A Study Predicting Future of Artificial Intelligence vs Human Beings

by Shamsul
Artificial Intelligence
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A study Predicting Future of Artificial Intelligence vs Human Beings


If we conclude people’s different opinions about artificial intelligence vs humans, then we get a mixed type of impression. A big community assumes that people may have better control over different parameters in the coming decade by adopting artificial intelligence.

However, a huge community also conflicts with this opinion and predicts that things can worsen if we allow artificial intelligence to sit on the steering wheel.

With the recent Bloom in modernization, We have observed that the intervention of digital technology into human life has augmented different capacities of the humans and replaced the old activities with more advanced and code-driven artificial intelligence systems. As this technology is being more practiced, it is taking better shape and offering a better User experience. According to a sophisticated guess, almost half of the world has already connected with artificially intelligent systems. They have started benefiting from different opportunities but are also at unprecedented threats.

Expert of speech recognition

According to many experts, the use of artificial intelligence in networking can amplify the effectiveness for human beings but can also become a threat to human autonomy. Not only this but it can also put human capability and agency at stake. The trend of artificial intelligence is moving towards a totally unimaginable place, where they are advertised that these systems will almost match or will become more efficient when compared to human intelligence. In the current scenario, we can observe the practical example of artificial intelligence in speech recognition, pattern recognition, sophisticated analysis, learning and reasoning, and calculating different parameters of complex decision making.

With the blessings of this technology, we can see different applications being used for patients’ treatment and diagnosis. There is also a major contribution of providing a better living experience to the senior citizens. Many experts are working on search AI systems that can offer great help in the Healthcare departments. These experts are also very positive about developing such systems after collecting a huge amount of data that will work on nutrition to personal genomes. Even they are planning to introduce the functionality of artificial intelligence while improving the formal or informal ways of the education system.

Concerns of experts and their solutions regarding artificial intelligence intervention in a human being’s life.



Human Agency

It is expected that individuals may lose control over their lives and have difficulty while managing them for themself.

This is one of the logical concerns that we should take good care of. To handle this concern we should remove the decision-making from artificial intelligence on key aspects. Also, it is observed that sometimes people ignore the details of the tools that how they operate. So if this happens in the scenario of artificial intelligence, then there is a chance that people may sacrifice their privacy for independence. In the longer run, this effect can become more adverse and it’s better to avoid using artificial intelligence on some important decision-making tasks.

Abuse of data

The most important things to an individual are their personal data and the surveillance of their activities, which are always monitored in an artificially intelligent system and used to exercise power for making profits.

Obviously, these tools are operated by different companies seeking their profits, and different government institutions also operate them to maintain their power. Normally when these systems are designed, there are no ethical values involved while keeping individuals’ data safe. So the decision of these AI systems cannot be Accurate, or when these systems follow different networking, it becomes difficult to legislate or regulate the parameters properly.

Increase in unemployment

There is a big chance that artificial intelligence will take over jobs and widen the economic divides gap.

In this scenario, there are two different types of opinions. One group of people say that it will introduce new jobs in the market, while others worry that it will create a massive loss of employment. Because AI-based devices are considered more efficient and intelligent and have all the capability of replacing humans in their job. So while deploying any AI setup, we should consider these factors that how we gonna cover this gap.

Individual independence

While deploying an AI setup will reduce individuals at the workplace, killing socialization and survival skills.

We can see that artificial intelligence reflects human intelligence but a group of people want to show us the other side of the picture. Their opinion about this scenario is that if this thing is practically deployed, it will destroy people’s abilities to make a sensible decision for taking action regarding some situation. Because these systems are so automated that they can interact with each other, they will kill people’s socialization.


The advancement of this technology will also serve autonomous weapons systems and improve cyber attacks on the personal information of any individual or company.

The use of autonomous weapons looks like progress in typical Warfare but we should also consider that these systems rely on the data which commands their output. In case something unwanted happens, it is also difficult to override the control of these complicated digital networks. It is predicted that if we let this thing prevail in our society and control, then there is a big chance that we may lose a massive count of human lives.



The good globe

We can enjoy collaborating with other people across the borders with greater efficiency and Spread our business globally.

With the help of this digital cooperation, we can serve a good cause to humanity and enjoy services of our interest. We can have the company of people with the same interest from around the world and have a lot of discussions with better understandings and agreements.

Trimming of this system for a value-based output

While developing the systems, we can process them with such policies which involve humanness and good morals.

While adopting a “moonshot mentality” we can design a decentralized system. that will offer its services with greater efficiency and this system will take good care of all social and moral values. Also, we can keep the improvement window open to apply new legislation and certifications to these systems.

People should be the priority

The balance between political and economic systems between humans and robots to be maintained.

While deploying an artificial intelligence system, consideration of economic and political balance should be a priority. The limits need to define on which capacity these systems will be installed. This practice will not compromise the relevancy of a human being while interacting with these programmed intelligence setups.


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