Does Your Guy Do 15 Things? Sorry, He’s A Rascal

by Shamsul
Charming or Rascal
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Does Your Guy Do 15 Things? Sorry, He’s A Rascal

Ah, love… Sometimes, we tend to see life in rosy terms and ignore certain problematic behaviors in our loved ones. But be careful, ladies! Here is a list of 15 red flags spotted among these gentlemen, and they deserve your full attention. So, are you ready to find out if your prince is really charming or a rascal?

1- He Does Not Respond to Your Messages

You write to him; he takes days to respond. Let’s be honest: if a man is really interested, he will always find the time to respond to you. Otherwise, is it worth chasing after him?

2- He’s Obsessed with You

At first, it may seem flattering. But be careful; codependency is not healthy and can open the door to manipulation and abuse. Maintain your independence!

3- He Still Waits for You to Pay

Why should you always be the one to take out the wallet? A true partnership involves equitable expense sharing. Beware of profiteers! If he doesn’t pay the bill, it means he is a rascal.

4- Her Exes Are All Crazy

Sometimes, you just run into the wrong people. But if all his exes are described as “crazy”, there is perhaps a common denominator to look for on his side.

5- He Hits You When He’s Angry

Physical violence is absolutely not acceptable in a relationship. If it happens once, there’s a good chance it will happen again. Run away! He is a rascal!

6- He Makes His Mental Health Your Problem

Of course, support him if he is going through a difficult time. But if he threatens to harm himself if you leave him, get help and cut ties. It’s just manipulation.

7- He Shows You with Gifts Then You Braise Him

Does “love-bombing” mean something to you? Be wary of someone who uses their gifts and attention to make you feel guilty afterward. You don’t owe him anything! He is a rascal.

8- He Makes of You for Laugh

Humiliating jokes often hide some truth. If he continues to hurt you anyway, it’s not humor but meanness and in real term, he is a rascal.

9- He’s Always Looking For A Fight

A relationship should be a source of calm, not constant stress. If the slightest of your actions triggers an argument, ask yourself the right questions. Is he a lover or rascal!

10- He Is Unable to Say What He Thinks

Playing guessing games is fun except in a relationship. You are not psychic! Good communication is key; otherwise, it can’t work.

11- He Plays the Poor Card with Me

Some people are really going through difficult times, but others delight in playing the victim and taking advantage of you. Open your eyes. Find the difference among lover and rascal.

12- He Only Talks About His Ex

After a few years of relationship, never bringing up the past isn’t easy. But if he only talks about that, it’s because he hasn’t turned the page. You deserve better!

13- His Behavior Is Inconsistent

One day, he’s really into you, the next distant. Sure, he may have a lot to deal with. But be wary if he constantly blows hot and cold without explanation. You may be one of many on his list.

14- He Has Already Cheated on Someone (Or You)

It’s true that we can evolve and change. But a man who has already cheated is statistically likely to do it again. Be vigilant and listen to your instincts! Is he a lover or rascal!

15- He Makes You Doubt Your Feeling

You tell him about behavior that hurts you, and he makes you look crazy? This is gaslighting, a pernicious form of manipulation. Your feelings are valid and important!

Of course, everyone has flaws, and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. But if you check several boxes on this list, it might be time to ask yourself the right questions. You deserve to thrive in a healthy relationship, ladies! Do not trap yourself in the arms of a rsacal.

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