pleasure Before the Performance

The first question I can read in many messages is the following:

“How to behave in bed with a man? “

I do not believe there is an exact science regarding sexual relations, just like in other areas of love life. There is no sexual normality because what may seem inappropriate for your neighbor may not be for you, and vice versa. But there are necessary tools and advice that can help you develop your behavior in bed with a man because the most important thing is to be on the same wavelength as your partner and to take but above all to share the pleasure.

My first piece of advice will tell you always to seek osmosis while avoiding becoming fixated on perfection and “performance”. On the contrary, to take maximum pleasure, it is better to let your intuitions take over and let go completely. Nothing is better than letting go of your imperfections or physical flaws and focusing on the present moment, enjoying and making your man feel good. Never forget that you have to give to receive; this is also the case sexually.

To know how to behave in bed with a man without putting too much pressure on yourself, you essentially have to feel intense arousal so that it is not simply the fact of making love to give or feel pleasure but of really wishing for a form of sharing. You must do everything to excite your man, make him want to love you, and relax his senses.


Importance of Foreplay

I am not a sexologist, but I attach great importance to foreplay, an excellent way to excite a person and increase pleasure during the act. So good advice, do not neglect the good practices of touch, breath, and caresses, whether with the hand or with the mouth (this ranges from simple kisses on the chest to one of the practices men love and which is you can imagine fellatio).

Secondly, you should know that men are looking for an active woman and not, as I can often hear, “a starfish”. You are also an actress, and you appreciate having fun with him. You have the right to take the initiative, but as in seduction, the man likes to feel that he holds the reins of your sexual relationship and has a form of control, so do not go too far either! The objective is not to shock him with your initiatives but simply that he says to himself that you are not a spectator.

Do not hesitate to try things together to seek your pleasure. It is common to read in the women’s press that nearly one in three women has never had an orgasm, whether clitoral or vaginal or even both. I want to invite you to express your desires, not necessarily by words, because you can also indicate by the acts where the man must touch you.

What rhythm must he take at the time of penetration, and what position he must adopt to give you pleasure and send you to 7th heaven?

Sex is very often a taboo subject for women because there is a form of shame or fear of prejudice, while it is necessary to get to know each other how to behave in bed with a man and give oneself maximum mutual pleasure.


Beware of the Trap of Fantasies!

I know very few men who will be able to talk freely about their desires and even less about their sexual fantasies. This is also a fear of shock to his half and that this one takes him for a madman or a pervert. And yet, there are many “dreams” or desires that very often come together in men.

Suppose you feel the urge to take the leap and start a new experience even if you are not a libertine couple. In that case, I will quickly warn you, ladies, especially if it is only to please him. I have met several couples who had just separated due to a consensual experience with other partners, whether with another man or with another woman. If I take my coaching experiences, I can assure you that you will not escape a threesome proposal with a second woman because your man will always refuse to let another touch you. Therefore, before embarking on such practices, weigh the pros and cons. Be sure what it will bring to the couple, and think even for a moment about the consequences.

The same goes for sadomasochistic games, which are currently fashionable since the publication of the book 50 Shades of Grey. Before the excitement is in order, during you feel good, but after, the guilt or even the shame can have a negative impact on the couple. It is, therefore, necessary that the latter is solid and that you have complete confidence in your other half.

The other fantasies of men will be pretty classic, such as varying positions and places, testing sodomy, also performing role-playing games, or simply testing voyeurism.


Tips for Improving Sexual Compatibility

Many women mistakenly think that male libido comes only from the physical attraction that a man can feel for them. And yet, there is another determining factor of an excellent sexual understanding. It is the daily climate that reigns in your couple. The more you make the man feel confident and that he can let go, the more you will make him want to have frequent sex.

If, on the contrary, you are in perpetual conflicts, then you will necessarily have a physical attraction which will decrease, and it is necessary to be aware that a negative morale means little sexual relations on a daily basis. In the same vein, various factors can create a blockage in your darlings, such as stress factors, depression, or worries.


A Happy Couple is a Maintained Libido!

The first advice I give to the women I accompany who wish to improve their life as a couple is always to take care of the “heart” of their relationship. If you want your guy to have a slightly higher libido, then your daily life must be fulfilling and above all, you must find a way to share quality moments. In a nutshell, I’m counting on you to fuel the “complicity” that remains the engine of your relationship.

