Marketing Strategy of Dunkin Donuts | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

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marketing strategy of Dunkin Donuts
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Marketing Strategy of Dunkin Donuts | Dunkin Donuts Marketing


Dunkin Donuts is a leading QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) in the world, operating on the franchise model. Dunkin Donuts has 11000+ outlets around the globe and running under Dunkin Brands. This 65 years old company has appeared as one of the most famous brands that offer donuts, coffees, and other baking goods. The marketing strategy of Dunkin Donuts is really effective, and this is the main reason for the company’s success. Let’s discuss some crucial aspects of Dunkin Donuts Marketing Strategy.

Important Factors in the Marketing Strategy of Dunkin Donuts:

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

The company uses a geographic strategy in segmentation to fulfill the customers’ requirements in more than 40 regions globally. They use an undifferentiated system in targeting so that every country or region enjoys the same menu or offerings irrespective of the geographic levels. They have positioned their positioning strategy on the type of offering or product. Well, they have different products in their product portfolio. The company’s primary mission is to become the biggest provider of baked goods and beverages globally. Its central vision is to provide high-quality and delicious coffees, donuts, and bakery items that you can eat and enjoy with your loved ones and friends.

Competitive Advantage | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

It is commendable that Dunkin Donuts has maintained its market leadership and still maintaining it successfully. In the category of doughnuts, coffee, muffins, and more, the company is a market leader in terms of share and value. Dunkin Brands has two major brands under its portfolio that are Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. Both are subdivided into four businesses like Baskin Robbins US, Baskin Robbins International, Dunkin Donuts US, and Dunkin Donuts International. Nearly all the outlets of the company are 100 percent franchised. It is one of the best things to earn profits by controlling the operational costs. The group has more than 19000 outlets across the globe.

BCG Matrix:

As we know, Dunkin Donuts is the market leader, and due to this reason, it is in the star category of the BCG matrix. Due to this star category, the position and standing of Dunkin Donuts are stable in different regions of the world.

Distribution Strategy | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

With a strong presence in more than 40 countries and 3300 outlets, the company has successfully decreased its over-reliance in the US market. Moreover, Dunkin Donuts is generating revenues through Asian Region. The company is sourcing the raw material on its own in various regions, but they have third-party solid suppliers in some countries.

Brand Equity:

Dunkin Donuts has been nominated as the best brand for the 10th consecutive year in the home-coffee category. It is a market leader due to its robust segmentation in specific categories, which continuously increases its popularity and market share.

Competitive Analysis | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

There is no doubt that the fast-food industry is highly dense and competitive too. For example, Dunkin Donuts faces fierce competition from several brands in the form of convenience, outlets, product portfolio, and other factors. However, these brands are offering the same products as muffins, doughnuts, coffees, ice creams, etc.

Market Analysis | Dunkin Donuts Marketing

The fast-food market is stuffed with a variety of companies thus they are continuously threatening their market share. As Dunkin Donuts runs in QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) and works on the franchised model, the operational cost is very low. McDonald’s, Burger King, Teco Bell, Tim Hortons etc are some significant competitors of Dunkin Donuts.

Customer Analysis:

The main customers of Dunkin Donuts are the Gen-Z and middle age group people. However, the biggest strength of Dunkin Donuts is school-going teenagers and college students. These people are interested in doughnuts, coffees, muffins, and other offerings.


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