Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits

by Shamsul
Green Tea Benefits
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Health Benefits of Green Tea

This topic is all about green tea and its health benefits. If you are not familiar with the advantages of this tea, then you must continue reading because you are about to know some unknown benefits of green tea. A cup is loaded with nutrients and compounds, and these substances are vital for the human body as they can positively impact overall health. If it was not part of your daily routine, then from now on, you can consider consuming a cup daily.

Plentiful Benefits of Green Tea

Health Desk – It means benefits and consumption of green tea

Medical therapy is a vast domain and it is in practice for a very long time. The usage of green tea is considered an integral part of Indian medical therapy as well.

Taking green tea every day can provide a significant amount of relief, and it can phase out your health problems immediately.

Multiple health benefits are associated with green tea. According to recent studies, it is a kind of beverage that has potentially numerous positive effects on overall health. Likewise, for people suffering from high BP, it can regulate blood pressure to a moderate level. With some important nutrients inside, this drink can maintain your body temperature. It is not just a liquid; it has other benefits as well. For example, this beverage can increase the fat-burning rate. Patients suffering from obesity are often advised to use this drink at regular intervals.

Disorders like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s can be best treated with green tea. Try to add a cup to your meals. It will help to improve brain functionality and physical fitness. It can help the consumer gain immunity against chronic diseases like cancer. It is also good for skin and stomach health.

Know-How Green Tea is Helpful

Weight: Green tea is beneficial for weight loss because it helps the human body in the whole metabolism process. This procedure can reduce the fat from the stomach by making the digestive system more effective.

Hair and teeth: It is a type of drink that can help the regeneration of hairs with the fight against dandruff. Moreover, it can also help prevent cavities and gum diseases. Naturally, this beverage has the ability to control the number of bacteria in the mouth by lowering the acidity level in saliva.

Sugar and Cholesterol: It is a proven fact that green tea is a good option for controlling bad cholesterol. It can also maintain the level of sugar inside the body.

Blood pressure: As this drink can dilate the arteries, it is helpful in getting normal blood pressure. Moreover, people that regularly drink this beverage tend to live more.

Anticancer: Few people know about green tea. It is helpful in preventing cancer and also strengthens bones.

It is a viable option to improve the immune system. It also helps in fighting against cancer.

Excessive Drinking Of Green Tea Can Be Harmful

Excess of everything is bad for health. Green tea is considered safer to consume, but the impact can vary a lot with age. A reasonable amount is recommended for adults as it can cause stomach problems like indigestion and constipation. Having more than two cups daily can cause issues because it is considered unsafe to take such large quantities. There are 25 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce serving. The presence of caffeine can create problems like headaches, nervousness, sleep problems, and dizziness.

If you drink a large quantity, it will have a few disadvantages due to caffeine’s substance.

As long as you are drinking green tea within recommended limits, it is safe. But if you are using too much, it should be a point of concern. It can cause issues like

  • Vomiting
  • Excess Urination
  • Sleepless
  • Headache
  • Body ache

The Right Time to Drink

  • Green tea has higher content of catechins. This substance can cause stress on the liver. Therefore, it is advised not to take while having an empty stomach.
  • After having nutritional intake, it can provide maximum benefit. Consume this beverage between meals.
  • During sleep, there is the lowest metabolism rate. It can increase this rate to a certain level. Therefore, drinking tea at least two hours before bedtime as it is safe and effective.
  • It can elevate stamina in the body. Having a cup of tea before the exercise can help consumers a lot.

Beneficial for Hair

Most people complain about their hair loss—the most common problem in men and women. There are antioxidants present in green tea that can help to strengthen the hair follicles. Other than that, this drink is highly effective in absorbing Vitamin B. Moreover, hair elongation is a positive impact that can be observed with the use. Naturally, a hormone called DHT is majorly responsible for hair loss. It can block this hormone hence reducing baldness. Vitamin C and polyphenols are available that can naturally prevent dullness and boosts shine and softness.

How to use green tea for the prevention of hair loss:-

  • Green tea leaves are good for skin and scalp. Its water is good to rinse hairs on a regular basis. Repeating the procedure thrice a week can reduce dryness from the scalp and the follicles.
  • A property of leaves has that they can stimulate hair growth. The masks added with honey can make it more effective for hair loss prevention.
  • For added extra nourishment, use green tea bags with water. Right after having shampoo, using a tea solution for washing can make hair roots stronger. Massage it into the scalp using tea water and finally rinse it with plain water.
  • Having three tablespoons with a blended egg can make up an effective mask for hairs. Applying the mixture can turn hairs softer and stronger. Additionally, you can mix honey and lemon to have a scalp massage. Applying for a few minutes with cotton buds is relatively more effective.
  • Various combinations of shampoos are readily available in the market. You can choose these products after considering your hair type.

Green Tea Beneficial for Skin

It has a considerable amount of antioxidants and nutrients due to which it exhibits a wide range of therapeutic properties. Consistent use will help in treating acne and oily skin. The polyphenols in green tea are mostly used as pharmacological agents. With its use, it can make your skin glow. Drinking can reduce the aging process as well. Its extracts can provide a significant improvement in skin elasticity. Moreover, this beverage can recover skin damage done by sun exposure.

The following is the use of Tea for Face Packs 

DIY Masks are incredibly easier. Moistened green leaves in a cup of warm water. In order to make it a paste, you just needed to add rice flour to it. After mixing properly, you can coat your entire face with the mask. Leaving it for 15 minutes, you can rinse your face with warm water. In this way, you can remove excess oil from the face and remove blackheads immediately. It helps to make your skin look shiny and healthy.

Prepare Scrub

Preparing scrub is just a matter of minutes. You can add milk cream along with one teaspoon of sugar in green tea extracts. After adding warm water into a cup, mix all the substances together for a few minutes. Adding an essential oil can be advantageous if you need an aroma in your scrub. Lastly, add one teaspoon of sugar and try to mix all the ingredients together for a while. Apply to the skin to get a natural glow with the removal of dead cells.

You can easily do a few minute experiments as it can make your skin soft and rejuvenated. If your skin is sensitive and you are looking for a mask? You can prepare from household ingredients. If you want the removal of unwanted pollutants, then making a green tea scrub is a good option. Mixing yogurt with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of green leaves can help you prepare a mask. This mask contains protein, vitamin D, and calcium. These essentials can improve color tone.

Banana fruit has excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties. You can get plump skin with a mask that you can prepare in just a few minutes. Add mashed banana, curd, and honey into the green tea water and leave it for a few minutes. Gently apply the masks onto your face and rinse with cold water after a few minutes. It will definitely revitalize your skin immediately by getting back freshness to the skin that you deserve.

Green Tea Effect:

Following are the special precautions and warnings to avoid the effects of excessive intake of green tea:-

Pregnancy and Lactation:

Green tea is said to be a health-promoting drink. Pregnant women can also use as recommended by the doctor. You will not have any harm in consuming a cup or two. However, extensive drinking can create problems like birth defects and miscarriages.


Iron deficiency can be caused due to excessive use. It can elevate iron absorption thus leading to iron deficiency called anemia.

Anxiety Disorder:

The caffeine inside green tea can cause disorders. Consumption under 200 mg per day is unlikely to cause a significant impact but having more than 200 grams can result in anxiety.

Bleeding Problem:

If you have a history of bleeding then avoid too much green tea. Caffeine can also cause irregular heartbeat as well.

Weak Bones:

Drinking green tea too often can increase the amount of calcium. It is then flushed out in the urine but this process can weaken bones. Don’t drink more than 6 cups of green tea as it can cause calcium loss.

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