What is E+R=O Mindset and How to Apply it in Leadership?

E+R=O Mindset - Leadership

by Shamsul
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ERO For Leadership?

Event + Response = Outcome. E+R=O Mindset, It is a mindset approach in leadership which is our main topic today. If you don’t know about this term, then we will talk about each and everything about this term in this post. Most people only follow the Event = Outcome approach which is not suitable. You have to add a response to it to make this workable. A leader should have this ability in order to become a great leader. When you add “R” to this equation, everything will change.

In our life, some of the things are always out of our control. This is true that we can’t control or manage everything. But, choosing a response allows you to change your outcomes. In other words, you can turn negative things into positives. You can turn anything into a valuable result which comes from responsibility.

What is the Biggest Leadership Gift?

Honestly speaking, the greatest leadership gift is reality. According to experts, leadership is not for everyone, especially for faint-hearted people. A leader has to go through several things such as tough decisions, conflicts, consensus, rejection, and criticism. There is no room for cowards in leadership. A leader helps people in ups and downs. It is not a comfortable journey to become a leader. A leader should understand the difference between E+R=O and E=O.

  • Without an E+R=O mindset, you can’t overcome challenges.
  • With an E=O mindset, you can’t experience real success.

E+R=O Mindset | Leadership

Success comes when you face challenges and difficulties. When you address challenges and problems, you will become successful.

  • You have to become a person of character.
  • You have to develop self-control.
  • You have to be a fantastic parent.
  • You have to empower and inspire others.
  • You have to be courageous.
  • You have to build a platform.
  • You have to be financially independent.

By developing these skills, a leader can easily become a great leader that can motivate people to achieve their goals. Undoubtedly, each factor is difficult to develop, but you can achieve everything with constant effort. You have to become a response-able person to get desired outcomes.

E=O Mindset | Leadership

As we discussed above, we can’t control everything. Factors like people’s attitudes, the economy and the weather are uncontrollable. This is reality and you have to accept it at any cost. In the E=O mindset, you can control certain events to change outcomes. Several circumstances can provide the expected outcomes by putting in some effort.

Reacting vs. Responding | Leadership

Let’s analyze the whole scenario practically. When a leader leads, he should react instead of respond. In responding, you take a pause, process, plan and then proceed. When it comes to reacting, your action meets with another reaction. This is the major difference between reacting and responding. A leader should be proactive. He should not be reactive at any cost. With proper planning, a leader can influence people in a better way.

How Does a Leader React or Respond in a Difficult Situation?

It depends on the situation. However, if a leader goes with an E+R=O mindset instead of E=O mindset, chances are that he will effectively handle any intense situation. This is the power of E+R=O mindset in leadership.

The 4 A’s of Being Responsible | Leadership

  • Actions

You have to be responsible for all your actions and for every consequence.

  • Attitude

You are the owner of your attitude, so it depends on you how you deal with a situation on the basis of your knowledge and experience.

  • Articulation

Your words can change the whole game for you. So, you are completely responsible for the words proceeding from your mouth.

  • Associations

Your associations also play a huge role in shaping your leadership qualities.

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