Emotional Intelligence in Leadership – Why is it Important

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by Shamsul
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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Why is it Important

The most important thing for your promotion is a skill. Technical skills are very important for your professional growth. But it doesn’t help in every situation. You can’t achieve your desired results every time, exploiting the same set of skills. The thing that can create all the difference every time is Intelligence. When it comes to managing stress, collaborating with others, coaching teams, and delivering feedback, emotional Intelligence can play a significant role. It can set you apart from others on the basis of knowledge, skills, and technical expertise.


What is the Definition ofEmotional Intelligence?

The ability to manage and understand your own emotions is called emotional Intelligence. It also includes the ability to influence and recognize the feelings of others working around you. Emotional Intelligence is one of the most required skills for almost every executive position. John Mayer and Peter Salovey were two researchers who first introduced emotional intelligence theory in 1990. Daniel Goleman, a famous psychologist, gained popularity. They highlighted the significance of emotional Intelligence in different fields, especially in leadership. A leader with emotional Intelligence can produce maximum productivity by inspiring his teammates and employees.

According to a survey, workers with high IQ or EQ (Emotional Intelligence) stay calm and effective under pressure. Emotional Intelligence is also called EQ. It has evolved over the years due to several reasons. When predicting someone’s performance, emotional Intelligence comes into play first.


4 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence

We have mentioned the four key competencies of emotional Intelligence:

  1. Social awareness
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Relationship management
  4. Self-management

By understanding the minor details of a factor, you can reasonably easily understand emotional Intelligence. Let’s explain the factors mentioned above in detail:


Social Awareness

No doubt, it is vital to manage and understand your emotions. But, you should have to build expertise in reading a situation. When it comes to reading others’ emotions, it is called social awareness and it is crucial. If a leader has this ability, then he is better than others. It is necessary for your organization’s success. They can easily understand their teammates’ perspectives and feelings. As a result, they can collaborate with them more effectively and easily.

According to research, empathy plays a critical role in emotional Intelligence. It also plays an important role when it comes to engaging colleagues and at the time of making decisions. When you add a factor of empathy in your leadership, you can better understand and manage your team in the form of improving their overall performance. You will see a huge change in the performance of your workers after this.



No doubt, the core of emotional Intelligence is self-awareness. The first thing is to understand your abilities such as strengths and weaknesses. Your abilities can have a huge impact on your teammates and workers. This factor can make or break their performance. If you are not self-aware, then your team will suffer. It can also decrease the chances of accomplishing goals. This factor can also lead to decreased motivation and increased tension.

Identifying your general behavior with others and its impact on your team is important. In order to motivate others, you need to motivate yourself first. And here, self-awareness plays an important role. By getting feedback, you can easily assess your self-awareness. You can also compare yourself with your peers and bosses in this matter.


Relationship Management

The most important factor in emotional Intelligence is relationship management. Relationship management is the ability to resolve conflicts, influence, and coach others. Find the root of the conflict and then try to resolve it using all your capabilities. An unaddressed conflict can reduce the productivity and efficiency of your team. It is also very dangerous for the overall morale of your team. You need to work on self-management to keep your team happy and satisfied. 

Through dialogue or conversation, try to resolve all the workplace conflicts using your leadership skills.



As a leader, you have to maintain a positive attitude even in stressful situations. Managing your emotions in difficult situations is called self-management. If you are reacting even to little things, it means you lack self-management. Keeping your nerves in tense conditions is known as self-management.

It is hard to control your emotions in hard situations, but if you can control them, then you can easily handle any situation. It shows that you are very well-aligned with Emotional Intelligence. Try to take a break and get fresh air in order to calm down yourself. These factors will help to control your emotions. If you can deal with stress and anger properly, you can easily inspire your people.


Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

A leader can set the perfect working environment for his organization. If they don’t have emotional Intelligence, the company will suffer greatly due to low productivity and a high turnover rate. No matter how expert you are, you can’t achieve your organizational goals as a leader if you don’t have communication and collaboration skills. By working on emotional Intelligence, one can easily advance his professional career.


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