Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google

by Shamsul
SWOT Analysis of Google
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Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google


The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of Google represents the adopted internal and external marketing factors. Google is one of the leading search engines in the world and they are improving their growth and working by inducing innovative technologies and features to their system. They are growing exponentially in terms of technology and popularity.

Google was founded by Serge Brin and Larry Page in 1988. Both founders created a huge tech company as a research task. Now, it is one of the major tech giants in the media. This worldwide famous search engine has changed the face of the digital world. It makes life easier and people can get information about anything in just a matter of seconds. Now, everything is at your single click. The success of Google is due to its innovative and game-changing operations. If you want to fully understand the working and operations of Google, then you have to read this article completely. In this article, we will analyze Google SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) including google marketing strategies.


Company Name:  Google (a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.)

Founder:  Larry PageSergey Brin

Year founded:  September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States

Headquarters:  1600 Amphitheatre ParkwayMountain View, California, U.S.A

CEO:   Sundar Pichai (Oct 2, 2015–)

Industry:  Technology Company

Type: Public

Area Served: Worldwide

Products & Services: List of products

Employees (2019): 118,899

Annual Revenue (FY2019): $161.86 Billion

Profit | Net income (FY2019): $34.34 Billion

Subsidiaries: YouTube, Firebase,,



Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google

Strengths of Google:


  • Emperor of the Online Search:

There is nothing wrong to say that Google is the emperor of online search and information. According to Statista, Google has a market contribution of 87 % in desktop searches. This thing makes Google an unbeatable search engine.

  • Unconquerable:

The competitors of Google are far behind from its position, that’s why Google is an unconquerable search engine worldwide. Bing is at second number with a market share of 6.4 % and Yahoo with 2.8 %. This market share of Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu is very low as compare to Google.

  • Powerful Brand:

No doubt, Google is one of the powerful search engines in the world right now. Google is at number 2 in the category of the most valuable brand after Apple. This ranking is issued by Forbes.

  • Brand Assessment:

According to Forbes, the brand worth of Google is 207 billion dollars in 2019. This kind of brand value makes Google a powerful search engine.

  • Search Queries:

Google is one of the largest traffic generators with more than 40000 search queries per second. It means approximately 3.5 billion search queries in a day. This is the reason why Google has the biggest following over Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing.

  • Revenue:

In 20019, Google has earned 161 billion dollars through Ads. Now, you can understand its exponential growth and reach.

  • Flexibility:

Not only PCs and laptops, but Google has also changed its working successfully and offer the best technology to android and mobile. With this technology, they can compete with Apple.

  • Fast Growth:

As the working and operation of Google is exponentially increasing day by day, the company had 300 workers in 2001 but currently, 118900 workers are working under the banner of Google. This type of exponential growth is very huge.


Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google

Weaknesses of Google:


  • Privacy Strategies:

Google has been criticized by many professionals and experts due to its extreme dependence on privacy and hiding info about algorithms. But Google immediately addresses these issues and streamline their work.

  • Overreliance on Ads:

Overdependence on advertisement is one of the biggest weaknesses of Google. Almost 83 % of its total revenue comes from advertisement ventures. This kind of overreliance on ads can be the biggest weakness for Google.

  • Boycott from Main Advertisers:

Many major companies like AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, and the BBC, the Guardian, etc boycotted YouTube and Google when they find out that their advertisement runs alongside hated and extremist content. This thing badly affected the image of YouTube and Google. After seeing such problems, many other companies like Audi, Tesco, Havas, and so on also boycotted Google.

  • Unreasonable Business Practices:

Google take benefit of its growth and power and started unfair business practices and revoke the admittance of many new players. They also set the default search engine on Apple’s browser which creates a bad impact on people.

  • Violation of Privacy:

Google also breach the European Union’s online privacy rules. Due to this reason, they were fined 56 million dollars by France’s top court.

  • Failure in Mainstream Media Revolution:

Before the appearance of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, many people used Google for getting information and news. But after the emergence of social media giants, many people get information from these sites. But Google also launched Google Plus and Shoelace but these platforms weren’t successful and Google decided to shut it down.

