Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change

Global Warming

by Shamsul
Global Warming
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Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change


Global Warming

What is global warming? The increase of temperature around the globe is called global warming. It can be because of some artificial or natural conditions. Human activities are mainly involved in it. A long time ago, only natural conditions were the cause of global warming, but now artificial conditions are playing a significant role in global warming.


Causes of Global Warming:

There are so many causes of global warming, but the major ones are described here.

1. Variation in the intensity of the sun causes global warming.

2. Industrial activities cause fossil fuel burning, which releases carbon dioxide, and thus the temperature increases.

3. Agricultural activity causes global warming because organic and commercial fertilizers produce nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.

4. Deforestation causes global warming because trees play an essential role in maintaining the temperature.

5. The feedback loop of the earth when the atmosphere becomes warm gives rise to global warming.


Effects of Global Warming:

Effects of global warming include hotter temperatures, severe storms, increased droughts, rising sea levels, loss of species, lack of food, displacement and poverty, more exposure to health risks, and many more.


Global Warming Statistics:

As everyone knows, the earth’s temperature is rising daily, which is not an assumption. There are some statistics which show how much the temperature is rising. According to the NOAA’s Annual report about global warming, it is stated that the combined ocean and land temperature has increased since 1880 at an average rate of 0.008 degrees Celsius per decade. However, since 1981, the average increase rate has been greater than twice that rate. The world is now facing the warmest years as the new year starts, the temperature rises. The amount of increasing temperature depends on the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. If the temperature continues to rise at the same rate and decreases as planned by projects, still, the atmosphere will be warmer.


Global Temperature:

The temperature of the world is called global temperature. The global temperature is rising with the passage of time because of so many reasons. There are so many processes that are involved in the rise of temperature. It takes a lot of energy to increase the temperature of the earth to a slight extent. The increase in temperature is thus also disturbing energy maintenance. The energy is already in less amount and then it is being used for rising temperature. Both things are not suitable for our society. Heat energy is being used for this process. The industrial revolution played a significant role in global temperature as the industries gave rise to the pollutants which are released into the atmosphere. These pollutants then interfere with the environment and increase the earth’s temperature.

The snow and ice covers are getting reduced. Changing the ranges of habitats for animals or plants, extreme temperatures, heavy rainfalls, and so many other things are getting shrunk because of changes in global temperature. The difference between the lowest and highest temperatures is almost 55 degrees Celsius. The temperature varies around the globe in days and night. In the world, there are some extremely hot areas and some extremely cold areas. While in between, some areas remain hot in summers and cold in winters. The average temperature is different at different locations. But scientists derived a formula to measure the average temperature of the globe.


Environmental Challenges:

Our environment is facing so many problems, and they are called environmental challenges. Environmental challenges are because of so many issues which humans mostly create. The environment is a big part of our society. If the environment is not correct, living a happy and good life here is impossible. The environmental challenges are given below.


Pollution is of different types i.e. water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution. All these kinds of pollution are a threat to our society’s environment. Pollution is due to toxins that are released into our environment.

Global Warming:

The emission of greenhouse gases as a result of human activities is called global warming. Global warming can lead to many issues.


Our society is facing lack of resources like energy, water, food, etc. So, the population should be maintained according to resources, but the population is increasing day by day, which leads to an extreme shortage of resources.

Waste Disposal:

A significant amount of waste is being produced and thrown into oceans. This waste disposal seriously threatens the environment as it causes the death of many water bodies.

Ocean Acidification:

The ocean acidity level rises when humans produce more carbon dioxide, which negatively impacts marine life.

Ozone Layer Depletion:

There is a layer of ozone in our atmosphere, and it is made from oxygen atoms. CFCs deplete this layer in the air. Ozone depletion can cause skin diseases, especially skin cancers.

Loss of Biodiversity:

There is a diversity of life found on earth. The loss of biodiversity because of so many changes in the environment is a threat.


Cutting down trees is called deforestation. Deforestation causes the rise of temperature, which increase the global temperature.

Health Issues:

Clean water is not easily available nowadays because of the discharge of waste in the water. Water pollution leads to health issues for the public.

Acid Rain:

The pollutants in the atmosphere make the rain acidic which is harmful for everything on earth as it changes the normal working.

Climate Change:

The change in the climate is occurring because of all environmental problems. The change in climate takes place over a long time. It is not easy to change the climate, but due to serious environmental issues, now the climate is changing very fast. Climate changes because of human activities and the burning of fossil fuels. Global warming, greenhouse gases, and many other factors are the causes of climate change. Effects of climate change are seen on different levels. UNFCCC is also working for the betterment of the climate.


Environmental Problems:

The environmental problems and environmental challenges are almost the same. The environment is suffering from so many issues, and it is very important to solve them so that the possibility of life on this planet can increase. Environmental problems can be solved by reducing harmful human activities.


Climate Change Statistics:

The climate of the earth is changing day by day, and it is not a random saying, but it is said after some calculations. The earth’s temperature has increased almost by 0.08 degrees Celsius over the past forty years. This rise in temperature is twice greater than what happened in the past decade.

The second warmest year was 2020, according to the NOAA’s calculations. The earth’s surface’s temperature rises, which is done by utilizing lots of energy. There are poles on earth, and the temperature or climate is different on each pole. Multiple types of research are done on this topic, and they come out with different results. The rise in temperature is the same in all types of research. The change in climate was not that rapid in the past, but now it is becoming fast because there is a revolution in all things. Industrialization and the use of technology are harmful to the climate because people are getting lazy and they are trying to harm nature.

A climate activist, Greta Thunberg, challenged the world’s leaders to take sudden actions about the changing climate. She said the mass rally in Glasgow, the COP26 climate summit, has failed. She said that the leader of the world had COPs 26, and where has that got us?

Climate is an essential part of our environment, and changes in it cannot be ignored so easily.

The Gulf stream is basically a strong ocean current that brings the warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean. Gulf stream collapse climate change can occur, and it will have harmful effects on the weather of the world. It will result in a mass shortage of food in Africa. It will cause the temperature to get cold in Europe, and storms will get stronger. Rainfall across south America, west Africa, and India will be disrupted. Climate scientists have warned that if climate change is not controlled, the gulf stream will collapse, and the results will be severe.


Climate change is done due by global warming and greenhouse gases mainly. There should be a reduction in human activities which cause danger to the climate or a threat to the environment. The climate should be kept positive and more trees should be planted. The trees plantation can remove greenhouse gases and global warming effects. Global warming can cause the death of so many species. These things can lead to many social issues too. If you want your generations to live on earth, then play your part by keeping your surroundings clean. Don’t burn fossil fuels and save energy.


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