Five Traditional South African Foods

South African Food

by Shamsul
South African Food
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Five Never-Missing Traditional South African Foods


Tourists prefer South Africa to appreciate the stunning landscapes, enthralling history, and miscellaneous wildlife. In addition, South Africa is famous for mouth-watering enjoyable foods that you cannot find in other parts of the world. You may have heard “The Rainbow Nation” description for South Africa. Cultural assortment gives an outstanding experience. While your honeymoon, vacation, or work trip in South Africa, do not forget to enjoy these delectable and traditional South African Foods:


1- Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

It is excellent that many worldwide foodies have nominated Bunny Chow as the best food. It is a popular street food that has a delicious taste. Bunny Chow originated in the 1940s in Durban city, but it is available everywhere in South Africa these days. Definitely, you will be excited to know about the ingredients of this dish. It contains a hollow bread loaf that is overflowing with spicy chicken curry or lamb. Order the vegetarian option based on onions, tomatoes, lentils, and kidney beans if you dislike meat.


2- Biltong


Most American natives are familiar with Biltong and take it as a snack; however, South African Biltong is totally different. To make the South African type of Biltong, it is necessary to dry out the meat. Besides beef, chicken, kudu, and ostrich are also used before adding spices. It is the favorite dish of South Africans, and you can easily find it in every restaurant. If you are planning a long road trip, keeping biltong and enjoying your trip is good. 


3- Pap & Chakalaka

Pap & Chakalaka

Chakalaka and mielie pap are the essential dishes that you can find on the dinner table of every South African. This simple and easy to make dish contains spicy vegetables, onions, curry, tomato, bell peppers, and baked beans. You are guaranteed to have selected highly delicious food filled with quality spices and various flavors. A porridge made with white corn maize, named Pop, is also served with Chakalaka. If you are in South Africa, do not confirm your tickets before tasting this food.


4- Koeksisters


The list of the best African foods cannot be completed until and unless this dessert is added to the list. Koeksisters is a traditional confectionery that is created with fried dough dipped in honey or syrup. It is known as the best treatment to be served at tea time. It is better to please your sweet nature with Koeksisters if you have a sweet tooth.


5- Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is a type of beverage that is obtained from the leaves of South African plants. It is famous for brewing tea. It is a traditional beverage that has been enjoyed for many generations. Try this beverage in cold or hot form during your stay in South Africa. Definitely, you will miss the tasty tea. Many people bring home the leaves of the Rooibos tea plant and love to remember happy moments while taking the beverage, either in cold or hot form. 


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