Get Rid of Cockroaches without any Hassle by Using Our Tips

Get Rid of Cockroaches

by Shamsul
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Get Rid of Cockroaches without any Hassle by Using Tips

How to get rid of annoying cockroaches? It is one of the most annoying gross pests that can ruin your garden’s beauty and kitchen’s cleanliness. These nasty pests are very disgusting and everyone hates them, especially women. The presence of cockroaches can kill your peace. They are very dangerous and can cause several diseases because they contaminate food. It seems really difficult to kill or get rid of these horrible creatures. But many simple tricks or tips can help eliminate these infuriating pests. Want to know about these tips? Read further below.


Do Follow the Things to Get Rid of Cockroaches

These days, cockroaches are in every house or home. They kill your home’s cleanliness and contaminate edible things. If you want to eliminate them, try hiring a professional and get rid of cockroaches. 

Basically, cockroaches love humid and warm places like the kitchen and garden. They can also be found in drains and cupboards. 

They spread a specific bacterium called E.coli, which causes salmonella. So, if a lot of nasty cockroaches occupy your house, then you can use some tips we have given on the next page.


TipsGet Rid of Cockroaches

Keep your house clean: 

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s important to keep a clean house if you want to get rid of roaches or avoid getting them at all. They love food and dirt, so you should clean up immediately after meals and take out the trash regularly.


Use Hairspray | Get Rid of Cockroaches

A bottle of hairspray can go a long way. If you spray the roaches with hairspray, they won’t be able to move their legs and wings anymore since they will stick together. They will slowly suffocate and die. If you find this too cruel, you could still use the spray and squash the roach once it’s immobile.


Leave Bay Leaves | Get Rid of Cockroaches

Roaches detest the smell of bay leaves. Crumble up some bay leaves and then scatter them around your house. If you know where the roaches have their nest, sprinkle bay leaves around there. They will most likely up and leave to find a new home without a bay leaf smell.


Clean with Ammonia | Get Rid of Cockroaches

This smell is a bit less pleasant, so you might want to try the other tricks first. However, if you don’t mind the smell, you could try cleaning your countertops with ammonia. Mix two cups of ammonia with a bucket of water and use that as a cleaning solution. The roaches will hate it.


Make Sticky Tape Traps | Get Rid of Cockroaches

It’s very simple but effective. Buy some sticky tape of good quality, like duct tape. Put pieces of tape around the place with the sticky side up. Place them near openings the roaches use to enter the house (cracks, floorboards). Since cockroaches come out at night, it’s best to do this before bed.


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