Earn Money With Facebook: How To Do It?

by Shamsul
Earn Money
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Earn Money With Facebook: How To Do It?

The Internet brings many opportunities to earn money from home quickly. Among all that exists, Facebook is the perfect platform to make ends meet legally, selling products or services and sharing links. Here is an overview of the different remuneration methods available thanks to this social network.


1st Method: 

Sell Your Services

1- Become a Community manager for companies

The authority of the community manager is to create and animate a community on the web. However, if some companies want to be present on the web, they need more time and the knowledge necessary to feed their page properly: offer them your services.

Your missions will include animating your clients’ Facebook pages by meeting their communities. Concretely, on the social network, this will be done through various and varied publications: you can offer them original and attractive content, ask them for their opinion or even organize contests with free gifts to be won.

Suppose this solution requires solid knowledge of how Facebook works to adapt to your customers’ world properly. In that case, there are free and accessible training courses without necessarily going through a school. Once you have mastered the main community management techniques, go to jobbing sites (such as ComeUp), as they are very effective when finding assignments.

In addition, do not hesitate to get started on Instagram as well: the presence of brands is strongly recommended to reach an even wider audience. Instagram is an application belonging to the Facebook group; it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it.


Sell Sponsored Posts on Facebook

If you have a page with some notoriety, opt for sponsored posts. In concrete terms, you can go through advertising agencies or canvass companies yourself using jobbing sites.

Services and Products:

For example, if your Facebook page specializing in DIY brings together a large community of fans who appreciate the advice and tutorials regularly posted, a company in the sector could ask you to post about its brand online to reach people interested in its products. On the one hand, the sponsored post will generate flows to the DIY Company’s website. On the other, you participate in its advertising in exchange for a small remuneration (or a nice sum of money if your fan community is exciting).

2nd Method: Sell Your Products

Advertise Your Own Products

This compensation solution via Facebook involves creating your own products. Fortunately, again, free training helps you develop quickly, especially in the form of YouTube videos. For example, you can launch your own clothing brand online, an exciting experience if you particularly appreciate the field of fashion.

Know that the “live” video is a great way to boost your page. However, you must spend a few extra euros here to reach a broader target. Launch a product, create anticipation on the part of the fan, film a podcast, or even create a FAQ. Then, Facebook will help you build and federate your own community.

Note that you can also create regular blog posts to promote and sell the product.


Create a Sales Space

Today, it is no longer helpful to have a website or blog to sell all types of objects and goods (new or used): use Facebook’s “Marketplace” area. Different categories are available to you: rental, home and garden, clothing and accessories, vehicle, electronics, etc.

Not to mention that social network also allows you to create a store on your page by adding a “Store” tab in the settings. Here you can supervise all aspects of your business in one platform: sales, orders and communication.

So consider this possibility in addition to your classified ads on websites because everything suggests that selling via Facebook is an increasingly effective choice in 2023.

3rd Method: Play On the Links


1- Affiliate with Facebook

Affiliation means making money through links, either by redirecting to a website or sharing links to remunerative sites like eBay, Shopify, Amazon, and many others.

These sites work by completing small quick missions; payment starts from a few cents to a few euros: registration on a site for remuneration, product tests, etc. The most lucrative of these is sponsorship.


2- Get Paid To Like: “Paid to Like.”

The “Paid to Like” concept is simple: you are paid a few cents to animate Facebook pages. The transaction is done via a specialized site.

Note that this system is also valid for other social networks: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


3- Create a “Cashlink”

The “cashlink” is a link used to earn easy money. Traditionally, it oscillates from 2.50 to 5 € for 1000 views. Before displaying the destination of the link, we insert an advertising transaction. Of course, the more the link brings in clicks, the more the remuneration will be.

Here is a serious side to creating these links to share on Facebook. The key end of this process is that it is sustainable over a long period, expressed in months or years. Not to mention that the link will work all the more if your community is large.

Beyond monetization on Facebook, other solutions exist to earn money online, particularly on the websites we recommend: paid surveys, website tests, link sharing, sale of products and services. Thanks to Wiselancer, you discover the most reliable ideas and sites online. The only condition is to spend a little time there every day.

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