Emission and Sustainability Reporting Framework of Global Warming

Climate Reporting Framework

by Shamsul
Global Warming
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Global Warming Reporting Framework for Environmental and Climate Change


Reporting Framework

Emission and sustainability-related data or reporting framework have become the need of the hour in order to maintain and observe a better climate. With each passing day, more individuals, companies, and countries are considering ways to acquire a better environment. Number of floods, droughts, hurricanes, and tornados are increasing. Such severe conditions are a critical point to ponder about the safety and quality of our lives, properties, wildlife, and health in each corner of the world. In such conditions, if you do not consider thoughtfully, the whole planet and the world will have to suffer, so it is a common goal of all responsible investors (environmental, social, and governance) to lead us all towards a better climate together.

The role of ESG holds an exceptional value in society, so a better understating of ESG means and ESG investing described below will help us all to consider the required steps for climate change control. If it is taken, many necessary steps can significantly decrease such situations, but only if we are ready to take those steps. Before considering such actions, data collection takes place and gives us a clear idea of what strategies should be adopted. 

Scientists and experts have been throwing light on the fact that to survive and maintain our planet and whatever we have on it; we need to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions exponentially. More than 190 countries have finally agreed on reducing GHG for a better atmosphere around us. In Paris agreement in 2016, the government of these countries decided to take severe actions to deal with emissions. Some emission reporting tools must be considered and then used for data collection to achieve the goal.

Essential Emission and Sustainability Reporting:

Before you take any action regarding GHG, you need to know its emission. At the minimum, 40 countries have made it crucial for their companies and various facilities to report their emissions within a specific period. The data collected by these facilities and companies play an essential part in the decision and policymakers’ next step regarding climate. It also helps track the relevant progress concerning the periodic data. 

Through these channels, countries can identify various industrial sectors that create more emissions and the practices or processes involved. As a result, a transparent trading scheme and wide-scale goals are set.

GHG Reporting:

In 2009, the USA government made it necessary for all companies and facilities to report their GHG emission if they emit a minimum of 25000 metric tons of Carbon dioxide (CO2). Such reports are submitted annually, and it is safe to say that half CO2 emission of the whole US is due to such companies and facilities. USA was only behind China in emitting GHG, according to the reports of 2017.

California has also made GHG emission reporting a part of the law for companies to submit their emission report as stated by the Global Warming Act. Such reports are submitted to the state and environment protection agency (EPA). 

Although most countries have taken steps to reduce such emissions, the countries that produce almost 80% GHG of the world climate are still unable to meet the promises that they made in the Paris Agreement.

Sustainability Reporting:

It requires that we use the resources in such a manner that we do not disturb the cycle of production for incoming generations to meet their needs through available resources. Sustainability accounting is necessary not only for our society to prosper for also for our coming generations to live a better life. 

To create a sustainable environment and avoid alarming situations, we need to consider innovative and new choices that reduce the threats to society, the environment, and the economy. Any product, service, operation, or activity is beneficial for sustainability accounting only if it is an economically wise step. Government, non-government organizations, investors, and businesses should be clear about their approach towards sustainability. Now, various frameworks are being considered, and these help describe ESG impacts and the strategies to be considered a solution. Such reports and frameworks include both positive and negative aspects of various factors. 

Such reports give a clear idea about the performance of companies. Also, the facilities are available according to the state’s parameters and laws. These also explain the influence of the outcomes and results and the expectations. In the end, such reports help find the relationship and comparison between different organizations’ sustainability behavior over time.

Emission and Sustainability Reports:

There are various climate monitoring systems through which reports are done. Such reports cover GHG inventory from almost all related fields like waste, forestry, energy, industrial processes, etc. Meanwhile, suitability reporting ESG goals and the county or company’s progress towards them is considered.

Emission Reports Coverage:

Such reports cover

  • Measurement of greenhouse gas emissions through various sources.
  • Respective policies, methods and actions to reduce the emission.
  • Strategies to reduce carbon usage.
  • Any technical or financial support required.
  • Comparison and analysis of any improvement.

Sustainability Reports Coverage:

Such reports cover

  • Different factors (environmental, social or government etc.) effect on sustainability.
  • Performance details of CSR (corporate social responsibility) regarding sustainability.
  • Triple bottom line method.
  • Waste reduction and increased efficiency.

