Eight Alluring Multicolor Pet Birds

Alluring Multicolor Birds

by Shamsul
Pet Birds
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Eight Alluring Multi-Color Pet Birds

Pet birds, and specifically parrots, are blessed with rainbow shades, whereas other birds come in just one or two color tones. If you are eager to add a splendid feathered friend in your family, consider an amazing multi-colored bird from a few outstanding species. For your convenience, multi-colored eye-catching eight pet species are described. Compares these attention-grabbing birds and choose the one that meets your demands.


Rainbow Lorikeet | Pet Birds

Rainbow Lorikeet

Weight: 4 to 6 inches

Length: 11 to 12 inches

On the whole, Rainbow Lorikeets are remarkably colorful and lovely pet birds capable of grabbing pet lovers’ attention within a second. These pet birds belong to Australia. The brush-like arrangement on the tongue helps the Rainbow Lorikeet to easily drink the nectar from various flowers. Nectar is a staple diet of this charming bird. Apart from stunning plumage, the delightful personality has made the Lorikeet the best pet for bird lovers.


  • Green wings
  • Redbreast, head and back
  • Gray feet
  • Red beak
  • Blue shades on belly and face
  • Orange and yellow steaks on sides

Sun Conure | Pet Birds

Sun Conure

Weight: 5 Ounce

Length: 12 inches

Sun Conure is the right choice if you are excited to bring home a bright and beautiful colored bird. Basically, it is a parrot having all rainbow shades. This medium size bird is unexceptionally elegant. Additionally, it has violet startling deep blots on the tail. The color palette of Sun Conure is highly imposing, but photos cannot capture the natural beauty and brightness of the hues.

Physical Features:

  • Yellow and orange bright shades with streaks of blue and green
  • Feet and beak have black color
  • White circles have covered the area around the eyes

Jenday Conure | Pet Birds

Jenday Conure

Weight: 4 Ounces

Length: 12 Inches

As the name indicates, Jendy Conure is similar to that Sun Conure bird in terms of personality, size and shade. It comes from South America and is usually over-sighted as little Sun Conures, even when these are fully matured. Jenday Conure has a blazing blend of hues.


  • Orange and red shades on the body
  • Blue tail
  • Green wings as well as back
  • Trimming wings
  • Gray legs
  • Black beak
  • Head has yellow feathers with orange scraps


Scarlet Chested Parakeet | Pet Birds

Scarlet Chested Parakeet

Weight: Two Ounce

Length: Eight Ounce

Splendid Parakeets or Scarlet Chested Parakeets belong to the grass parakeet family. These are wonderfully colored bird species and people love to keep them as pets. Keep in mind that these pets can give you a tough time as they are not easy to tame like other species of birds.


  • Rainbow birds have sky blue, yellow, green, red and dark blue colors
  • Male and females have different chest tone
  • Green chest for female birds
  • Red chest for male birds


Eclectus Parrot | Pet Birds

Eclectus Parrot

Weight: 14 to 19 Ounces

Length: 18 to 20 Inches

Do you like beautiful and large size birds? It is suggested to select Eclectus Parrot. This lovely large size bird has a variety of brilliant colors. Similar to Scarlet Chested Parakeets, these attractive parrots are also dimorphic therefore, it is quite simple to distinguish between male and female birds. Eclectus Parrots belong to Australia, but their lovers are present in all parts of the world.

Physical Individuality:

  • Above all, these pets have blue, red, and emerald green shades under their wings
  • Male parrot has an orange beak
  • Female Eclectus parrot has a black beak and bright blue, red shade on the tail and chest


Scarlet Macaw | Pet Birds

Scarlet Macaw

Weight: 33 to 39 ounces

Length: 32 to 38 inches

Macaws are famous around the world for bold personalities, attention-grabbing colors and unique capabilities to imitate human speech. Similar to other large parrots, Scarlet Macaws are proficient enough to learn short turns of phrases by heart. It is noticed that some macaws also sing bits and pieces of songs.


  • White color encircling the eyes
  • Wings have blue and yellow color with a bright red shade
  • Black feet
  • The lower bill is black, whereas the upper bill is tan


Canary | Pet Birds

Pet Birds

Weight: 0.5 to one ounce

Length: Five to Eight inches

The untamed wild canary is a small-sized finch. Basically, it is an inhabitant of the Canary Islands, Madeira and the Azores’ Macranesian islands. Basically, the undomesticated canary has a greenish yellow shade on its body, whereas the underparts are of yellow color. As far as the domestic canary is concerned, it has yellow color. It is selectively bred to get a variety of bright colors canary, including yellow, red, white and orange.

Physical Attributes:

  • Bright yellow is the standard shade
  • Domestic canaries are available in white, orange and red hues as well
  • There are selected breeds having frilly feathers or head crests


Rosella | Pet Birds


Weight: Six Ounce

Length: 11 to 14 inches

Rosella is a bit different from other pets. Though these are Australian parrots but these are not human-friendly and hugging types of pets. If the bird is willing, you can settle the pet on the shoulder, but these birds cannot bear to be treated like other pets. If you have tamed the Rosella very well, give it to a careful kid. Still, be cautious as these birds can bite.


  • Dimorphic type
  • Males have long blue tail
  • Females have dark greenish shades on top of central tail feathers
  • Black feathers on the back
  • Wings and faces have  bright blue and vibrant red patches

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