If you manage to reduce all the negative, namely: the daily crises, the conflicts, the reproaches, the personal attacks and the routine, then you will be able to favor the libido of your man quickly but mainly to concentrate on the positive to know how to innovate to answer new desires (from you or his), especially if you have been together for a while and the monotony under the duvet has taken over.

If there is sexual lassitude or a sexual routine, this aspect will inevitably impact his desires for sex and he will be distant when you want him simply because he will already know “the film of the course of the act “. So advice to maintain your libido: innovate!


Why Does a Man no Longer Want to Make Love?

When a man turns on himself and shows sexual detachment, you must first alert yourself because it is a negative situation for your relationship. There is no point in continuing to make the worst mistake of asking him dozens of questions that will suffocate him and make him distance himself even more.

You must consider that when a man no longer wishes to have sex, it is because he is no longer attracted and aroused. I, therefore, recommend that you take a slight distance to focus exclusively on yourself: do you have weight to lose or gain? Do you have wardrobe sorting to do? Do you need to stop trying to approach him to come to you to conquer you? Many questions are likely to be asked because there are dozens and dozens of issues, but it is up to you to find The Question that will allow you to see more clearly. This is why it is necessary to analyze things and the context in depth.

Therefore, you must try to make a concrete point about the blockages that can cause your man to no longer desire you. You will then be able to act to revive his libido and his excitement, but only once you have regained your self-confidence and the seduction is back in your relationship.

For all the women who say to themselves, “Yes, but it’s too difficult to know exactly what he wants and what he expects from me, suddenly I feel bad,” or “But after so many years, where there is no seduction between us” then it is time to take action and implement your efforts. You will get the fruits of your labor once you decide to take action.


How to Drive a Man Crazy with Sex?

To go even further, I would really invite you to let go. I meet many women in coaching who seek perfection and fail to be natural when it comes to having intimate relationships with a man. This phenomenon is intimately linked to the formatting we see in erotic films. I notice almost daily a considerable difference between women of different age groups. Women over 45 are more restrained and tell each other that sex is only up to them and their man because it’s taboo. Those between 35 and 45 are into sharing everyone must have fun, and if one takes more than the other, it’s not dramatic, whereas the younger ones are more in search of performance: he must get off and make me scream with pleasure.

To drive a man crazy with sex, he must absolutely feel that you are totally involved, that you literally turn into a sex beast during the act and that you think of nothing but to give and receive pleasure. The more you put pressure on yourself to be a perfect lover, the more he will feel it, which will cause a double blockage in you and in him.


Give A Feeling of Real Connection

Nothing is more critical for a man than to feel a real connection during the act without forgetting that you can take the initiative. The more you will surprise him and show him that you can be active during your sexual relations, the more he will become addicted because he will feel how unique you are compared to other women. Sex for men is also a way to create a connection with their beauty.

Finally, do not hesitate to communicate with him to know his desires, fantasies, and habits. The more you know or understand how he works and what he likes about sex and foreplay, the more you can boost your sex life. Again, innovation can happen in bed or in more novel places. On the other hand, avoid judging him in relation to his tastes or desires because this risks causing a blockage in the future.

If you do not want to submit to one of the practices he requires, the ideal is to discuss it with him without being judgmental. He will be able to explain to you what he feels, why it is important and exciting in his eyes, and on your side, you will be able to explain to him why it does not tempt you more than that. Never close the door; however, because you have to maintain a fantasy, you prefer to tell him that it is not for the moment but that your opinion may evolve in the long term.


Final Thoughts

I hope you can appreciate this article and find solutions to flourish with your companion, including sexual relations. I count on you to share your experiences in the comments and to ask me all your questions.

Several other written articles can help you better understand what sex means for men because they respond to the major issues of couple life or male-female relationships. I am sure this article on male psychology will help you to see men’s needs more clearly. When we talk about sex, we can also link this theme with the need to seduce your man. On the other hand, if you have broken up, it is better to avoid reuniting with a couple solely for sexual reasons because to recover from a man, you need much more than carnal intercourse.

I sincerely wish you the best and look forward to your feedback.

Understand the Place of Sex for Men.


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