Best 10 Interview Questions for SEO Experts

by Shamsul
Search Engine Optimization
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Best 10 Interview Questions for SEO Experts


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of marketing to promote the web pages in top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask and increase the visibility of a site or page. To get top position, experts have to follow legal, real and recommended methods. When a company is going o recruit an expert, then it more probably asks the following 10 questions.


Do You Own a Google Authorship?

For an SEO expert who is going for an interview, the Google Authorship might be a plus point, but if someone does not have it, then it is not a matter of concern. It is generally a way to interact more audience with your potential and skills by providing the address and face to written and published content.

What Do You Mean Google’s Algorithm Updates?

Google’s Algorithm is a technical way to give ranking websites that deserve top position by their rich content, real working, and uniqueness. This ranking system depends upon originality, uniqueness, and usefulness of a site or its material for the users. Recently famous Google’s Algorithm updates are Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird.

What is Your Thinking about Google’s Penalty?

When there is any violation of Google’s Terms and Conditions, then a manual action is taken by Google against webmasters or web owners for this. Web tools are used to penalize someone for any violation or breaching a contract with Google’s policies.

Which Technical Part is Compulsory for SEO?

There is HTML as the part of SEO that is simple to be understood. However, additionally, the experts and professionals must be well familiar with server-side lingo like robots.txt, 301 and 404.

What is the Value of Web Content for Effective SEO?

Web content is known as the King of SEO and without content, you will never be able to start your site. Basically, SEO friendly contents with unique and less competitive keywords will help professionals to link and make the visibility of a site better for achieving good ranking.

How Do You Link and Optimize SEO with Social Media Networks?

Today, Social Media Networks are the best sources to drive organic and regular traffic to a website. If you are willing to do SEO with social media, then for this you must go for the shares and like son these networks by sharing all posts on affiliated social accounts to get more social signals. There must be a close integration between SEO tools and social media networks.

How Do You Build the Links?

Relevant and theme-based linking might be progressive and beneficial. If you are going to link a Website of watches, then you must choose high PR sites relevant to your keyword that will yield expected outcomes with more traffic. Secondly, you must view the theme of a site where you are linking and post the link according to keyword or type of website.

Which SEO Tools Do You Use?

Basically, without having good command over SEO tools you cannot step forward and achieve anything. So, for better and quicker results, I mostly prefer Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and BrightEdge.

How Do you use Best SEO Practices and Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat is a short way of solutions that may get your website or blog penalized. However, in the early days, it was White Hat SEO that is now Black Hat. Anyway, right, recommended and real techniques are the only way to get succeeded and achieve whatsoever our targets are.

Have You Been a Part of Online SEO Community or Any Other Company?

Sure, there are many online SEO communities in which I got affiliated for working and learning. I mostly have been the part of WebMasterWorld, SearchEngineLand and SERoundtable.



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