Great Leaders Are Never Self-Made

Great Leaders

by Shamsul
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Great Leaders Are Never Self-Made

According to our latest Executive Horizons study, a clear vision, the ability to influence and motivate, and good listening and communication skills are the three essential qualities a of great leader. How do leaders demonstrate these qualities?


How Does A Good Leader Stand Out?

Leaders and managers have distinct roles within the company. While the leader is both the architect and the organizer of the company’s vision, the manager, on the other hand, translates and applies this vision in the form of procedures and tasks to serve the leader’s objectives.

William Arruda, the author at Forbes, identifies the fundamental differences between leaders and managers.

1- Leaders create the vision, while managers create the goals.

2- Leaders take risks, while managers control them.

3- Leaders take a long-term view, while managers think short-term.

4- Leaders invest in personal development, while managers focus on existing skills.

5- Leaders inspire their employees, while managers coach their teams.


What Is A Good Sense Of Communication And Listening In A Great Leader?

Another essential skill of a good leader is their ability to communicate. Good leaders know how to articulate their ideas fluently and are inclined to listen to others. Active listening is essential to obtain employee motivation.

“Listening is a skill that is often overlooked. But when used well, it has the power to create an atmosphere of security. Melissa Daimler, Harvard Business Review.

Daimler defines three types of listening. The first, internal listening refers to the leader’s awareness of their own thoughts. The second, focused listening, integrates the ideas and concerns of others and the ability to anticipate innovations. The third, 360º listening, combines the two previous forms of listening and includes the influence of non-verbal factors such as tone of voice, mood, body expression, and atmosphere. This third form of listening is the most effective and ensures the long-term success of the visionary, according to Daimler.


How Can Leaders Influence and Motivate?

Being able to plan a solid strategy is not enough to pave the way for success. A good leader must influence and motivate others to communicate their goals and have them implemented. An effective leader must not only share his vision of the future but also give confidence to his collaborators in order to better prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.


What Is A Clear Vision And How Do Leaders Share This Vision?

A clear vision motivates employees to work towards a common goal. It requires projecting beyond the current business environment to anticipate challenges and opportunities for success. A good leader must both move forward while being willing to evolve personally to always be at the forefront of innovation. With these three leadership qualities, an organization is perfectly equipped to achieve its vision and face challenges in a competitive environment.

If you think great leaders are self-made, then you might not be right. They are made by people shaping and serving them. As a result, they do the same by shaping and serving those around them. To be honest, a great leader doesn’t build its own platform. They help people to grow and achieve their goals. This is what makes a person a great leader. This article will highlight the 7 leadership quotes regarding serving others. Keep reading to find out!

  • Leadership is not about getting a prominent position or status; it is about inspiring or motivating people to accomplish their goals. (John C Maxwell)
  • If you have the ability to inspire people to achieve their goals, then do it in a perfect way. That makes you a great leader. (John Quincy Adams)
  • A true leader knows that absolute power comes from empowering people, not from controlling people. (Jesse Lyn Stoner)
  • The most important responsibility of a leader is to help people see the big picture. Basically, a leader should act like a servant. (Max DePree)
  • A great leader should become a servant first. (Robert Greenleaf)
  • It is important to make servant-leadership a concept. He should act accordingly for the growth of his community or group. (M. Scott Peck)
  • A leader becomes a great leader if other people want him to be. (Charlie Brown)

A leader has a different mindset. He takes everything critically and technically. His ability to analyze things is great. Have you ever thought why? The reason behind it is that they know it is crucial leadership skill and they try their best to learn this skill. If a leader asks great questions, keep in mind that he is going to be a great leader one day. In other words, it is a simple but powerful leadership tool.

On the other hand, some leaders try very hard to develop important leadership skills. No one can achieve a big status on their own. That’s why great leaders are always influenced and supported by others such as friends, relatives, loved ones, colleagues, and mentors.

A successful leader should work with others in order to achieve common goals. They should have the ability to negotiate with competitors, partners, and team members. They do need some kind of advice, help, and support from others to shape their leadership career.

However, individual talent and skill surely create a big difference but the fact is that great leaders are never self-made. They do require some assistance, guidance and inspiration from others to get their desired goals. In this way, they can create a positive impact on their followers.


Characteristics of a Great Leader

A great leader garners credibility and possesses self-awareness. They try their best to build relationships, exhibit humility, and empower their people. They represent themselves as a role model for followers. Great leaders are always there to help and assist their communities and people. Moreover, one can easily develop leadership skills to become a great leader.


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