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SWOT Analysis of Ford
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Ford SWOT Analysis

While studying the Ford SWOT Analysis, the marketing students found that how Ford, a pioneer Motor company used their competitors’ advantages and this automaker company became one of the most innovative vehicle companies in the world.

The founder of Ford was Henry Ford. Undoubtedly, it is one of the world’s best car brands. They sell commercial vehicles under the banner of the Ford brand. They also sell luxury vehicles under the banner of the Lincoln brand. It is a giant American Automobile manufacturer company and earns huge revenue with their luxury cars. They produce 1-3 million vehicles every year. It is the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world. That’s why we thought to analyze their performance. Let’s do the SWOT analysis of Ford Motor Company, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Company Name: Ford Motor Company

Founded by: Henry Ford

CEO: Jim Farley (Oct 1, 2020–)

Year established: June 16, 1903, Detroit, Michigan, United State

Headquarter: Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Divisions: LincolnFordMotorcraft

Industry: Automotive

Vehicle Production: (2023) 4.4 million automobiles million units

 Type: Public

 Ticker Symbol: NYSE: F

Total Employees: (2023) 177,000

 Annual Revenue (2023): US$ 176.191 Billion

 Profit (Net income) (2023): US$ 4.3 Billion

Subsidiaries: LincolnFord Motor Credit CompanyFord OtosanMORE

Products & Services:   Automobiles| SUVs | Pickup Trucks | Auto parts | Commercial Vehicles

Competitors: General Motors| Toyota | Tata Motors | Hyundai | Honda | Daimler | Tesla Motors | Volkswagen | Renault | Nissan | Fiat Chrysler

Ford SWOT Analysis

Strengths of Ford (Internal Strategic Factors):

  • Worldwide Popular Brand

    Ford has a prominent position and respect in the automobile industry. But it is really popular as a worldwide brand due to its success in advertising and marketing. In 2018, its brand value is 12.7 billion dollars.
  • Development and Research:

    The main strength behind the success of Ford is its advanced research and development in the automobile industry. As a popular global brand, they are still trying to enhance their performance and working in many sectors such as efficiency, fuel, consumer satisfaction, and safety standards.
  • Different Offerings:

    With innovation according to consumer needs, Ford is offering top quality vehicles and commercial cars to its customers. They are well-known due to the variety of cars and sustainable vehicles.
  • Flexibility:

    Despite the fact that Ford is a leading automobile company, they are also working on the improvement of many sectors such as lightweight cars and cabin technology to boost their technology. In this competitive era, these are the major strength of Ford which makes it different from other automobile companies.
  • Vast Network:

    Ford has a functional manufacturing existence in 62 countries. With this diverse and vast network, its consumer base is very huge. They manufacture cars with standardized procedures and also working on different fuel resources.

Ford SWOT Analysis

Weaknesses of Ford:

  • Product Recalls:

    In 2016, Ford experienced a big decline in revenue, and their image tainted due to faulty door latches. They also recalled the vehicles in 2015 due to the protection failures of Takata airbags.
  • Poor Foothold:

    As Ford is working in many regions of the world, but their footprint in many regions is weak and vulnerable. They also lack in productivity and performance due to a weak foothold. In India, they have a very weak foothold.
  • Bad Reputation:

    In comparison with Japanese and European rivals, Ford has a bad reputation and image. With this bad reputation, they can lose their worth and revenue game.
  • Overreliance on the United States:

    As Ford is an American-based automobile company, that’s why they are heavily dependent on United States markets. It is a big weakness of Ford because they can earn more profit by targeting China and India.

Ford SWOT Analysis

Opportunities of Ford:

  • Environment-friendly Vehicles:

    As Ford is already working on efficiency and fuel, they should focus on eco-friendly vehicles to expand its reach and market share. The company can manufacture such cars that run on different forms of energy. They already manufacture C-Max and Fusion Hybrid car. They can work a lot in this sector and considered it as an opportunity for themselves.
  • Expand Consumer Base:

    As we know that China and India are emerging markets. They need to focus on these regions in order to increase their customer base and fan-following. This opportunity can be beneficial for Ford in terms of profit and market reach.
  • Digital Marketing:

    As digital marketing is one of the most useful ways to promote any brand. That’s why Ford should work on digital marketing in order to flourish its consumer and supplier engagements.
  • Self-Driving Car:

    Ford invested 1 billion dollars in artificial intelligence to manufacture self-driving car Argo AI. They partnered with Postmates and Walmart to experiment with the potential of grocery delivery.

Ford SWOT Analysis

Threats of Ford:

  • Stiff Competition:

    The biggest rivals of Ford in the automobile industry are Toyota, Tata, and Tesla. They are facing stiff competition from these heavyweights. Ford is struggling to maintain its position and innovation in the automobile industry.
  • Increase Cost of Raw Materials:

    As the prices of steel and steel coin are increasing day by day, this thing can affect the manufacturing of Ford. It is one of the major threats for Ford.
  • Compliance and Regulations:

    As new regulations and compliances are changing due to environmental change, it is necessary for Ford to manufacture high-quality vehicles that are user and eco-friendly.


  1. It is really important to hire skilled and professional employees and the workforce in order to increase efficiency and global operations.
  2. They also need to focus on the manufacturing of nature-friendly vehicles to attract more customers.
  3. They need to think about the partnership with Uber and many other app-based services to increase its revenue and consumer base.

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