Five Essential Oils to Balance Hormones Naturally

Essential Oils to Balance Hormones

by Shamsul
Essential Oils to Balance Hormones
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5 Essential Oils to Balance Hormones Naturally


According to research, hormonal imbalance affects both men and women. Most people think this problem is only associated with women, but it’s wrong. Hormonal imbalance can also affect men. However, its symptoms vary for each person. The common symptoms of hormonal imbalance are weight gain, fatigue, fertility issues, stress, mood swings, and depression. In this post, we will talk about 5 essential oils that can help to balance hormones naturally. Let’s get started!


How to use Essential Oils?

You can use essential oils in so many ways. You can apply them topically on your different body parts. You can also combine them with your favorite creams or lotions. As we know, essential oils have a smaller molecular size, absorbing quickly into your skin. As a result, you get the maximum result in just a few days.

Moreover, essential oils help to improve your mood and control your hormone imbalance. Instead of using pharmaceutical products, you should give essential oils a try. They are instrumental when it comes to healing your body.


Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is one of the best essential oils for treating pain and hormonal imbalance. According to a recent study, this essential oil effectively reduces the cortisol stress hormone. It also improves thyroid hormones and boosts your mood.

This is because this oil has antidepressant properties. Several studies have shown the ultimate benefits of clary sage oil.

On the other hand, clary sage oil also aids in regulating estrogen production. It is also helpful in treating certain types of cancers. As it regulates estrogen levels, that’s why it is ideal for treating hormonal imbalances. Moreover, it is great to treat hormonal imbalances with organic methods. It is also possible to topically apply clary sage oil on your body parts.


Thyme Oil

When it comes to balancing progesterone levels, thyme oil can do wonders. It helps to stimulate progesterone production in both men and women. Several health conditions like depression, PCOS, sexual dysfunction, and infertility can be solved using thyme oil. Thyme oil has the ability to increase progesterone levels in your body, and it creates a good impact on your mood. Many health professionals recommend this oil for different health concerns.

The biggest advantage of thyme oil is that it has no side effects. Menstrual flow can be increased by using this magical oil. It is also beneficial for fighting insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety. If you are dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, you must use thyme oil. You will see a major improvement in your health after using thyme oil.


Sandalwood Oil

There is no doubt that sandalwood is one of the best aphrodisiacs. It smells nice and, as a result, soothes your mind. It has been used in a variety of men’s cologne and scents. People are using it in the making of high-quality perfumes. In both men and women, sandalwood oil helps to balance testosterone levels.

Moreover, it can help increase testosterone levels, so if you are dealing with this, you must use sandalwood oil. There are so many other health benefits of sandalwood oil, as it helps to balance hormones. You can mix sandalwood oil with other products, such as lotions or creams. The most significant advantage of sandalwood oil for men is that it increases their sex drive.


Rose Essential Oil

According to researchers, rose essential oil supports hormone health and enhances your mood. It is a natural aphrodisiac that contains several health benefits. It also boosts the health of your brain, and you feel sharp and active. That’s why rose essential oil is best for reducing stress and improving mood.


Other Essential Oils

This section will discuss two essential oils, chamomile, and lavender oil. Both are good for reducing depression and anxiety. They also help your body to fight against different diseases. Plus, it is also great when it comes to healing. Both oils offer anti-inflammatory properties and aid in lowering stress hormones. On the other hand, lemon essential oil is also super for improving liver health and function. Both oils are also responsible for regulating estrogen levels.



If you are experiencing hormonal imbalance, you must consider essential oils. They are incredible and have been used since ancient times. Instead of using chemical-based products, go for these essential oils and maintain your hormones and health. These oils are also great when it comes to improving your lifestyle. Plus, they are easy to use and inexpensive as well. You can combine these oils with your favorite products, such as lotions and creams, to get maximum results. So, ditch all the chemical-based products and use essential oils.


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