  • Poor Pricing Policies:

Google increased its subscription cost of its YouTube TV Service from 49.99 dollars to 64.99 dollars monthly. Due to this reason, they faced a huge backlash from experts. Other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ offer their subscription at much lower rates. This kind of poor pricing strategy has damaged the company’s image. They also lose 2 million followers on YouTube due to these issues.

  • Workers Protest:

In 2020, almost 16000 workers of Google filed a petition to cancel Google’s G-suite offerings in case of the ‘’Black Lives Matter’’ protest. This thing has created a bad impact on users and society.


Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google

Opportunities for Google:


  • Wearable Technology:

The wearable industry is growing rapidly like smart-watch and fitness bands. Keeping this factor in mind, Google has acquired Fitbit in 2019 for 2.1 billion dollars in order to give a tough time to Samsung and Apple. If Google successfully pursues this thing, then it’s a big opportunity for them to increase their revenue or profits.

  • Android OS:

Google also introduces many innovations and technologies in the Android Operating System. This thing will strengthen their exposure and also help to compete with Apple.

  • Google Play and Google Glasses:

In order to increase their reach and exposure internationally, Google is launching Google Play and Google Glasses. This thing will improve their growth and progress.

  • Google Cloud Platform:

Almost 8.9 billion dollars of Google’s total revenue generated from the Google Cloud Platform. It is imperative for Google to diversify cloud services to earn more profits and revenue.

  • Distant Work:

Due to COVID-19, the use of remote work is increased and many platforms video calling giants like Microsoft and Zoom earn revenues. That’s why Google decided to add new video calling features to Gmail so that people can do their work efficiently from home due to the pandemic.

  • Focus on Emerging Markets:

Google enhanced its cloud offerings in emerging markets by offering high-speed internet. They provide reasonable 4G internet in Kenya to expand its operation. These markets can give a major boost to the company’s working and profits.

  • Cloud Store:

Recently, Google launched the latest digital store that provides cloud-related software. They also collaborated with MobileIron, Inc., to assemble its cloud Orbitera. These kinds of innovations can help them to streamline their technologies.

  • Non-Advertising Profits:

Google should diversify its non-Ad business model, that’s why they launched many paid services like YouTube TV Subscription, Hardware, and Google Cloud.


Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google

Threats of Google:


  • Loss in Market Shares:

Due to recent events, there is a chance that Google may face a decline in its advertisement sector. This is because of the rising impact of heavyweights competitors like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Amazon.

  • Gender Bias:

James Damore published a memo emphasizing Google’s diversity policy. This memo becomes controversial due to the problem of gender bias. These types of threats can affect the company’s name and image.

  • Modification of Info:

Google also faced huge criticism due to its alleged partnership with China over a project of search engine named Dragonfly. This thing hurts the feeling of many users and that’s why it can be the biggest threat. Google should control such kind of issues to maintain its position.

  • Anti-trust Controversies:

Google has been indulged in many anti-trust scandals by both EU and US lawmakers. They were also fined 5 billion Euros by EU anti-trust regulators.

  • Censorship Policy:

Google also experienced a huge backlash over its censorship policy. Many whistleblowers have started leaking development over its ideological and political bending.

  • Contenders:

The major competitors of Google are Amazon and Facebook. They introduce innovative features day by day in order to compete with Google. It can take attention from Google due to their outdated features.

  • Financial Insecurity Due to COVID-19:

As we know, Coronavirus damaged the working and operation of many companies. Google’s advertising revenue decreased and they also facing a crisis due to these uncertain events. Many experts predicted that these types of uncertainties can damage Google’s profits and operations.

  • Disputes with China:

Google was planning to introduce its cloud services in China, but they had to cancel this plan due to political tension with China. As China is a big market, this kind of uncertainty can threaten the company’s profits and revenues.


Google SWOT | SWOT Analysis of Google



Now, you can completely understand Google. Despite all the kickbacks, Google is still going strong and incomparable in online search engine. It becomes unbearable if Google addresses its weaknesses and threats. With the help of Google, you can get a bunch of information in just a matter of seconds. But one thing is important; Google should focus on addressing its weaknesses and threats. They have the potential to earn more profits by streamlining their operations. In short, Google is far better than many other search engines.


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