Healthy Liver | The Secret is Hidden in Ayurveda

by Shamsul
Keep Lever Healthy
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Healthy Liver: The Secret is Hidden in Ayurveda


Do you have an indigestion problem? Well, if yes then you should immediately consult a doctor because you are not having a healthy liver and an improper functioning of the liver.

Like other organs in the human body, a healthy liver plays an important part that is integral for health and fitness. In particular, if we talk about the digestion issue, it is directly concerned with the functioning of the liver. As a major organ, a healthy liver is responsible for major activities. The liver is an organ that handles the toxin levels inside the body. The major responsibility of the liver to fetch toxins accumulated inside the body. Therefore, it is important to have a steady and healthy liver. It is a fact that lifestyle these days has created health problems for human beings.

Women these days often complain about digestion issues. These sorts of disorders can possibly be occurring due to liver malfunctioning. This sort of problem arises when the body is not provided with a proper nutritional diet. That ultimately causes stress onto the liver hence creating concerns like fatty liver, inflammation and liver infection.

Indigestion is a type of disorder than can lead to complex issues. If you are unable to digest food properly then there are reasonable chances that you might be suffering from the dysfunctional liver. Ignoring these issues can be fatal because it can make your kidney to stop function. In most cases, it is found that liver diseases occur due to the fact that food intake is often spicy. Moreover, excessive use of drugs, alcohol, and smoking can be a possible cause to damage a healthy lever.


Lever Failure

Symptoms of Healthy Liver Failure

There can be many symptoms of healthy liver failure. Some common symptoms are –

  • Swelling in the abdomen area
  • Pain in the upper right region of the belly
  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion
  • Disorientation
  • Discoloring of urine or stool
  • Yellowing of eyeballs
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness


In order to have a complete diagnosis, there are blood, imaging and examination of the liver are doing. Having a small amount of fat inside the healthy liver is a normal condition. But if there is excess fat accumulated inside then that is a defect in which size and functionality are compromised. After that, the patient might have spots appearing onto the skin called liver spots. A healthy liver is bound to regulate the blood sugar, once there is an imbalance, there are toxins that start building up inside the blood. That could ultimately cause foul-smelling breath to occur. Moreover, there are dark circles start generating under the eyes, it is one of the signs of liver damage.


Keep Lever Healthy

Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Liver

To keep a healthy liver, Ayurvedic doctor of Swami Parmanand Naturopathic Hospital Subodh Bhatnagar talks about some Ayurvedic tips which can help patients keep liver healthy. Ayurvedic doctor Subodh Bhatnagar said:

“The toxins present in the liver are most affected for the healthy liver. Therefore, before treating the liver, it is necessary to clean the patient’s blood so that the contaminated impurities on the liver can be destroyed or can be reduced”

Benefits of Turmeric


It is a natural product that keeps the liver healthy and healthy functioning. Mix turmeric powder with milk in order to enhance the ability of the liver to process food and chemicals. Just before going to bed, you can have a cup of turmeric mixed milk as it can also prevent other liver problems like Hepatitis B and C. turmeric will naturally act a cleanser that can protect the organ from diseases live diabetes, fatty liver, insulin, and obesity.


Pure Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has medicinal properties for detoxification. You can add one spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. For taste, you can also add honey to the solution. Drink two glasses per day and it will help you remove toxins from the body, thus helping the liver fight against toxin obstructions and you can maintain a healthy lever.

You can use apple cider vinegar as a single ingredient as it can reduce fat immediately from the liver.



Amla Fruit



Amla is said to be the best source of vitamin C. it has an incredible ability to keep a healthy liver. For liver-protection action, Amla can be used twice daily.




Papaya Benefits


Papaya is a fruit that is incredibly carrying with detox properties. This fruit is a natural remedy for a healthy gut. Ground papaya seeds and use them for the same purpose. Adding papaya and lemon juice can provide relief from multiple stomach issues. Eating papaya can detox liver on a regular basis and keep a healthy lever.


Spinach Benefits



Spinach has antioxidants and vitamins contained in it. Mixing spinach with carrot juice can treat “liver cirrhosis”




Apple Benefits



Polyphenols present in Apples that keep lipid levels and serum of liver under control. They carry malic acid and pectin that provides help to remove carcinogens and toxins and maintain a healthy lever. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties that protect you from getting a fatty liver.

Apples have pectin and malic acid. Both these substances can help serum and lipids levels get under control. These acids are helpful in removing toxins from the body. Apples and leafy vegetables can provide anti-inflammatory properties.




Gale of the Wind or Stonebreaker:

The gale of the wind or stonebreaker is an herbal weed. People utilize it as an alternative to medicine. It can provide complete protection to a healthy liver. It is advised to consume stonebreaker on a regular basis.

A healthy liver helps and plays a key role in digestion and complete health. Stimulate this vital organ with yoga poses.






Yoga is a kind of exercise that is mostly preferred by people suffering from liver diseases. This exercise, in particular, can stimulate the vital organs of the body to keep a healthy lever. Digestion process can be a lot better with regular yoga. It can play a key role in maintaining a healthy liver.

Considering all the information shared in the article, you can protect yourself and keep a healthy liver and avoid health issues.


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