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Marketing Strategy of Emirates
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Emirates Marketing Strategy

Before reading the Emirates Marketing Strategy you will have a brief introduction of the Emirates Airline ‘’Hello Tomorrow’’. The Emirates is the largest Dubai-based global aviation company. It is completely owned by Dubai Government. It has numerous subsidiaries like Emirates Flight Catering, Changi International Airport Services, Dnata, Emirates Airlines, Emirates Skycargo, and several others in the relative field. In this guide, we will discuss the marketing strategy of Emirates.

Marketing Strategy of Emirates (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

The company has segmented its marketing into psychographic and geographic segments in order to give better service to its users. In this way, they can understand the people’s needs and requirements. Moreover, its targeting strategy is based on potential customers that always prefer to use its services. That’s why they target these users to sell their offerings. Its value-based positioning gives them a strong position in the eyes of customers that’s why it is one of the famous airlines in the aviation industry. The main tagline of Emirates is ‘’ Hello Tomorrow’’.

Emirates Marketing Strategy

Competitive Advantage:

It is not a private company. The complete hold of the company is in the hands of the Government of Dubai. This commercial airline is leading in every segment they deal in and has a strong competitive edge in the relative industry. Thus, the group companies also support each other financially in difficult times. This thing gives Emirates a competitive edge.

They have more than 61000 employees and more than 48000 are in Emirates Airlines. With more than 15000 cabin crew, Emirates has one of the leading aviation companies in the world right now. To be very honest, the image of any company is based on the behavior and working of its employees and luckily Emirates has an elegant and finest workforce in the airline company.

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Emirates Marketing Strategy

BCG Matrix:

The main purpose of BCG Matrix is to understand the competitive position of the brand in the market and relative industry. Some subsidiaries such as Emirates Flight Catering, Changi International Airport Services, Dnata, Emirates Skycargo, and Emirates Airlines are stars in this matrix. However, some other subsidiaries are not doing well which is a big question mark on the performance of Emirates.

Emirates Marketing Strategy

Distribution Strategy:

Meta-market controlled most of the operations of Emirates which guarantees a smooth flying experience to customers. So, with the help of the Meta-market, they can fly to 150+ destinations around the globe.

Emirates Marketing Strategy

Brand Equity:

Emirates has a strong market presence and is a celebrated name in the airline industry. Its constructive marketing strategy ‘’Hello Tomorrow’’ helps the company to target more customers. They also attracted tech-savvy and modern users by offering innovation in their services. Its frequent flyer program and other similar programs are very helpful in order to attract users.

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Emirates Marketing Strategy

Competitive Analysis:

Emirates has more than 20 years in this field and they are well-experienced. Thus, they successfully establish themselves as a strong global brand. There are many rivals or big players in this industry such as Qatar Airlines, Etihad Airways, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, and beyond. In the presence of these big players, Emirates has successfully maintained a suitable position. But the increasing fuel rates, big competitors, and government regulations can create problems for the company.

Emirates Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis:

As we mentioned earlier, the airline industry is highly competitive. Hence, some factors like investor pressure, fuel prices, government regulations, and socio-economic tensions can threaten the company’s image and reputation. It is necessary for Emirates to examine these factors in order to reduce the risk of loss and other issues.

Emirates Marketing Strategy

Customer Analysis:

The customers of Emirates Airlines are consists of upper-middle and upper-income groups. Furthermore, most of these people love to travel for holidays and business purposes. These customers are mainly in the age group of 25 to 55-year-olds. In short, the company is doing well in this industry but with little innovation and effective strategy they can lead the relative industry.

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