Climate Reports:

Climate change is a change in the climate that occurs over a long period but creates massive damage to our surroundings. It can have various reasons, but the main reason is fossil fuel burning, resulting in increased GHG emissions.

Such Climate Reporting Framework reports cover

  • Greenhouse gas concentration.
  • Ice melting reasons and measurement.
  • Increased land temperature.
  • Increased ocean temperature.
  • Glacier melting.
  • Extreme weather conditions.

ESG Reports:

ESG reports conclude different data availability, its engagement, and relative approaches to consider in order to create a better environment with the help of corporates and industries of different scales.

Such Climate Reporting Framework reports include

Identification of risks to the environment and society

Opportunities to minimize these risks

Identifies more investable goals like clean water

Positive responses of already existing strategies

Thematic strategies for prior issues like clean energy etc

Many international organizations are working for the betterment of our society and the environment. A brief introduction of such organizations and the relative software is below. 

CDP | Climate Reporting Framework

It is one of the most known non-profit charities that lay stress on reducing environmental risks. CDP is also an important organization that asks regions, states, companies, and investors to control such impacts through a global disclosure system. 

In the last 2 decades, CDP has done remarkable work in reducing environmental issues and creating a system to reduce harm to the world. 

CDP places its primary goals, transparency, accountability, and improvement and learning, available to all to succeed in the mutual goal. CDP is attaining this goal through its partners that have their offices and workplaces in more than 45 countries. Other than that, a total of 90 countries are participating in the mutual success towards a better future.

CDSB | Climate Reporting Framework

CDSB is a climate disclosure standards board, and it is an international NGO. This board integrates a reporting framework with the help of the value reporting foundation (VRF) and the international sustainability standards board (ISSB). It helps the investors to make use of environmental information through corporate reports and capital allocations. Its compliance-ready data aids in creating better solutions while analysts and companies can prepare and adopt a framework that addresses the opportunities, risks, and significant performance increment. It keeps launching new guidelines and improved methods to investors to reflect their sustainability reports with a more effective and relative approach.

GRI | Climate Reporting Framework

Global reporting initiative is an organization that aids different sectors of businesses, industry, and government to communicate and discuss the impacts of their actions on corruption, human rights, and climate change. It is the most extensive standard providing independent organization for sustainability reporting. It has more than 7 headquarters. With more than a thousand reports throughout the hundreds of countries, reporting practices enable stakeholders and organizations to make significant decisions that are beneficial for ESG aspects.

GRI sets impact reporting standards around the globe while following and advocating an independent process for the betterment of society and climate.

GWR | Climate Reporting Framework

Various human and industrial activities are responsible for climate heating on a wide scale. Indeed, fossil fuel burning is one of the main reasons for global warming. Global Warming reporting is necessary to measure climate change and reduce the universe’s temperature, which is rapidly increasing. Such reports measure temperature change, storm, infection, soil, etc., data through satellite and other methods and software. Deforestation is also one of the alarming reasons behind global warming.

CDP | Climate Reporting Framework

It is a software package through which accessible data is gathered for customers and companies to process it according to their needs. CDP is a customer data platform that will decide the global business success in this and upcoming centuries. It is a necessary measure for companies to reduce their GHG emission through calculating, comparing, and then reporting essential steps to create a better climate. CDP gathers the unified data at a greater level than any other platform, so it will be the leading software in the future.

Sustainability Accounting:

This is non-financial information regarding stakeholders and the firm’s social and environmental progress. It covers the ESG activities that create a direct influence on society. This tool is a sustainable platform for organizations to measure profit, planet, and people level sustainability. This tool works with GRI and reports any firm’s social and environmental routine in the form of a report. Although it is a non-financial sustainability tool, it is used with the help of the financial report so that the combined effort gives a better scope of how and when the resources can be used to minimize the risks.

These all reporting methods and suggested steps will help us create a better society and climate, so it is s necessary consideration at an individual, industrial, and government level.


Climate Reporting Framework:

Although, emission and sustainability data reporting is the first step towards a better world. Moreover, companies, countries, and individuals should be aware of different reporting methods. It includes emission reporting, climate reporting, ESG reports, sustainability reporting, and the difference between them. Moreover, different non-profit and government organizations like CDP, CDSB, and GRI are helping diverse sectors of businesses to report their emission and sustainability-related data. This reporting is done with the help of such complex software. It helps individuals, companies, and governments to keep in check and make better policies.


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