Does Handing Autonomy to your Employees Foster Creativity?

by Shamsul
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Does Handing Autonomy to your Employees Foster Creativity?


Almost every organization is looking for ways to increase creativity and innovation, in order to boost output or productivity. This results in an extensive discussion of the topic of creativity. When I talk about creativity in this context, I am not referring to the more general type of innovation which is carried out by the organization as a unit. I am referring to creative thinking by individuals on a personal scale.

Factors that Encourage Creative Thinking

There are several factors that enhance creativity or just spark up the process of creative thinking. These elements seem like ordinary things that are of no real value. However, experience has shown that they are quite helpful to the creative process. Some of them are:

  • Caffeine – You know the saying that some people are not awake until after they have had a cup of coffee. Well, this study finds it to be true. Caffeine which is found in coffee triggers energy. It also stimulates the brain by quickly unlocking the creativity box.


  • Noise in moderate volume – Not every kind of noise boosts creativity. Abstract noise such as white noise or pink noise actually hinders creativity. The kind of noise you should listen out for is a mix of recognizable sounds such as human voices in a busy cafe or running water. However, all these sounds should fall with a range of 70 decibels.


  • Dim lightning – Studies reveal that working on creative tasks in dimly lit rooms create a sense of determination, freedom, and spontaneity among individuals. It, therefore, produced better results than working in a brightly lit room, without ready-made inspiration or creativity.


Other Habits to Boost Creativity:

In addition to these, some other habits which have to be consciously or subconsciously formed could also trigger the course of creative thinking. Developing one’s observation skills have a great way to go in boosting creativity. Another study also suggests that people get more creative when they are bored.

For groups, research has shown that competition plays a vital role in boosting creativity. The image of a group or at least what the group wants others to perceive it also plays a role in sparking creativity.

As a team leader, are there things you could do in order to call forth creativity in members of your team, other than turning down the lights?

Recently, an article took it upon itself to ascertain what other way creativity can be fostered. The article focused on the function of the concept of empowering leadership. Particularly, how it relates to issues like trust and certainty or assurance. This research conducted among employees of a Chinese company that was into manufacturing. The findings point to the ability to empower leadership to enhance creativity in settings in which employees do not trust their leaders and find ways to avoid doubt.

Empowering leadership could be particularly useful. It helps in enhancing creativity for people who do much more to avoid doubt and a higher level of distrust in their bosses. Furthermore, findings revealed that the extent to which employees considered themselves to be creative. It is a mental system that throws more light on the effect of the tripartite interaction on creativity.

What is Empowerment?

From this perspective, the researchers indicate that if their managers empowered and give them freedom and autonomy to go about their jobs in the manner in which they consider fit. On the other hand, the employees could be part of the process n of making decisions, alongside their managers. The research found out that this method is effective. Especially for staff that would ordinarily stay away from the unreliable sphere of novelty and innovation.

These researchers are certain that the results ought to have a solid association with how managers interact with members of their teams.

In order to efficiently motivate creativity in employees, managers have to know that their conduct as leaders plays a vital part in bringing about creativity in members of staff. Who, of course, have varying characteristics and approaches to work. The researchers say that their results indicate that in order to align things that would boost creativity in employees; managers must first determine if they have the ability to exhibit the behaviour of empowering leadership.

These researchers; however, give a caveat which states that employees have to trust the process of empowerment. If the employees look upon their assignments as somewhat in genuine or dishonest, this method of empowerment will be impacted less on their creative productivity.


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